Nov 14

Saving Hope season 6

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saving hope season 6 release

Are you waiting for Saving Hope season 6? When will the sixth season come out? What about the release date? Follow the news!

If you’re a fan of the TV series Saving Hope, you know that you shouldn’t look for the sixth season. For all other we report that the CTV representatives have decided to close this TV project after the fifth season, which is also confirmed by Erica Durance on her page on Twitter.

The actress thanked the viewers for their support over many years and promised a spectacular final season.

Remind that the series Saving Hope successfully started on Canadian television in 2012, but its premiere in the USA on NBC was less successful. The CTV representatives were satisfied with high rating, so a further renewal was no doubt.

At the moment it is already known that in total it has been produced 85 episodes of this show, which is quite decent for TV shows with such budget. Thank the creators for the great show and the finale with no break of storyline, it’s so important for the viewers.

Saving Hope season 6 NO release date – [ended]

We are waiting for new TV series with Erica Durance!

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  1. Unhappy viewer

    NO! Why are all the good shows taken off the air and stupid shows (last man on earth, family guy, etc.) allowed to continue! Who makes these stupid decisions!!???

  2. Laura

    I loved that show. I agree. All the dumb shows stay on and you keep ending the good shows. Why do they have to end?

  3. Mariane Hall

    Show was my favorite. Wanted to see them happy with their kids. Ashamed to let the show end. One of the. Est Showa ever. One of the best shows

  4. Suzy

    Really good show and agree with the others. The really stupid shows stay on and reall good ones end. I’m tired of getting invested in shows that cancel.

  5. Darlene Petri

    I’m very disappointed that the show has ended. It was one of the better shows out there. Way better than Code Black. But I was wondering what Season 6 would be like with killing off of Charlie and at the end it was evident that Alex had also passed on with her children grown. If the show was to go on without these two characters would not have been a good move.

  6. Iris Phillips

    I am so disappointed in the cancellation of Saving Hope, it was a wonderful show, I loved this show, shame on you guys for cancelling a good show .

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