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Sleepy Hollow season 5

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Sleepy Hollow season 5 premiere

When will Sleepy Hollow season 5 episode 1 come out on FOX? Is the series renewed? We are waiting for the exact premiere date in 2017-2018.

Is there a premiere date for the 5th season of the series Sleepy Hollow? More than 2 million fans expect new episodes.

The situation is very difficult, because the FOX channel representatives see no reason to renew the show and they are considering about stopping the shooting process. The project’s rating has fallen to a mark of 0.6, while the number of viewers who continue to watch this show every week, barely up to 2 million people.

Only horror comedy Scream Queens has the worst marks on FOX, which renewal for the new season is also unknown.

Note that last season the series Sleepy Hollow has had about 3 million viewers each week, but where do they go this year? Has the show really become uninteresting and it should be cancelled? We still hope that the release date of the 5th season will be announced, but it needs the support of the fans!

Sleepy Hollow season 5 premiere date – [cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

Without it, we should not wait for the renewal, because the verdict of the FOX representatives is almost ready.

UPDATE 1 (May 9, 2017): Bad news… Fox has cancelled Sleepy Hollow. No Season 5.

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  1. John Best

    Please don’t cancelled sleepy hollow I really love that show the actors are great so are the plots plus that is the only tv series that my family watches we are looking forward to more shows. If possible maybe you need to bring back abagal smith some how that might help with viewers.

  2. Henrietta Hoffman

    Love it. Couldn’t wait until the next episode caame on the following week. I agree bring back Abagal. Every one loved her. Please please bring back Sleepy Hollow.

  3. PRO

    What makes you “Mr. Know-it-all” & gives you the power to “know” the future of season 5? Give us a link to the official FOX cancellation announcement. Or are you just a nobody blogger? Sounds like you are. Just a low life rumor maker!
    “Your comment is awaiting moderation”. – Yeah of course it is! Editing to make YOU look better or deciding to post it at all! Censorship in its ugliest form.

  4. Zeke

    We love the show. Awaiting a new season. Please renew Season 5 and continue.

  5. Warren

    Please bring back sleepy hollow

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