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State of Affairs season 2?

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Will State of Affairs show renewed for a season 2? We are waiting for the new episodes start and premiere air date in 2015 on NBC!

TV-channel: NBC
Created by: Alexi Hawley
Genre: espionage thriller

Season 1 Episode 1: 8.69 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 10: 4.41 million U.S. viewers

Critics’ negative reviews about «State of Affairs» television series challenge the new episodes ordering. According to the statistics, the number of the fans of the show comprised 8,69 million people at its start, but during the broadcast of its eighth episode, this number fell to 3,62 million.

Such a rapid decrease of the viewers’ interest resulted in the serious dissatisfaction of the rights holders, that’s why the announcing of the air date of season 2 now is a question.

Right after February 16, 2015 when the final episode of the last season will be released, the creators should announce their decision concerning the renewal and we believe it will be positive.

State of Affairs season 2 premiere – [cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

Let’s wait!

UPDATE 1 (May 8, 2015): Bad news… After one season, NBC canceled State of Affairs (disappointing ratings).

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  1. Jesse

    Am sad to hear State of Affairs isn’t doing well, really am enjoying it.

  2. Hubert

    State of Affairs continues to build up the suspense and who knows if the series is going to make it for a season 2. Show is great, Katherine Heigl is beautiful!

  3. Velma Collins

    Give it a chance! Please don’t cancel. Great acting & story. Very intelligent show.

  4. Ryan21

    It’s like one of those series that you get so invested in that you don’t want it to end. Please renew it!

  5. Sandra R.

    Love the show… keep it going!

  6. Gloria (Tex)

    NBC had a very rough fall for new shows. It needs to be renewed.

  7. Essie Paul

    I think State of Affairs will be renewed. I love that show. Come on NBC get with it.

  8. Tommy from NJ

    It’s the best new show this season! Needs to stay.

  9. Andrey L.

    Really hope for season 2. NBC, don’t let me down! )

  10. Mox

    pls renew, this is the only investigation tv show for some of us.. got to renew this pls pls pls

  11. Ainex

    Really wish State of Affairs will be renewed.

  12. Rio

    Please keep this show on the air! It should be renewed for a second season.

  13. LikeSoA

    I think SoA will be renewed. Great show. Great writers and cast. Big mistake if you cancel!

  14. TrueMan

    I love the show. Hope that it will come back in 2015/2016.

  15. GRO

    Hope for season 2! Just do it, NBC!

  16. Janett (Nevada)

    Such a great show! I have to admit, it was slow getting into it, but it has gotten increasingly better and I’m hooked now.

  17. Susan

    Totally hooked! There MUST be a Season 2…

  18. flockdance

    Great Show! Love it! Maybe different night or needs to be promoted but a quality show with great cast. Hope nick is still alive. Please bring the show back! People just need to hear about it.

  19. Chuck - texas

    The show is fantastic – needs to be renewed

  20. Jim Rouse

    Best show on TV. Bring it back!!!

  21. Leah

    Love this show from the very beginning. Hope it gets renewed!

  22. Jane

    This is such a good show, I can’t believe a second season is even in question! State of Affairs stands above most shows on network tv- please make more!

  23. Erin

    I can’t get enough. . .please renew so we can learn if Nick is really dead?

  24. lori b


  25. Jan

    Excellent!! Too good not to continue.

  26. Lorena

    I’m looking forward to season 2. It’s a great show.

  27. Krista

    Please renew! I love this show!!!

  28. Maggie

    Love this show. NBC has a good one here. Hope they decide to go for another season.

  29. Emily Karolyi

    Leaving us in the lurch just as it looks like either Dawkins or more likely Nick zooming down the hill in a jeep….This is a fantastic show….come on NBC…..back please!!!

  30. Stacy

    I absolutely LOVED State of Affairs. Finally a true show and not another reality series. Please bring it back for another season!!!

  31. Don Waters

    Great show. Needs to be put in a different time slot.

  32. jenny

    Loved the show sure hope it goes for more seasons

  33. Cyndi

    Really??? Maybe you should do a survey in Canada to add to the USA! Such a great suspenseful show!!!! Clear my calendar for it weekly! Please please bring it back!!!!!

  34. Jauch

    Please give us more of State of Affairs. We do not know why Syd with TKG helps Chairlie. We do not know if the President will get a divorce. We do not know if the planes were ordered to bomb where Charlie killed Fattah but she heard them coming when she also saw someone driving down to meet her. Was it Nick or was the President’s son still alive. I want to see these questions answered. I love Katherine Heigl. I love this show. Please give us more…
    I use to love Blacklist the most. Now I love State of the Affairs the most and then Blacklist second. Come on NBC. Let us have more.

  35. Jona

    This show shouldn’t be cancelled. It’s so good. I hope Nick is alive although I have a feeling Aaron is.

  36. amber


  37. Lorenzo

    I love the tv show State of Affairs…. I hoping that the tv show continues and continues. Please season 2 im waiting on you!!!!!

  38. Jami

    Can not wait for season 2. Love watching this show!

  39. Doyle

    I’m invested in this series! It’s the best show this season! It might just edge the Blacklist and that was hard to beat! Please don’t disappoint!

  40. Maryann

    My husband and I are watching it On Demand and love this show. Really hope they have a season 2, it ended with a nail biter.

  41. Violeta

    Superb TV show, well written, great acting. I can not wait for Season 2!!
    I really hate it when I commit to a show and then have to wait to see if or when they want to bring it back….

  42. Susan


  43. Stephanie

    Please bring back State of Affairs!

  44. Susan

    I just finished watching Season 1 on Hulu…..where’s Season 2?!? I was so bummed to learn that Season 2 is in limbo.
    I am really hooked on this show! Very intelligent, interesting, and well done! Great cast, too!

  45. Kellie

    I completely don’t understand how this show could have lost viewers. I was on the edge of my seat with every episode and will be devastated if it gets cancelled.

  46. Susie

    Please do not cancel this show. There are not a lot of quality shows on TV these days that deal with intelligence and this one does! The cast has a lot of good chemistry! Just like reading a covert spy thriller! Great show! Great actors! Really am confused why this show could be cancelled!?! Too many dummy shows on TV!!!!!

  47. Lgonzalez

    I like this show a lot and I miss watching it. The plot is interesting and tries to portray the intricacies of gathering intelligence and achieving covert operations withing competing agencies plus personal agendas, a possible actual scenario nowdays. Few shows cover this theme that is so contemporaneous. In my opinion State of Affairs, although sometimes too fantastically, entertains and you end up waiting for the next episode. Surely the screenwriter will always have material for the series. The U.S., evenmore than other nations is always running a secret operation. It is not Law and Order but it is better than most.

  48. Diane Boothe

    The ratings dropped because so many were DVR’ing it – put it on a time and day that it does NOT conflict with other shows that are well past season 1 – give it a life…. the show is great!! STOP judging by DVR – many, many people do work nights!!!

    • Malena

      I totally agree! This show is awesome! I binge-watched this show. I hardly ever watch TV live anymore. They HAVE to renew this show!

  49. Karen sherman

    Me and my son love this show! I would DVR it because it is on late our time and the next evening me and my son would watch it together. Love, love that show!

    • Perla

      Here is a thought bring it back on Netflix (like house of cards). We are so going to watch it religiously, we are fans.

  50. Kandice

    You know, it is sad that TV ratings critics do not include netflix and hulu watchers as a part of ratings. I watched this show all the way through on hulu and LOVED it!! But that doesn’t count towards its ratings. It really should. I hate when shows get cancelled because of TV ratings when they are a hit on netflix and hulu. Start including streaming numbers in ratings!!!! Who’s with me?

    • Perla

      Agree, you are so right. So many of us are getting the shows off the ratings, maybe we better participate and bare the dumb commercials.

  51. Perla

    I love this show and I was left in a cliff hanger. Are you kidding me, is Nick Vera alive and what did Charlie see before the end of episode 13, season 1?

    Come on, this show is amazing. What you need is more ADs and shows on American Airline flights, that is how I was hooked. Trust me your show is so much better than the other “government/CIA/FBI” types out there.
    Bring this show back! We need strong women representation!
    PS: if all fails bring it back the seasons on Netflix.

  52. Nick

    Keep it

  53. Caroline L

    Please renew for season 2. State of Affairs is an excellent show. So many people I know are watching it On Demand and loving it. I plan on watching the season over so I’m fresh on everything for the fall. Plus I can’t remember a show bring me to tears they way this one did. We all need to know what happens.
    It’s smart, current, well written, and engaging, order season 2 already!!!!

  54. Tonita

    This show was great. We enjoyed State of Affairs very much. Loved the action and enjoyed Katherine Heigl. Too bad it didn’t get renewed (((

  55. ....joeann....

    I’ll miss the show. Boo NBC

  56. Micha Harrold

    Too bad. The writing was excellent. Great production.

  57. KarinaLuis

    I watched it and I liked it. Best hour on broadcast. It will be missed 🙁

  58. Rom33

    Knew this would happen, and sorry it did. Sad news

  59. Helen S.

    Sorry, I liked State of Affairs. I wish one of the cable companies would revive it.

  60. Jim Boulter

    I thought this was an excellent show….a real cliff hanger…especially the last episode…I realize ratings are everything and personally have no idea why they declined…puleeze give it another try.

  61. KM69

    I knew better than to ever watch the rest of the episodes on demand. Due to my schedule I have to watch things when I can and sometimes it may be months later and I just catch up on an entire season of something, but when I find one I really like of course they cancel it!!! Maybe USA or TNT will pick it up!

  62. Monty

    This was on of the few shows on NBC that I watch. Sorry tp see it go.

  63. Mario Baldasserini

    Man – this was a great show. I don’t even like Katherine Heigl and was really looking forward to season 2. Well acted and dug the many story lines.

  64. Bev Fasig

    Hoping another network will pick up this show! NBC always seems to cancel the good ones. Shows no longer get much of a chance to establish viewership…..this show was no exception. Please, somebody bring it back!

  65. Nena

    Really loved this show, hoping for a renewal!!!

  66. Kris

    Really sad about this. Enjoyed the show. Why do the networks never give shows a chance?

  67. Sherie

    So now we’ll never know who was in the jeep and how Charlie escaped the bombs?
    So not fair!

  68. Victoria

    Just binged watched the season. Please give us season 2.

  69. Anna

    Renew, Renew, Renew!!!!! Need to know who was in that jeep!

  70. Hope Freeman

    Can’t believe they would cancel a quality show like State of Affairs in favor of some of the drivel that has lasted. Give it a second season. Don’t bury it.

  71. Alyssa Jenkins

    Literally binged watched this show on Hulu and was so looking forward to seeing what happens to Charlie after episode 13! It’s such a good show, full of suspense and plot twists!

  72. Sue

    Truly disappointed that it wasn’t renewed! Great show that I thoroughly believe was an excellent intense TV series. What happened with the 2nd chance? Remember Seinfeld????

  73. Wendy Robinson

    State of affairs is my most favorite show, I’m very disappointed to not have season2

  74. Yoli

    OMG I am soooo dissapointed! My husband and I really enjoyed that show! YOU LEFT US HANGING!!!!! NOT FAIR!

    • Vega

      That’s how I feel. I want to know 🙂

  75. Linda

    I really miss State Of Affairs. Please rethink canceling it because there is so little on TV to watch and I so enjoyed this program.

  76. mark

    keep state of affairs on please.

  77. Vega

    I found it very interesting. If y’all haven’t noticed but that is what’s going on today in our countries. I strongly believe they are just protecting the government. It was good and I really loved it. But with the show touching and basing a lot of its points around our President and CIA, it just seems they are getting worried. It was good and it had ok ratings, but seriously if you go back and watch it all over, it is going to show basically what’s happening with these refugees bombing and going undercover. Its too crazy why they cancelled the show. I know there has more to it. #thumbsup

  78. Lynn

    My husband and I really like this series. We were looking forward to season 2…how disappointing. I wish they would reconsider. We don’t really watch many series and looked forward to this one.

  79. kipspix

    Aw come on NBC, do the right thing. Give us a season 2 please!

  80. Alex

    Literally just finished season one, went to look for season two and I’m left riddled with disappointment to see there isn’t one nor is there going to be!! Absolutely love this show

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