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Graceland season 4 ?

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When will Season 4 of Graceland come out? We want to know the premiere date on USA Network. Let’s wait for the start in 2016!

After USA Network’s cancelling of its several projects in current year, the fans of television series Graceland started worrying about the future of Jeff Eastin’s film work. Despite the fact that at the moment the show is being watched by about 1 million people, there are fears that in summer 2016 we won’t see the fourth season.

Of course, there is no official announcement of the rights holders yet except the rumours and experts’ opinion, but, fortunately, many critics believe the television series Graceland deserved to be renewed for Season 4 and should get its place on USA Network next year.

At the moment the fact that Universal Channel cancels Graceland in the UK has been confirmed officially, due to the low rating of the show, but the impact it will have on the ordering of the fourth season in the USA, is unknown yet.

Graceland season 4 premiere date – [cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

We should only wait for the creators’ announcements with the hope the project won’t complete the list of the cancelled shows.

UPDATE 1 (Oct.1, 2015): Bad news… Graceland has been cancelled by USA Network after a three-season run.

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  1. MaGo

    This show is incredible ! Please don’t cancel !

    • ANGIE

      enjoyed it. please keep it going….

  2. Evan F.

    Hope the crime drama doesn’t want to end in a bad way…

  3. Danika Branum

    Graceland is awesome. please keep it going!

  4. Jan

    Season 4? Please NO!!! One of the most boring shows on TV at the moment.

    • Sam D.

      don’t make me angry!

  5. -- Shanna --

    USA keep this show going. I have watched it since the beginning! I like all the characters! Please renew for Season 4!

  6. Alexandria

    Please, keep Graceland going. I need my Johnny T

  7. Iliana C

    Great show. Devoted weekly viewer . Let’s hope it renews.

  8. lb webster

    One of the most intelligent/unusual shows on TV and you are cancelling it?
    Keep it going, the story line is quite unusual and it seems to work!
    Keep it going, we need to know what happens to the characters!
    Keep it going, your fans want you!!!

  9. Travis Sparks

    Don’t worry GrAceland fans just like heroes it will be back

  10. Barb T

    Please, Please don’t cancel Graceland !!! Love, love this show !!

  11. Joanne

    Love this show and the entire cast. Please release season 4!!!!!!!!

  12. chris

    Graceland will not be cancelled

  13. nick

    please don’t cancel the show

  14. Dana

    Don’t cancel Graceland. We need a season 4.

  15. L.D

    Love this show. Please renew for another season

  16. JD

    I could have done without the “flame flashes” and distorted audio rattling my surround sound.
    How anyone thought these items added flash to the production is beyond me.
    Besides the entire house being cartoonishly criminal, the show held my interest right to the last episode though.
    Time to watch old episodes of Simon and Simon, I guess.

  17. TC

    Season 3 was a bit out there but, I loved the series. Couldn’t stop watching it on Netflix! If USA won’t bring it back, NETFLIX make it one of your series!!

  18. Richard Vespoli

    Please do not cancel season 4 of Graceland. Best show on regular tv. If not. Netflix. Please pick up this show.

  19. Nick Haiman

    This show is too good to cancel. how can usa not see this.

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