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«Sons of Anarchy» season 7: air date

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When does «Sons of Anarchy» season 7 premiere? What is known about air date on TV? It’s a final of the TV show!

TV-channel: FX
Pilot episode: September 3, 2008
Creator: Kurt Sutter

Season 1 Episode 1: 2.21 million U.S. viewers

Season 6 Episode 1: 5.87 million U.S. viewers

The last season of crime drama «Sons of Anarchy» is to be aired in 2014 by FX television channel.

Ordered Season 7 will become the final one (officially).

Its first episode is to be presented in September 9, 2014. Kurt Sutter, the director, confirmed the final 13 episodes to be worth watching, so the plot of the seventh season should not disappoint.

What can we expect from the final of the TV show?

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  1. kimberly blackmon

    i love the sons of anarchy, it is very exciting! if there is a way without completely taking the show off the air after the 13 episodes in 2014 to make a few more seasons happen please make it so. thanks so very much

  2. david hargrave

    Long live soa

  3. Nilda

    Love this series, it’s a shame that the 7 season is the final one.

  4. Quinnsbella

    Have been binge watching SOA and loving every minute. Sorry to hear that Season 7 will be the last.

  5. Lisa

    Please don’t let Jax go to jail for his mother!

  6. Kevin

    Kurt has kept our attention for 6 season .. soon to be 7th. You can only have a show going for so long before it starts to get predictable. I Think he’s doing the right thing by bring the series to an end. He DOES however have other ideas in the works .. cant wait to see if bastard executioner takes shape or not

  7. bertareed

    love this show. can not wait until season 7. Kurt, you made one big mistake by killing Opie! loved the ties between Opie and Jax. Kind of lost a lot with Ryan gone.

  8. Dmoe504

    I love this show I’m not gonna lie i cried when Opie die. Kurt keep bringing the heat.

  9. loew42

    Na na na na na na na na hey hey GOOOOOOd ByE !!!!!!

  10. renae

    so sad

  11. robert bradford

    Does any one know the exact air date for soa

    • Mako L.

      too early to say

  12. Carlene McKenzie

    I can’t believe how much I’m going to miss Tara! The show just won’t be the same. Actually, the show without Ron Pearlman will be very different. I’m truly excited about what changes will happen this last year!!!

  13. nancy

    i haven’t seen season six yet when is it going to be on netflix and your talking about season 7 wheres 6?

  14. Terry Johnson

    We saw a scene where Jax was riding towards Jemma and Tara on a bridge. It looks like he
    he goes around Jemma and is heading towards the bridge railing.Is this in season 7, or was that an episode in season 6. Maybe Im losing my mind. Ha Ha. Please reply
    Terry Johnson

  15. Nancy Debbeler

    Kurt Sutter, You have done an AMAZING job with the Show, my Husband & I are TRUE fans. he wanted to suggest to you , what about a SERIES going back to JAX’s Dad & his life with the Club? back then. that would be great! Can’t wait to see Season 7….but so SAD that this is the last Season! Hope you can come up with another BIKER story similar to this one! ?

  16. W Miller

    SOA is the only tv show that hooked me from the very first minute. I have all 5 seasons on DVD. I am always the first person to purchase the discs from Walmart in this Podunk town. I almost got thrown in jail because I threw a fit when Walmart did not release season 5 at midnight on the release date. The cops were called so I left before they got there. Went back @ 7AM and they had it on the shelves so I got the first copy. I have SOA marathons starting at season one and go through season 6, season 6 is recorded from sat dish.I also have SOA parties when it is on tv, neighbors come over and we drink beer and have absolutely no phones in the room and no talking during show. I need at least 10 seasons of SOA.

  17. Chuck U Farley

    Amazing series. Loved it the whole time.

    But, I have to admit, I’m gonna be happy as hell to not have to see Jax’s extra-white shoes anymore…

  18. steve

    Best show on TV Got hooked first cant wait for 2014 season

  19. David

    Come on season 2014, 2015, 2016 , get the picture…..

  20. Jeff

    All thumbs up except for Opie getting killed. Especially the way it happened. Great television and yes, I planned my week around the show.

  21. shiloh

    would really like to see more than 13 episodes a few more seasons please long live soa 😉

  22. Pretty

    Why not up to 12th episodes with 16 series shows? Why you killed Clay? I love Clay.

  23. Terry Nelson

    I am still hoping that Tara is not dead.

  24. Dave

    Best show ever! I never watched until New Years Day last year. I watched the entire first 5 seasons in one week. I couldn’t get away from it. I was waking up early before work to watch an episode and came straight home to watch all night. I was hooked from Season 1 Episode 1. If I didn’t have to return to work, I would have finished off all 5 seasons in 4 days, but I somehow stretched out to take the entire week to watch it all. I’ve never done anything like that before. The seasons seem so short and to know that the show will be over is just mind-numbing. Officially, there will be nothing on TV that I enjoy once again.

  25. tony bone

    dont end the show i have been waiting so long 4 this now u gonna killl it wtf best show run and wanna end it raise ya right hand to face hight ans swing hard to the moron whop wants to end it plz ty

  26. bernice stine

    soa,which I have called the biker soap of every minute of it,and am
    very sad to see it all come to an end after season 7.

  27. Harvey Friedman

    Brings back memories of the 60’s in California.

  28. tank

    This s*cks if they end it at seven this is the only DVD set I own I hate it that they killed opie cause he was the only one who didn’t turn snitch and but the series is the one thing that gets my day started now these idiots want to kill it y couldn’t it start with jaxs kids growing up and setting at the table running things like j t wanted

  29. Laura

    When will Netflex show the season 7 of the sons of arnarchy????

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