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«Sons of Anarchy» season 6: release date

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When does Sons of Anarchy season 6 start? Official release (premiere) date is known.

Television series «Sons of Anarchy» broadcast in the US on cable network FX.
Premiere – in September 3, 2008.

Executive producer – Kurt Sutter. Production company(s) – Linson The Company, Sutter Ink and FX Productions. «Sons of Anarchy» has received widespread critical acclaim.

On February Sons of Anarchy was renewed for a 13-episodes (6 season).

Sons of Anarchy season 6 release date (premiere) – September 10, 2013.

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  1. Donna

    Oooooo Charlie !!!!!
    Best show on Television !!!!! Can;t waite

  2. Monya

    whatttt? do we have 2 wait utill September ???

    • rj

      cause that when usually kids go back to school and they do home work plus it start of fall/winter so u can watch it

  3. SOA 4life!

    man oh man … greatest show I’ve ever seen in my life!

    • Enphyrno

      I agree with you yo. Sh*ts hot.

  4. Clay Warnecke

    September?!?!?!? Ugh y so long… Gonna be kick a*s though!!!!

  5. Enphyrno

    Really, all the way to September. You have to be kidding me. I need my Sons of Anarchy yo.

  6. cory

    i like this show for the reason it shows people sh*t can happen. an i believe all shows come from some point of truth. this being said, for sure this show hits home for a lot of the viewers.
    it competes with all kind of shows. but kirt sutter, sir you kick a*s you know what you are doing the actor ron perlman kicks a*s as an actor… clay that rat b*tch needs to die but i believe he should go out a million times worse than opy. he was the heart of that club. so clay must die. i just wish i could watch him die sooner.. have a good day dude an keep up the good work. i just prey this is not all you do. this show could go forever an you’d still have a fan base of 100,000,000,000 no joke.

    • Kath

      Do you know sonny the chief from the hells angels is a character on the show in prison yes the legand sonny badger

      • Peterr

        That would be Sonny Barger.

    • anthony

      I thank jaxs is the sh*t he should of Ben the one tuning thing from the beginning he shows that he has hart to take over the club if oly he would busted kill clay off the club would be better off with out him I agree with any one who don’t like him cuz all he thanks about is him self not the crow

  7. Carol

    We have to wait way too long between seasons. Why? Doesn’t FX realize that the SOA have a true dedicated fan base of all different walks of life and people have not talked about a show this much since the Sopranos. That’s a big deal ! At the very lease show all the previous seasons during the long, long wait for the next season. FX is missing great opportunities to showcase this great show. C’mon FX buck up and do this right.

  8. carl

    hello i would like to see the tv show sons of anarchy now i can not wait till september
    i my fix now i love the show

  9. linda

    don’t understand, first I read season 5 will start in Sept. now it’s season 6.

    • S.O.A #1 FAN


  10. S.O.A #1 FAN


  11. D

    This show was good but screw waiting a full year or more between seasons! Im not gonna waste my time waiting (it makes me angry) I guess i might rent and watch them all after they piss everbody off and get canceled!

  12. K

    Can NOT believe me and my friends have to wait til freaking Sept its killing us!!!!!!

  13. kimbo

    The best show on television my family meets at my house to watch the show..wish they would run once a week year round.

  14. karlie

    its all about the downloads lol

  15. Jax Teller

    Can’t wait until September the 11th for release :s

    • anthony

      Ok clay runing drugs now no that sh*t is not the soa they do guns and money take clay the hell out off the show he dint no shit jax is following hem cuz clay out it In his head that drugs bring more money no clay needs to die and jaxs need to be the one to kill him all he has dine is trun the club in to nothing and I can’t live jaxs cut all of his dame hear off that was stupid of him that made hem jaxs he the right presented I hop he kill clay

  16. Judi


  17. Jaspen

    I tend to loose interest in shows if there is an extended delay between seasons. Haven’t really thought about SOA for sometime. I used to love Mad Men and now that their season 6 is going, I could care less- moved onto newer programs, same will happen to SOA, sorry, guys, it was a good show but just can not seem to stay interested after such long delays in getting the next seasons to aire.

  18. Jaspen

    Also, what is this 13 season bullcr*p? Are all these producers/director types members of the Church of Satan? These guys love to play with their numbers, 3,6,13,31,33,9,11 and of course 66 and 59. PLease…

  19. janice

    well it’s about time,i waited a long time this show to come on.this is great.i been folling this show from season 1.soa is the bomb.i love to see more.your number 1 fan for ever .

  20. j duval

    I also want to add my 2 cents. Why do we have to wait so long for SOA to return?? Come on guys, put them on before Sept. please……….

  21. Erica

    I can’t wait till season 6 is finally out guess until then ill have to watch the first 5 over and over until its back. Keep up the amazing work xxx

  22. Kath

    Every year I wait for true blood and soa I love both shows I’m in Australia and they have both taken off in a big way lots of people love them

  23. Richard

    I was very disturbed and pissed that they killed off opie and never in my lifetime of watching tv has a show affected me in this way, i was ready to stop watching it because of the fact they killed him off but when it started again i could not stop watching.
    This is in my opinion the best show i have seen in my 40 some years of watching tv.

  24. tom

    Great show!I don’t like waiting so long between seasons either so I bought the dvds each year and watch 1 or 2 episodes from the beginning starting with season 1 per week.By the time I finish watching them the next season starts.This helps me to be able to watch them at my leisure.I’m 60 plus years old and think this one of the best shows I have watched.Each season leaves you with more to figure out .Keep up the great work hope to be watching it for many more seasons!



  26. Eve

    Pissed that Tara died!!!

    • oz

      do you know when soa is shown in uk

  27. anthony

    Clay need to die he is woman better. Ope is going to kill clay for killing his dad

  28. anthony

    Clays wife is not think right she should justed let clay die if he don’t then he well busted kill agan

  29. ruth Ricksecker

    Jax ur such a hottie best movie ever you are the best love all you guys cant wait till September

  30. tom

    season 7 was cancelled by fx 🙁

  31. prushton

    I’ve been watching Sons of anarchy on plain tv.Why the neck can’t Netflix get them?

  32. frank

    season 7 is a out of this world might want to catch up cause is will keep u on your toes

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