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Strike the Blood season 2?

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When will Strike the Blood season 2 come out? What are the chances of the new episodes start in 2015? We need the release date!

Directed by: Hideyo Yamamoto
Written by: Silver Link, Connect
Licensed by: Discotek Media

The premiere of 12 light-novels «Strike the Blood» titled «Toga Shin no Kishi» has been scheduled for February 10, 2015. Despite that fact the creators of anime-adaptation are still not ready to say whether the new episodes will be financed.

The reason of the delay lies in the mixed reviews about the first season, as many critics suggested some moments of the plots to be quite negative. For example, Rebecca Martin of Anime News Network gave it 2.5 of 5 stars, suggesting many episodes to be boring.

Claims also referred to the voice acting of some characters. However, the experts praised the design quality of the show.

Let’s hope the release date of season 2 will be announced soon and we will publish it on the given website. Do you also think the first season is boring? Or are the critics wrong?

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  1. Little7

    I hope 2nd season coming soon!

    • Sumerian20

      It wasn’t boring in the least. I loved every episode and I really hope they release a second season of Strike the Blood

      • Anime-Pro

        BEST ANIME EVER !!!

  2. Sharoi

    Ending episede focused on promote Season 2. I really want to know what would happen with Kojou in the future! 0_0

  3. FlameFear

    Yea! It’s was really boring! Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat… Waste! No season 2, please.

    • Bukaka

      agree! that was terrible, so f*cking terrible.

      • Wolfie L.

        you guys are something elses,you know that.

    • Mihara Ruri

      I like how you say “no season 2, please”, as if you had some kind of obligation to watch it if it did release. If it’s as boring as you say, then simply don’t watch the next season instead of wishing for those who do enjoy it not to see it. You tw*t.

    • Anime freak

      Ok people have opionons if you don’t like it then that you fault everyone has a different taste in anime
      It’s diserves a 2 season if you disagree I don’t care really
      But don’t rune the show for people who like it beacuse you wouldn’t like it if you like an anime and people said bad things about it causing it to not have a other season
      Reasons y it need season 2
      Need know rest of his familiars
      We know nothing about that vampire girl and how she got in his she’s body
      Etc there are many reasons y

      • Warlock

        @Anime freak.

        I do support many of the things you said in your comment. However, I could not help but leave my own comment. I found it difficult to read, or comprehend half of what you said. Many would agree that the spelling errors can be overlooked. However regardless of your spelling or accurate use of punctuation, please apply some attempt at punctuation in the future.

        For example I find it really hard to read a sentence that just continues to run on and on with no punctuation no end and too many different aspects to try and simply put in one sentence it makes it hard for anyone to understand or take serious your points if you are not at least trying to put for a decent effort to make your comment readable

        ^ Seriously. I hope you enjoy that. 😀

    • Rioanime45

      So you have any problem if you don’t like don’t watch it okay. I wish the same comment to your favourite anime.

  4. ^Sid^S

    I enjoyed this show from start to finish. Ending was really unfulfilling. Waiting for season 2.

  5. OstinPark

    I will be pretty surprised if it got a second season. It wasn’t a great show!

  6. master

    I’m hoping for more! And Strike the Blood ends with a chance of a second season.

  7. BanShake

    This show is honestly one of my favorites I’ve seen. I enjoyed all of it and am really hoping to see a second season. Seriously need to see more of Kojou and Himeragi!

  8. popi


  9. Hannah B.

    You guys shut up. Strike the Blood is a great show. Very sad that you think it s*cks. F u all.

  10. Albda Hyan

    I like ‘Strike the blood’ series sooooooo much.
    N waiting for season 2.Please added more romantics of kojou and hemiragi^_^
    PLEASE SEASON 2!!!!!!!!!!!””

    • John

      I love this anime and I’ll be waiting for another season and another and another, let me not, any way i really want another season I’m freaking curious of the there daughter and stuff

  11. Wolfie L.

    I hope it can release the 2nd season of strike the blood and see some new characters on it as well, ^_^ ,maybe I think they take some to think over and how to,you know,how it goes.Well,I think that’s all I going to say for now.Guys please like this anime so much and waited for the 2nd season that will release sooner or later or not.

  12. Marcos P.

    Lets be all honest everyone liked the anime and are pissed because season 2 hasn’t came out yet and you just can’t wait till it comes out ! But you are so pissed at the critics because they probably haven’t seen season 1 of STRIKE THE BLOOD.

    • Wolfie L.

      I agreed with you.

      • Marcos P.

        Thank you someone who knows what I’m talking about

        • Wolfie L.

          No problem,^_^,am little disappointed that am still waiting on 2nd season of it.

  13. Kojou

    The Others Guys who hated this anime is really a hater….even so they hate this anime they shouldn’t criticize, Because many people loved in fact I LOVE IT so plss…people show some respect to the creator and the anime they work hard for this kind of sereis

    Just saying what I fell Guys

    • Wolfie L.

      In the last part,you mean”what I feel”that what you meant?

  14. Andre P.

    Love the show .. please announce the release of season 2

  15. aaron m.

    I enjoyed the show a lot and also hoping for a second season.

    as for it being boring I never thought it got boring but it did get kind of frustrating every time koujou and himeragi said the same fight scene line…..over and over again also the familiars that kouja has I find are more like a glorified ass pull button and I wish I coulde have had seen him develop his skills as the 4th progenitor, kind of felt like him only needing blood to make himself stronger wasn’t ever explained why it does?

  16. ajeng

    oh Come on Season 2 🙂 I love the anime, and I’m very very waiting for it 😉

  17. aundre

    Every anime that has been published have haters and it seems as if some of them have revealed themselves, if strike the blood season was boring for you why wouldn’t you want a season 2? all you can simply do is don’t watch the F**kin next season and stop being pessimistic. Anyways Strike the Blood was awesome for me and i think the majority wants a season 2

    • Austin

      i couldn’t agree more just look what i wrote to everyone including the creators

  18. Austin

    yes they definitely need a season 2 for sure the anime was great the story was tight together the characters were thoroughly thought out and then the end of the anime with episode 24 the twist with there daughter helping ya i would say that left the audience wanting more and i would say the people saying it doesn’t need a second season are the people who think they know everything there is to know about anime but they don’t some anime is for certain types of people and it wasn’t for them i guess so author and creator of this wonderful anime please we need closure and that would mean a second season or a movie to end it trust me more people want another season then the people who don’t so don’t worry about the value cost and just go for it you will never make it in life without any rise so… reply to me if you want or not i just wanted to get my message out there because i hope you will read this sometime and think this man knows what he is talking about so with that out there i leave with this i love this anime and i love you work hard to make your dreams reality because this world only gives second chances once better seize them then pass them by right. 🙂

    • kojou

      agree austin.. dont care what other people talk about this anime but for us this is the awesome anime .. we want the new season… anime would be interesting if have many chapter like naruto.. fairy tail.. hunter x hunter and other.. right?

  19. Hugo

    If you can not wait until the next season comes out, than you can watch Highschool DxD.
    Its a good anime. I like it.
    Of course, still waiting for Strike the blood S2.

  20. NeoFlame

    Not boring all episode are funny i hope have season 2 for STB

  21. Brosof

    Ever a shows have mixed views, I bet the.people would said it was boring, just want more perveted scenes. It is pretty good anime show. I would rate at least 4

  22. eyepatch

    Season 2 please i want more himeragi and akatsuki senpai !! i really enjoy watching season 1 and i hope for more !!

  23. srchacker

    who cares about others, i liked it & i want more in season 2

  24. Tatted up 21

    It was a great season and I’m really hoping for a season 2

  25. kojou

    who said strike the blood boring??? try talk that front of me if you dare and i will turn you to crisp by using regulus aurumn XD.. seriously i say.. THIS IS THE BEST STORY EVER I WATCHED!!! need season 2 ASAP..

  26. Manny

    I love this show

  27. unknown

    Will that is kind of boring sometime ,but I still hope for the second season.

  28. Tristan

    Although the annoying catchphrase “No, senpai, this is our fight” an “No, senpai, we’ve already won” appeared a few times those were easily looked over by the rest of the scenes in the seasons. Season 2 would, in my opinion, be suberb

  29. rioth

    yeah i think this is pretty good harem anime of course the catchphrase “no senpai this is our fight” is kinda annoying

  30. wangdi

    Those who think it is bad then they should not be having any obligations we like it that’s all I want and I want the season 2 ASAP seems like it’s been a decade that I’ve been waiting

  31. pochiri

    “no senpai!!! it is our fight!!” but its kinda sweet yah know!?!?
    list of things why i want season two of this anime!
    1. i want to know the complete history of itogami island (encyclopedic explanation 🙂 )
    2. i want to see the 1st, 2nd and 3rd progenitors and where they rule
    3. i want to know the history of avrora and why did she left her familiars to akatsuki
    4. because of the ending, i want to know why did “their” daughter (?) said she killed her “papa” which i can say its akatsuki
    5. i want the harem feeling of this anime
    please!!! SEASON 2! SEASON 2! SEASON 2!
    <3 3

  32. himeragi yukina

    OMG! This show is amazing. I love it. Please we need season 2 and just a suggestion please change the catchphrase “no senpai, this is our fight” because its kinda annoying but still the show is outstanding so PLEASE WE NEED SEASON 2

  33. himeragi yukina

    PLEASE creator of this anime, we want season 2. I agree that some people think that this anime is boring but majority of us want to have Season 2. Don’t mind people who doesn’t like this show the important is the people who love this show so please we want season 2. THIS ANIME IS OUTSTANDING!

  34. John

    I want next season and another and so on, anyway this anime was pretty cool and can’t wait for the next season

  35. pat

    There should be a second season cause lots pf people injoyed it very much just like me

  36. Prakyath

    Whoever said that the first season is boring, I have 2 words for them f*** off!! It’s because of those who don’t appreciate what’s good, we are getting more sh*tty animes. We need a second season for Strike the Blood. If you could take votes to see how many people need 2nd season and how many people oppose it, I’m pretty sure the latter will be hugely outnumbered. So, whoever produced the first season, do take initiatives to produce a second season. I assure you, you won’t regret it

  37. ChowYong117

    It was great! The “No senpai this is our fight!” got a bit annoying though

  38. drago66

    i agree with the rest of them strike the blood awesome show i’ll seen yet!!

  39. Anonymous

    The most Engaging and Creative anime Ever!!!!!! They should definitely make a season 2 for the anime Strike the Blood!!!!!!

  40. arkhamangel

    I thought it was an awesome anime, second season needs to be soon im running out of anime to watch!!! 🙂

  41. Default Zer0

    Just finished watching the series. I really hope they decide to make a season 2.

  42. Masterrazor

    I think this show dose need a second season my reason are pretty simple. One is we know he has 2 daughters Moegi Akatsuki (daughter of Asagi and Kojou) and Reina Akatsuki (daughter of Yukina and Kojou), but what we don’t know is how did he end up with two kids. Did he break up with one get with the other or was he with both at the same time? Reason 2 being Asagi Aiba still doesn’t know that Kojou Akatsuki is a vampire/4th progenitor and doesn’t know that Yukina Himeragi is a Sword Shaman from the Lion-King organization as of yet and i’d like to see what happens when she dose find out. Reason 3 is because he still hasn’t released all his familiars yet and we are all wondering what they can do.

  43. Marcrow

    I just finished the series and it wasn’t boring at all. I felt that it was really cool to watch and most of all I really want their to be a 2nd Season!

  44. AnimeLover

    I want season 2 please. I beg for season2 of strike the blood. I will wait for the release date. Season 1 of strike the blood is not bad and it is not boring. So please make season 2

  45. ravikanth

    when will be the second season is coming i m not able to wait
    please reply…..?????

  46. rex

    plz…release season 2..eagerly waiting to watch..

  47. Tali

    Of course it needs a second season!!!! I mean come on the story is clearly incomplete, why/how did Avrora turn Kojo in to a vampire , why is the place where he ” killed ” her now underwater and why is one of her familiars inside Nagisa? And clearly his mother knows more than he thinks.. and so on and so on … I could keep going all day… it need a second season to answer all these questions!!! Period!!

    Oh yeah and to all you negative people …If you don’t like it don’t watch it … its that simple. 😛

  48. charles

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz start the show we have so much question to be answered

  49. ryan

    you must remember that these critics jobs are to look at the tv series and try to find anything that they feel could be improved upon and give their critique so that you can improve on the second season. if you let every negative critique stop you from making a second season there are many animes and tv shows that would never have had a second season. just remember for the second season to take those negative critiques and do your best to fix them for the next season and let those critics tell you whether or not you fixed them or not. you will never know unless you try.

  50. Koujo x Asagi

    i really love this show please add more season i hope that kojou choose asagi to be his wife!!!!

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