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Strike Back season 6

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Strike Back Cancelled, Ending Or Renewed For Season 6? What about the premiere date in 2016? We are still waiting for the new episodes.

The translation of the fifth season of Strike Back television series by Sky1 (UK) was over on July 29, 2015 and its run on Cinemax (US) started in two days. In Great Britain the number of viewers comprised about 600 thousand people, and in America it was about 250 thousand people.

Last year the rights holders confirmed the cancelling of the project with the given season, which disappointed the fans very much. Many fans were hoping to see Season 6 in 2016, but obviously, the delayed production of the fifth season made the rights holders make the above-mentioned decision.

It should be noted that the show has a brilliant rating both in UK and the USA, but it couldn’t influence the further production of episodes. Now we should only thank the creators for the logical final despite all the difficulties, as well as for the provision of the viewers with the culmination they deserved.

It should be noted that Left Bank Pictures was responsible for the production, and the story was based on the events of the novel of the same name written by the soldier of British Air Force Chris Ryan.

Does Season 6 need to be produced or has the project deserved such culmination?

UPDATE 1 (Oct.2, 2015): Left Bank Pictures is developing a feature film based on the Strike Back series. The film would shoot in South America in 2016.

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  1. Bastion75

    Please RENEW for another season! Just love this series!

  2. Verta

    I love this show … the action is so exciting … MORE! I need MORE!!!

  3. Mia

    Another good show on the way out …

  4. Alan T.

    Come on! Now one of the best shows on tv! Bring it back!

  5. SB fan

    It’s a shame Cinemax canceled this excellent show. I wish and hope that Netflix picks it up

  6. Nika

    I really want season 6 to be produced!

  7. adebayor

    Come on guys

  8. adebayor

    Are will like to see season 6 on 2016

  9. Sima

    I love this show, need to see season 6. Love Damion and Mickie

  10. VJ

    How much money will it take to produce this series and keep it running?!?

  11. mayor

    please continue the series

  12. Debs

    Please Please Please continue with the series, it’s absolutely awesome, very well acted & so realistic. The two lads can come & rescue me anytime they want lol.

  13. Dave

    MIKE @ SCOT Are you f*cking kidding me,i realy need SEASON 6 Of it

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