May 16

Sleepy Hollow season 2: premiere air date

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When does Sleepy Hollow season 2 premiere? The show has been renewed… We know the start air of the new episodes in 2014 on FOX!

TV-channel: Fox
Pilot episode: September 16, 2013
Creators: Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci …

Season 1 Episode 1: 10.10 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 13: 7.05 million U.S. viewers

The television series «Sleepy Hollow» is officially renewed for Season 2 and the premiere date for the new episodes is already scheduled for September 22, 2014.

It is confirmed that the number of the episodes has been increased to 18, and the airtime remains the same. Mark Goffman has almost finished his work on the script and has told the new season will start with the episode titled «Hellfire».

It should be noted that this supernatural drama is being expected by more than 7 million Americans, that’s why it is very important for the network in 2014/2015 season. What attracted you in that show?

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  1. kalinda

    I’m happy for Tom Mison. A fantastic actor!

  2. 4u

    A second season?? Now fingers crossed it gets picked up for a full first season.

  3. Claudia

    I actually like the idea of moving to 13 episode seasons if it help shows write better quality episodes since they have fewer hours to write.

  4. TrN

    The stars are amazing on the series!

  5. soap

    This has been the best new show of the season by far!

  6. Gwendolyn Nelson

    Sleepy Hollow is one of my favorites shows. I hope for many mores seasons.

  7. charlotte

    Actors are terrific. Story becomes believable

  8. Mickey Brown

    I love everything about this show; it the first show in a long time that you really do not see what coming. I enjoy a good mystery that involves the past or the bible. The creator uses the past and the Bible in a way to make you think. I love love this show and I would not miss it for the world. I love the show from the character to the actors. Perfect!!!

  9. Sharon

    I’m happy they renewed Sleepy Hollow. I was really starting to miss Ichabod and Abby 🙂

  10. Barbara

    I’m SOOOOOO glad it’s back! I love it and the actors!

  11. Ang

    So, glad the show is back for another season. The actors are amazing and I love the story line!!

  12. Mark Broderson

    Yes, Yes, Yes, an excellent show and excellent actors. Thank you Fox

  13. shanell

    About time I been waiting forever didn’t think the network was going to release season 2 they have a habit of cancelling all their good shows so am very please they continue with the series thank you.

  14. ray

    Watched every episode and will watch most anything having anything to do with the American revolution and George Washington. Not enough of this. Only thing I’ve seen close to this is Turn. Only wish they would quit whispering and enunciate the dialogue clearly. Sometime its hard to understand when they are whispering rapidly.

  15. Lisa Wells

    Mickey Brown said it all (everything I was going to say).Thank-u for another season,to all that made it happen!!

  16. liam mcclory

    Made my night see sleepy hollow will start again:) actors are amazing at this and I cat wait to see what henry parish gets up to. one of the best shows around fox so thank u for another season

  17. Marcia

    I love Sleepy Hollow. The actors are great and the story lines are very intriguing. I liked the Sleepy Hollow movie, but this is more interesting and gives more detail to the story. I was so hoping that it would be renewed. Can’t wait.

  18. Sterling

    I am very happy that Sleepy Hollow has been renewed for a 2nd season. It’s my favorite show.

  19. JANE


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