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Westworld season 2 premiere date

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westworld season 2

Will there be Westworld season 2? Is the series renewed or cancelled? We want to know the exact premiere date on HBO in 2017!

Do creators plan the development of the second season of the series Westworld? This question is now being discussed in many online forums, but there is no official response from the right holders.

Large financial costs that have been made for the creation of the first ten episodes of the project attracted the attention of not only the critics and experts, but also a large number of fans. It is known HBO and Warner Bros. Television has invested in the project about $100 million, which means that the development of a Westworld episode costs about 10 million dollars.

Can HBO in such investments afford a renewal of the show for the 2nd season?

At the moment, the project has a very high rating; also there are positive feedbacks about the quality of the design and the story from many critics. The nominations of the series Westworld for the prestigious film award and winning the 6th Critics’ Choice Television Awards in the category Most Exciting New Series must provide it with a second season, but HBO is not yet ready to announce its decision (UPDATE 1).

Westworld season 2 premiere date – [April 22, 2018] (updated)

We are waiting… Follow the updates!

UPDATE 1 (Nov.14, 2016): HBO renewed the show for a second season.

UPDATE 2 (February 4, 2018): The Westworld series will return on Sunday, April 22.

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  1. Nancy

    This show is fantastic I look forward to every week. The idea of artificial consciousness is really interesting!!!

  2. Alexander N.

    Amazing show. Like nothing else ever on television. So far I am very impressed with actors’ work. More please!

  3. Simon

    Best show I have watched since LOST.

  4. Park JK

    The writing and acting on this show is top notch!

  5. Kim Lorton

    I think, if the future, and the possibilities of the future, didn’t scare me, some of us, a lot of us?
    I would worry! Our creative forces in young people are astounding and quite noteworthy currently!
    I know we need quality entertainment, but.. I strongly believe and enjoy so much, different kinds of entertainment. There is room for so much! I love it, and I love the minds coming up with all these stories, movie premises, and thought in general. Keep up the good work! And in the mean time? Nurture these young ones wanting to follow in your footsteps! There is room for everything on this creative stage, we call the world!

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