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Sleepy Hollow season 4 start date FOX 2016-2017

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Sleepy Hollow season 4 start date

When will Sleepy Hollow season 4 start? We want to know the exact premiere date on FOX in 2016-2017. Is the series cancelled or renewed?

Last year, the show Sleepy Hollow got a new showrunner, right holders are simply forced to change something because of the rapid falling of the rating. The project was under threat of closure and the decision to change head of the show should have a positive impact on the rating.

Unfortunately, the particular success of the series Sleepy Hollow is not pleased and critics are not sure of the renewal for Season 4. According to statistics, the series no longer has even 3 million fans (in the USA), despite of the fact that the finale of the second season was watched by over 4.5 million people.

Such indicators do not remain without attention and now the change of showrunner is unlikely to be over. Does it mean a problem with the project manager and Clifton Campbell also has not coped with the task?

Fox Channel representatives does not hide their disappointment by low-rated series Sleepy Hollow in the current season, but there are not any comments on the closure. So will the season 4 take place?

Sleepy Hollow season 4 start – [January 6, 2017] (UPDATE 3)

We are waiting for the official announcement! Don’t miss!

UPDATE 1 (April 1, 2016): Zach Appelman confirmed his departure from the series.

UPDATE 2 (May 12, 2016): Good news! Fox has renewed Sleepy Hollow for a fourth season. No word yet on how many episodes Season 4 will comprise.

UPDATE 3 (November 3, 2016): Sleepy Hollow’s fourth season will air at a new time: Fridays at 9/8c. Premiere date – January 6, 2017.

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  1. Victoria Rees

    What is happening to my Sleepy Hollow? Still an uber fan, but it needs the magic of the first season. I think they need to go back and rewrite the Horseman back into the series.

  2. Angela Bower

    This show is fantastic it has a great cast and wonderful scripts. Please renew!

  3. Brian P.

    It deserved a good chance but it just feels like Fox isn’t giving it one. Need Season 4

  4. LoveIT

    Can Abraham/Horseman please come back?

  5. Amm89

    Third season has been a little disappointing…

  6. Ian R.

    They’ll give up TV and move to Hulu or Netflix!!!

  7. Dylan

    The show is DEAD MEAT!

  8. Angela Miller

    I love the show and want to get more seasons. I hope the rating goes up!

  9. Nicola Wallace

    Please renew! I look forward to the show week after week this is a great show it deserves a fourth, fifth and sixth season.

  10. Soola

    Sleepy Hollow should definitely be renewed for a season 4. It is a great show.

  11. FranK

    Sleepy Hollow is s*cks! What is keeping it in the air? The ratings are so bad it’s like FOX just wants to embarrass the leads by having such a cr*p show air.

  12. Keith Vance

    I finally had to give up on this show. The first two seasons were sooo good. Now it’s just a bore…

  13. Cheryl

    After the utter disappointment of season two, season three turned it around. We are almost back to where we were season one and we need time! It takes time to fix mistakes and things are moving in the right direction. Please renew for season four because it has gotten so much better. They tried to kill the show by moving it to Friday night. I don’t care what day of the week it airs. This is one show that I do not miss because I love it so much.
    Long live Abbie and Crane! Jenny and Joe too LOL

  14. Breezy

    Please don’t give up on it FOX you have hidden it on Friday nights and dragged out Pandora Sleep Hollow is about the headless horseman and his tales please

  15. sidney r hayes

    its needs to be put back on Monday,s. more affection between abbie and crane. the horseman is the key. the captain needs come back. no lance cross. Orlando jones back. we need romance from abbie and crane more monsters.etc more sleepy hollow please.

  16. Debra Wells

    LOVE THIS SHOW!! Since Day 1, my entire group of family and friends have waited impatiently for new episodes. Simply outstanding cast and storylines. The chemistry between the leads is the crux of everything. Please renew this delightful and imaginative series!

  17. Marcia Erne

    Love this show! Have watched since the beginning, and never miss an episode! Heartbreaking ending to season 3, but anxious where it will all lead. Do Not Cancel this show!

  18. sidney r hayes

    how in hell you cancel. the show .without showing a love affair between crane and abbie. they love each other. you had her kiss dam lance cross. but not crane . you change the time slot to Fridays. who stay home on Friday nights its all fox flault the show is not making ratings. then you blame it on us for not watching. very disappointed mad as hell. at fox right now for stupid move on shows that teach us a thing or two.

  19. Alina

    Glad this is back, but why do these shows insist on getting rid of characters that are one of the reasons we watch the show?

  20. MarkUS

    There’s no point to bringing this back…

  21. Sandra

    Love sleepy hollow. Do not cancel. The headless Horseman needs to be in the show more he is One of my favorite characters. I was so happy to see him back for a short while. Crane and Abbie should have a love connection. Please have more history story telling it’s great imagination .

  22. Dana C

    I have loved this show since Day 1 of Season one … Season one was also the best season by far… Please bring back Abby and the horseman back there is so much more left undone … the storyline was going down hill in Season 3 and killing Abby off was the last straw the chemistry between Abby and Crane was magical. I don’t want a Sleepy Hollow without Abby and Crane.

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