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«Strike Back» season 5: premiere date (2014)

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When does «Strike Back» season 5 start? A ten-episode fifth and final season will air in 2014. Cinemax confirmed!

TV-channel: Cinemax
Pilot episode: 5 May 2010
Creators: Michael J. Bassett, Bill Eagles…

Season 2 Episode 1: 1.137 million viewers

Season 4 Episode 10: 0.709 million viewers

The television series «Strike Back» is officially renewed for the fifth season. Initially, the premiere date of the new episodes has been announced to be scheduled for August 2014, but Sullivan Stapleton’s injury became the reason the production of the new 10 episodes was postponed.

According to the Cinemax channel representatives, the filming process in Thailand has been finished, but in Hungary it hasn’t been started.

Sullivan will be recovering from the car accident for about 6 months, that’s why the production of the fifth (and the final one) season will be renewed only in autumn. Accordingly, the show isn’t to be broadcast before February 2015. Are you upset?

UPDATE 1 (Jan.8, 2015): The series will premiere in Summer 2015 (Cinemax).

UPDATE 2 (April 27, 2015): Strike Back will launch its fifth season on July 31, 2015 (at 10/9c).

UPDATE 3: No Season 6, but Strike Back may live on as a feature film. Follow the link!

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  1. Melissa

    Bummer!! Hope Sullivan heals well. I was recalling looking forward the season in 2014!! Argh!! I miss my boys- mike and Damien are worth the wait but hurry up!! Lol!

  2. Justin

    Man that s*cks! Hope you get better Sully, we miss you. I love this show and just got my wife addicted to it as well.

  3. Tom Edgman

    How about another season based on the Russian takeover of the ukrane?

  4. Jayne

    really missed the lads…. hurry up and get well …cant wait, just read its the last 10 episodes 🙁 not happy about that.

  5. Lydia

    I’m disappointed the show will cancel after the fifth season, but it took four years for (Jack Bauer ) of “24” to return so maybe it won’t be forever. Stonebridge and Scott are the boys!!! Maybe they can team with Jack (lol)!!

    • eric

      did not read your comment b4 I post. we are on the same page.

  6. karen

    It’s disappointing that the 5 th season is delayed in premiering but it’s devastating that it’s the last season ! I was a late fan finding the show on late night repeats but then watching all of the previous seasons on Netflix in a matter of a couple weeks hoping never to see the end of the series it’s an unbelievably action packed nail biting show! The actors themselves are so believable that I’m totally absorbed in the plot I’m sad to see it end !

  7. eric

    I just got hold of this series and man I can say as a 24 die hard fan, they make Jack Bouer look like he is still playing in the sand box. Hurry and bring back. please

  8. Ebony

    Yes! Very upset! This is an awesome, action packed show, can’t wait for it to come back on.

  9. Usman Tahiru


  10. Harold Huff

    Sorry to hear sullivan was hurt. Can’t wait for the new season. I will be watching.

  11. Lone Wolf

    Damn it Scott, screwed the whole operation up, now we’re gonna have to wait til 2015, now i know how Stonebridge feels… lolz

  12. David

    Its one of the best series out there, so I’m quite disappointed that its going to be the last season. I wonder what junk they’ll end up replacing it with?

  13. Ron

    Can’t believe they’re going to cancelled this show, its one of best show. What can the Fans do to bring it back for season 6.. I really like this show. Sullivan hope you feel better. STRIKE BACK fan we should write emails to bring the Boys back for 3 more season!!!!

  14. niecy

    Sad to hear about the accident and hope Sully is better soon. Also sorry to hear it is the final season. I like the Russia /Ukraine suggestion. Both myself and my husband love this show. Hope to see more special shows like this starting. We love Banshe and the Hunted. Keep them coming.

  15. JP

    Why is this show being cancelled? Scott and Stonebridge are handling there business. This is an excellent show and I’m so sick and tired of being sick and tired of my shows being cancelled, then putting something else on that I could give a cr*p about. Whoever is running the show, please look into getting the show renewed again. Sullivan, hope all is well–get better.

  16. DJ

    Sully please hurry and get well, your missed. One of the best shows ever made, please don’t make it the last season. It is so popular I am sure the writer could get another few seasons in the making. At least there will be something to look forward to in the New Year. Don’t leave us Scott & Stonebridge we need you.

  17. Troy

    I too can never figure out why such well written and plotted series’ get cancelled. Usually it happens after they make the series a joke and the ratings go in the toilet. This show has stuck to the principles that made it popular with the characters staying believable in what a person can do. And it never pulls the punches when someone in the section is killed. It would be real cool to have a Strike Back Movie. Thanks and good luck to, Sullivan and Winchester!!

  18. bobbi can’t wait till their back. sad that its the last season. the affects are awesome and the writers are great..

  19. tombell

    cannot wait until Feb. my husband isn’t a tv fan, but cannot stop him watching strike back. keep them coming please

  20. mark

    another final season, to many shows are having final season’s, with no good replacements in site. this is my favorite summer show, so bummed, due to injury it didn’t air. Sullivan break a leg and have a speedy recovery

  21. Mike Moore

    This s*x!!! This is one of the best shows on cable and they are ending it?!?! Nice job Cinemax

  22. jean vine

    glad your recovering sully.cant wait for the next season totally agree it shouldn’t be the last season these boys are so believable I get immersed and hope each hour isn’t going to end.There must be more stories for future will be a sad day when this ends.nothing else comes close to it.

  23. Ady B

    I was wondering when Strike Back was going to be aired in the uk due to these delays god only knows when it will now air. Gutted is an understatement. Looks like I will have to start at season 1 again.

  24. CB

    How about a season 6 on ISIS bringing in Ebola to every country? That would rock.

  25. dank

    Bummer on the delay. Hope Sullivan is all healed up. At least we’ll get one more season!

  26. cyn

    I absolutely love this show. Strike Back has everything anyone could ask for including excellent acting, music, suspense, action, moderate sex and continuous story development!
    I look forward to Feb 2015! Hope my nan heals well! Love the acting duo!
    If this is truly the finale, it’s a shame!

  27. maurader

    come on get it together best show on tv even Started a new web sight airsoftstrike force because of this show I know this is a big winner come on cinemx lets get iit on bring it on your the best

  28. mb

    There are few shows that are as good as this produced for cable. If it got any press the numbers would be high enough to keep it going. Even 24 keeps going but Fox advertises. Come on it’s not that hard.

  29. Cap61

    What is up with this? Why is such a great show being cancelled? There is plenty of stuff going on around the world for them to write about. It’s a shame. Great action,great cast, great performance by the main actors. I like that they do their own stunts. Makes it so real.

  30. Donna

    When will it be back, both actors have new weekly shows?

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