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«Supernatural» season 9: release date

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When will «Supernatural» season 9 start? Renewed or Cancelled? Premiere air date is known!

Popular TV series «Supernatural» created by Eric Kripke continues to «gain momentum». Season 8 premiered in 2012. It is to include 23 episodes. The finale one is going to be aired in May, 2013. Exactly within that part of the show the new ideas of the creators will be implemented. The producers are going to finish all that have been planned only in a few years of continuous broadcasting.

Jeremy Carver, the showrunner, confirms that fact in one of his interviews, where he has been talking about the following episodes and Season 9 of «Supernatural» show. According to CW authorities, the release date for the new episodes is scheduled for October 15 October 8, 2013. Also Carver has noted that Season 9 won’t be the final one and that the storyline, which has been started in Season 8, will be logically completed only in Season 10.

It should be noted that the number of fans of «Supernatural» has increased by 15% in comparison with the previous season.

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UPDATE 1 (March 11, 2016): The CW renewed the series for a SEASON 12.

UPDATE 2 (January 8, 2017): The CW renewed the show for a thirteenth season.

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  1. Shiv Rohira

    Absolutely Breathtaking!!!
    Cant wait for Season 9!!!

  2. Big H.

    I still love Supernatural and hope to see it go for a long time.

    • wendy

      I agree great show

  3. Dan K.

    An amazing show with the best characters and cast. awesome!

  4. Tatoo

    I think supernatural started going down hill after season 5

    • m

      what are you talking about supernatural only got better especially after castiel showed up in season 4

    • Gma

      Tatoo, I agree that season’s 6 and 7 were not as good as the previous season’s, especially season 7 …. but, …. without a doubt Mr. Carver has most definitely brought a lot of the magic back to the show. Season 8 was solidly written and directed …. it kept most everyone watching wanting to come back week after week for more …. and that’s because not only did they (Mr. Carver) stay true to the characters and the show’s rich history, they , in many ways, had Dean and Sam grow and mature in ways they should have addressed long ago, and, they have solid and extremely interesting story arc that they continually followed throughout the season. Cheers to Mr. Carver and the supernatural family … keep it coming … here’s looking forward to season’ 9 , 10 , 11, 12. etc,,,,,,,,,,,

      • Adam

        I couldnt agree more. Season 7 had a very stale plot to it, but i did like the actor for Dick Roman I think he saved the season. But season 8 was very powerful

        • fan

          I have to agree. It is my favorite show. I didn’t think much of season 7. Season 8 made up for that. I can’t wait till season 9!!!!!

      • Tammy Case

        I agree with you totally.

      • DANAI

        I disagree with you , because i think all the seasons have good theme none of them were boring and i believe that supernatural’s theme is always amazing! The seasons are all a chain!

    • Andrew

      in all honesty supernatural started going downhill after season 1, Which was the best season, That is until season 8 which was just as good. Can’t wait for season 9!

    • aj

      you my friend are wrong.

    • Hood

      Are you serious, the show has been gone since season 1 to now and can’t wait for season 9. What happen n how they fix the problem with all the angels falling from heaven ..

    • Adam

      You are crazy! I agree with others on this forum, supernatural began to shine when the angel side of things showed up! If you haven’t watched anything after season 5 I seriously suggest that you do! Season 8 Final left me breathless. Great news is seasons 9 and 10 are already confirmed 😀

      • mani

        Um wat happened at season 8 final episode I dident watch it

    • Jim

      Lol are u blind or something cant u read it increased to 15% from the previous year !!!!!

    • Garth

      i agree, they changed writer after season 5. new writer is a woman i think, maybe she’s a alcoholic… would not be surprised.

    • Dana Majgaard

      I think the episodes gets more exiting after season 4 except season 7!!!

    • wendy

      if you dont like it dont watch it

  5. dydrormteemia

    I watch a few shows on the CW but Supernatural is my favorite.

  6. Lucifer

    I know the show has to end someday, but I think the show deserves to end at least on season 9 (or 10).

  7. Emma

    I really really don’t want the show to end, not it season 9 or 10, even though I know it has to end some day which s*cks. I just want it to keep going until season 50 or so lol

    • Phil

      I agree lol

    • Marttu

      Can you imagine Sam’s hair in season 50? Gosh, that would be a hell of a mop.

      • Cheree

        Ya he really needs to cut his hair. Hes more attractive when its short.

    • matt

      I’m with you Emma! From the first time I saw it I was like eh but I needed more lol. Always had to find out what happened next and now I can’t stop lol. I wish it’d go on forever but I know its not possible.

  8. Jo

    my favorite show!!!!

  9. Rebekka

    Show is done! No creativity anymore! Completely redundant episodes…

    • RAIDERS5869

      keep your comments to yourself and go watch one of them stupid reality shows,Supernatural is going to be the best show to end at 10.Can you name another show with 10yrs and at least 23 episode every year HELL NO.

      • matres


      • Asha_Bellanar

        7th Heaven
        Grey’s Anatomy is coming up on it’s tenth season….
        You’re point is completely invalid. As to Rebekka needing to keep her comments to herself; the same can be said about yours. Just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean they need to sit down and shut up.
        Just for your information, I don’t agree with Rebekka either.

        • Lol

          I just never understood why people who don’t like something NEED to comment on it in the first place. It’s a given those who like it will tell you to shut up because no fan wants to see its favorite whatever (band, show, actor, music, etc.) being sh*t on.

          So if you have nothing positive to say just shut up and go comment on something that you like – the fandom there would be much more appreciative about it, too.

          • Dude

            But your argument is completly sh*t. People have the right to express the freedom of speech, no matter how much it hurts your “feelings”,

          • Haley


    • blackdtagon

      You are redundant! This the best show every. I can not wait to see what happens next.

  10. Dana and Tara aka Ted and Henry

    awesome! balls! idjit!

  11. Tamara

    Love the show. It seems like it’s the ind of show that never runs out of ideas. Wish it would have at least 5 more seasons.

  12. dread

    Supernatural most watched show on CW! i need new season today!!!!!

    • Lyrain

      I thing that the guys need time off sometimes.. LOL!

  13. nathanael

    supernatural is the best movie i have ever scene i wish they could come out with more than 10 seasons but its kinda hard to think of everything for the show but supernatural is the best ever (:

    • Huck65

      CW is agreeing to 2 more seasons at the moment. If all goes well then they will probably sign on for more if there is still a story that can be wrote.

  14. sue

    loved supernatural from start cant wait for season 9

  15. Steve

    Big time fan and all I can say, ” one of the best supernatural TV series there is and has been in a very long time”. The cast is great at what they do and portray a very realistic show. The story line, though sometimes a little out there is quite superbly put and has a good mix of creatures, legends and myths with the well known sibling rivalry and composition.

    Kudos to the team.

  16. Oly mom

    I must have been under a rock because a friend told me about supernatural & now I am hooked! The family & I have watched the series on netflix numerous times even though I dvr the three episodes on weekdays..think on tnt?? Anyways, we have seen every episode countless times & still love it! My favorite episode is season 4 episode 6, I laugh so hard I have tears everytime! Hope it has a long run.!

  17. Grace

    Like they all said, Supernatural is the best show ever. Never want it to end. Obsoilsy it has to but I’m on season 6 and I’m so hooked. I have everything you can think of in supernatural. Of course Castiel has to be in it. And if you don’t like Supernatural please keep your comments to your self or just get off because we on here are in love and if you diss supernatural your dissing us. And my sister started watching this when she was 7. Me when I was 12 but still. I’m not a Twihard, or a Potter Fan. I’m 100% SUPERNATURAL all the way baby.

  18. ManoJ

    Supernatural RoCkS”!! Its just awesome,there fan base is huge in south africa,I appreciate every episode I hope it goes up to season 20 or more”, Dean &Sam awesome team.supernatural is just perfect the characters the car(Impala) I think it tops every other series PLEASE carry on the series we actually need it lol like a drug SUPerNAtuRAl LeT IT RoCk!!”” Thanks

  19. liliana lopez

    I have all the seasons and have been with the Winchester boy since the beginning an I love the so much

  20. gloria

    best tv show ever!!! need moreeee seasons!

  21. Obada

    i really adore this show and i am From Syria Middle east and i watched every single one of the seasons and i cant wait till September comes

  22. Emmaline

    Cant wait for season 9!!!

  23. series fan

    love this show..

  24. Harsh Sam Wincheaster Bhutani

    Cant wait for season 9!!!But there is no doubt that Supernatural is the best show ever. Never want it to end with the season 8 because we do not want to be end that’s y due to increment of fans of supernatural their demands and likes force cw and their coordinators to make season 9 & 10 by saying that season 8 would not end! I like supernatural even i just can’t explain with my words but 1 thing i would like the most or we can say that a moral i.e. evils and falsehood have to bowdown always before the righteousness. that all we get

  25. Phil

    I feel like I should watch Seasons 6 & 7 again, to give the fairest comment I can on them. But i gotta say, I remember they didn’t feel as good to me as Seasons 1-5. Season 7 definitely felt majorly out of kilter and like it had no idea where it was going, though. And I hated the CG jaw transformation effect on the Leviathans, which they showed loads!…I thought it looked ruddy awful!! Kept making me think back to the CG bee swarm from the early days lol. Usually I think the effects are good in this show. But dramatically Season 7 seemed to have major problems too.

    I think Season 8 has been truly fantastic. Can’t praise it enough. A true return to form imho!

  26. Nicola

    I think Supernatural got heaps better from season 5 on wards. I really hope they continue to make more seasons than just up to season 10. If it ends anytime soon I will be devistated

  27. Paula

    This is my all time favorite show, none compares, not even close. Got my whole family hooked. We have every season, we share. No day is complete without watching at least 1 episode. Bobby come home, and stay. Love love love Supernatural!!!!!

  28. Leo

    I love this show more than anything.
    I have always been into the supernatural and when this came out I was incredibly intrigued.
    I really don’t want it to end, I love the characters but I wish we could see more from when Sammy and Dean were younger. There is obviously so much we don’t know about them and even then, I feel like I know them better than real people. Also my little brother loves the show and we watch it together, I feel like I understand Dean because he had to grow up fast to look after Sammy and I had to do the same with my little brother because our parents were always at work.
    This show is so important to me and my brother and we hope it continues for a long time. 🙂

  29. Betty

    Love the show and all the characters!

  30. DeJo

    Great show, I will watch it til the end.

  31. Will

    Love Supernature, absolutely my favorite show!

  32. Jeff

    watching the season 8 finale right now, kinda mad i gotta wait til september for season 9 but its the greatest show ever!!!!!!!!

  33. bobby

    supernatural is my favorite show just Cant wait for season 9

  34. kyle

    Tonites season 8 finale was the best episode yet and ive been watching since episode 1. Angels cast from heaven wow!

  35. Michaela

    September. SEptember. SEPtember. SEPTember. SEPTEmber. SEPTEMber. SEPTEMBer. SEPTEMBEr. SEPTEMBER. S.E.P.T.E.M.B.E.R.SEP-F*CKING-TEMBER!!!!!!

    • diego

      lol… i know right?!??! AAHHHHHHHHHHH

  36. 4everLove

    I can’t believe that they would end season 8 like this …
    I definitely can’t wait for season 9 and 10.

  37. Izzy

    It’s about time Dean didn’t just try to protect Sam but to show he really cares. AWESOME season finale. Bring on season 9 and 10.:)

  38. kim

    love, love, love! Dean is my favorite. I Love them all even crowly. Hope they bring back benny next season. Great writers and creators. Just don’t know what i’ll do till sept.

  39. Gamaliel

    SUPERNATURAL SEASON 10 NOW PLEASE!!!! Wait until September??? What???
    I’ll go back again and start watching it from S1 E1! Hell Yeah!!!

  40. Gamaliel

    Jajaja! Sorry what I meant was season 9 and 10 please! Can’t wait for them to come….

  41. Yale

    I am a huge fan. I have seen ever episode. But I hate it when they leave you hanging. Any ways but was so sad when bobby dies. And sam gets to free his soul from heaven. I felt like I was standing there. Anyways supernatural is definatelty the best tv show I have ever seen.

  42. Godschild0927

    I cant see this show ending anytime soon, it has become so exciting it drives me crazy i wish there was a way to get the other season early. Im pissed off now that all the angels are falling from heaven so what do we do know. AWWWWW. Man I miss Smallville…

  43. Chris

    Love how they always end the season making you even more hungry for the next, cant wait, when this show ends i will actually be upset hopefully that wont be for a while

  44. Sahand

    cant wait 4 season 9—– supernatural is the best–i love the falling angles part it was awesome

  45. mihir

    excited for season 9(supernatural)

  46. Myth

    Supernatural is the best show ever, no doubts. Show deserves to end on Season 10, not 9. I’ll keep watching it, no matter what. 🙂

  47. borne

    com on September is way too far!!

  48. sonali

    just saw the finale..

  49. lovedean

    it is the most logical horror show ever…..simply love the show….it has been an awesome ride…but i wud rely like the ride to continue for atleast season 10….may be more….

  50. Love

    The last season is 10 I saw it earlier and I think that would be a good way to end it

  51. Lindel Bass

    I love the show Supernatural is so good I need more I can’t wait to see season 9 season 9 and 10 I hope they really do come out because this is the absolute only good show and I want to see more

  52. Geraldo123

    I love this show with a passion even nun of it is real it make’s u think. I wounder how the show is going to end on season 10, is world going to end is there going to be a big fight. I just wonder with so much that happened in the series how will they end. well idk if anyone have any ideas reply or post.

  53. Melissa

    Season 8 was so fantastic. This show just gets better and better.

  54. kelly evans

    i love supernatural so much, ive got all season from 1-8 and cnt wait till sept so upset xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  55. WinCraft

    Just love this show. Living in Sweden but still watch it on the Tv bought the channel pack to get it lols. 😀 Love season 8 it was powerful and true to the story!! Cant wait for Season 9, it will be awsome. Plz never stop this show, it can walk on alot more. 😀

  56. ioana

    it’s like a drug. i need more episodes now 🙁 can’t wait till september!

    • Jeremy hatfield

      Amen ppl just don’t understand

    • Nashid

      Can not agree more………..

  57. adarsh

    cant wait till september 2013 for season 9

  58. Jeremy hatfield

    I can’t wait til season 9 starts I only wish I could be on the showier help with the story line this is a great show an Jared an Jensen do a great job working together I only hope for more of the best to come I’d love to see John come back on the show an Gabriel too plus bobby

  59. Jeremy hatfield

    Time for a supernatural movie to end it I think like a two part movie

  60. andrei

    super tare dabi astept sezonul urmator

  61. Bec

    We watch every episode and can hardly wait for season 9.

  62. lisa

    I,too, am so addicted to this show! I hope that it never ends! I love Sam and Dean! GREAT GREAT SHOW!!!!!

  63. Tomas Sandven

    I wish there was some way I could pay to watch Supernatural. I want to support the show and keep it running, but it doesn’t air in Norway, which means I have to watch it through other means. Waiting to buy the DVDs doesn’t increase the all important “viewer count”.

  64. Mark

    Only regular TV show I watch. Glad its back for two more years

  65. Euris

    i just finished watching the last episode, and i so excited

  66. fuz

    I believe many episodes s*cked before season 4, The show finally started picking back up when dean was sent/returned from hell then the story only got better and concluded with season 8 episode 23 leaving a well done cliff-hanger for season 9. I found it interesting how they were able to blend heaven and hell into this type of show, and still be able to keep it interesting. personally, I eagerly await season 9.

  67. Edwin Fernandes

    I love this Programme.. Please release the New Episodes A.S.A.P can’t wait till September for Season 9.. Supernatural never went down in any of the Seasons.. I liked all of it.. 😀 1 of d Best Programme’s in the World..

  68. nathan

    I’m excited of what will happen on season 9 and looking forward on season 10. All of the seasons for me was awesome…

  69. Ann Cambel

    I love supernatural, it was a great tv series ever… love all the cast and the creator.

  70. Ann Cambel

    can’t wait for season 9, falling angels…

  71. Nashid

    Best weekly show ever should continue with new ideas and episodes for longer than season 10

  72. fawwaz

    i am obsessessed with this show like crazy…… cant wait for season 9……….

  73. Subho

    Season 8 was just great with the best season finale I have ever seen

  74. Steven

    GREAT SHOW!!!! Have watched and LOVED it for years!!!!

  75. charlotte

    i am from New Zealand and just caught up on ep 23 season 8 on movie2k i thank god i have that to keep up u Americans now i am up to date and cannot wait 4 season 9 to start! i think it deserves to go out with a bang on season 10 ep 23 which i hope they will… SUPERNATURAL is MY fave show like ever i have seasons 1-7 on dvd so cannot wait 2 get season 8 on dvd n then also 9 and 10! SUPERNATURAL ROCKS ITS THE BEST SHOW IN THE WHOLE WORLD 2 ME I LOVE IT SO MUCH

  76. Supernatural FAN

    Was expecting more action in season 8 episode 23 towards the end but looking forward for season 9 to begin in september. Now what am i going to watch until the release of Supernatural ?????

    • Michelle

      Write fanfiction

  77. malcolm

    Supernatural is truly awesome mind captivating and I can’t wait for season 9

  78. Kat


  79. Celia

    Hope it goes beyond season 10…as long as the boys are happy with it….

  80. dustin

    Best show ive ever watched been watching since the first episode cant wait till season 9!!!!!

  81. Lyrain

    Truly this show has keep me wanting for more every time I have watch to the point next week does not come soon enough. Season 8 was greatest can’t wait until Season 9 like most of the rest of the Supernatural family. What has made the show different apart from other shows is we have gotten to get to know the actors in their real life families along with the series Mista Collins and his son west, Jared, Genevieve shared Thomas with us. Which has pushed Supernatural to top the charts with viewers. Sadly I didn’t get to know Jim Beaver until after you killed Bobby off in Season 7 but because of facebook and Twitter most of his fans have been keeping up with him in his real life also. If you read most of the groups the biggest person we do want back is Jim/Bobby back. Ten season does not seem to be enough for most fans I talk too so keep in mind if you keep writing we will keep watching.

  82. Michelle

    I’m so excited. They are picking up speed now amongst my co-workers as Water cooler banter. They liked season 7 so much they’re Netflixing all the old episodes to catch up for seasons 8 and 9. It’s sad it’s taken this long for them to pick up speed but this is a cash cow if they can accept the years long identity of the characters Sam and Dean Winchester. We need more Swag too. There’s not a SPN fan I know who wouldn’t rock an official key chain or necklace if given half the chance to show support of the show

  83. aida

    i am a fan of supernatural <3 i love the show so much and it is super amazing

  84. mehrnoosh

    I’m from Iran and i love supernatural serials… I think it’s the best serials i ever seen…

  85. Lvmsc13

    I love supernatural – amazing show! Cant wait for S9!!

  86. Desti

    Can’t wait for season 9 to start !

    I hope they put the focus on the ” Men of Letters “, because for all we know they got thousand years of wisdom laying around in their batcave.

    We saw a spell in action where Henry Winchester used a bit powder and like 5 words to put a supernatural being into sleep and a friggin devils’ trap in a bullet !

    And i guess there are muuuuuch more spells to be learned which would help them enormously.

  87. Tammy Case

    Supernatural is my all time favorite TV show ever. This show never gets boring and they always come up with great story’s. I will watch it for as long as its on. I cant see me ever getting tired of this show.

  88. super fan natually

    impatiently waiting for season 9 to begin!!
    best show on tv!!

  89. Super fan

    I really loved this season and especially the last episode.
    To bad for the guys that Metatron is such a bad a*s.
    I really hope the release the next season soon! Such a wast of Naomi she had so much capabilities

  90. **********

    I can’t wait anymore 🙁

  91. BirdRock

    I love Supernatural !! i have never enjoyed watching a series so much. I cant believe that i only found out about them one year ago! and i’m already caught up on all of the seasons! (exciting life right) Cant wait for season 9 🙂

  92. Jos

    Cant wait for season 9! wat a season finale for season 8, supernatural is my best all time series, and I hope it goes on and on and on for as long as I live..Jared & Jensen, keep up the good work! I love all season 1-8 and I know also the coming season 9 i’ll love it too all the same..and i love you too all same supernatural supporters around the globe

  93. Megzy

    My favorite show ever! Can’t wait for S9!

  94. charity

    I can’t wait to watch SUpernatural 9. I love this show. I will pray that it will last till Season 10

  95. Charl

    Plz let season 9 start asap.Cant wait 2 c whats going to happen now that the angels have fallen

  96. Johnnie

    Hey guys supernatural is the best show on tv period now that season 9 and 10 are confirmed i hope season 11 and 12 follow the writings better and sam and dean are funnier and crowley is thr man love his character cant wait till september!!!!!!!! SUPERNATURAL FAN 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. edie jimer

    Best series ever wish it will never end love all i cant never get borre hope it gets to season 20 and more

  98. Antonio Rodgers

    Finally a real program with real grit and heart! This show has got to continue Until The End Of Time!!! Seriously, I just want to say thank you for started the whole Supernatural phenomena and I’m a lifelong fan!

  99. Marilize

    Awesome!! Can’t wait to see more of the boys. Thanks to everyone involved for making Supernatural – it’s the best show ever. Keep up the good work!

  100. Ajai

    Fantastic job done by Mark Sheppard in season 8. I hope season 9 will be awesome…..

  101. DoDo

    The angels are falling…..

  102. justine

    this is a wonderful tv series i love castiel i wish i could be an angel too

  103. Adam

    Supernatural is amazing. It is a great tv show 🙂

  104. Juan Vargas

    im so happy in exited for supernatural 9 in 10!! this is ganna be awesome!!! can’t wait!!!!

  105. Seth Decimus

    sad so see season 8 end,i did miss a few episodes.but i will just wait until September to get season 8 i have all 7 thus far.
    It’s one of my most favorite programs of all time,and i have talked to people who only heard of it but never seen it,but since i am a awesome pitcher i got at least 30% of the people where i live within the last several months to become huge fans.
    I also spent countless hours as many on the People’s choice awards where when they finally won some awards “Long Overdue” they pitched they were going to add a couple more seasons.and again 2013 people’s choice awards they took a couple more awards home.Now this is just rumor and thought i would throw it out there,i can not confirm nor deny the rumor.
    Rumor is that if they win more awards in jan 2014 people’s choice awards and perhaps else where they might pick up a couple more seasons pending on the winning and if so it was between another 2-4 seasons which is that is the case could possibly see up to season 14.
    I love the whole cast and crew always have,and just going to say when it’s time to vote for people’s choice the only time we get to have our say,Start getting you’re votes out there for SN and maybe we’ll see some real magic actually happen and they pick up some more seasons.So until season 9 “Carry On My Wayward Son” Much love to SN Cast And Crew.And all the fans.

  106. td

    Awesome show cant wait for new episodes , will have to watch summer reruns until then!

  107. martha

    I watched all 7 seasons and only stopped when I had to go to work. Love this show, waiting for season 8 to show up on netflix. Love the show, love the a*s kicking, please dont end the show any time soon.

  108. andrea

    I just got the chance to see the season finale of season 8! My reaction was this :O … I cant wait for season 9!! *.*

  109. Gabriel

    Best series I have ever watched.
    always keeps me captivated in its story as well the characters are a plus, extraordinary acting..
    I for it not to end so soon, and anxiously anticipating the next two season.
    -Great Job-

  110. lavadarling

    i love supernatural … I always looked forward to watching an episode after work on wednesday. I miss that.

  111. Cassie

    I know fans for a tv series are very important. And I hope this show goes on for years. Love it!!!!

  112. PiXA_eLev3n

    Series that should never end

    • JENNY


  113. stacie

    Cant wait for season 9, but I really hope that benny will return. He is the most exciting thing to happen to the show in ages!

  114. Zaloua

    Supernatural watched all 8 seasons and i’m not willing to stop now:) Give me some more Dean <3

  115. Faith

    I cant wait !! I have been a fan for 5 years 🙂 and yes I’m an addict !! Best series EVER!!

  116. JENNY


  117. cassandra kortman

    LOVE this show can not wait for season 9 to start!!!!!!!!!

  118. Supernatural fever

    I’ll be waiting for season 9.But I can’t wait to watch it.I love Supernatural.When will it release?

  119. shoni

    I’m a supernatural fan sice season one for me season 10 or 11 won’t b enough i love watching it again and again

  120. BEVERLY

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can hardly wait until season 9

  121. Ramim

    Brutal killings Will continue oh thanks God Season 10 we are in treet

  122. nardo aka nicholus18

    am i excited or what?? of curse i am and i cant just what ganna happen next …. :-]

  123. adams

    Angels………they’re falling *nuff said

  124. Adrian Brown

    gosh,i love this show so much!!!
    can’t wait to see the 9-th season(

  125. Adriana Rivera

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the show! Can’t wait for season 9!!!!

  126. hector Rosario

    I cant wait to see the 9th season im soo exited im a huge fan of supernatural.

  127. Chris

    I love the show! I cant wait to see the new season. Best show ever!!!!

  128. Lisa

    I really love this show. I watched one episode 3 years ago from season 4 and got hooked on it so bad, I downloaded passed seasons to catch up on what I miss.

  129. Jd

    How do I see season 8 online?

  130. Reshenda


  131. crowley

    Supernatural kicks a*s every season is great best show everhope they never stop best show sense charmed

  132. dreamer

    I love the show, however I did miss a couple of seasons due to being overseas. I had watched a few here and there but it didn’t seem to catch my interest as much UNTIL season 8. Something’s different and I like it. You gotta understand that its not easy to write new story lines after the first few seasons of any show or for the actors to keep up momentum. (173 episodes and counting,yeah, they deserve a break now and then) So, it looks like their back on track and I’m hooked again. And kudos to Mark Sheppard “Crowley” as I feel his very subtle change in the finale was well done and not “overdone” lol. Good job to all the cast and crew!

  133. LANI

    Can’t wait for season 9 SUPERNATURAL. Only show I watch regularly.

  134. Clark

    I have been an avid watcher since season 1. Yes, there have been a number of episodes (less than 15 or so), that weren’t what I would call exemplary, but I think Supernatural is a great series. The Heaven – Hell story line has been my favorite episodes; and the Season 8 Finale was quite a surprise when the Angels fell. I look forward to Season 9 getting started.

    A loyal Fan

  135. Emmie

    Love this show so much! Almost can’t wait untill september.

  136. C J TYLER SR


  137. As2412

    They fcked up the serial after regizor change …. now is purea fantasy with fantasy mithol …. i mean WTH Leviathan is a race of mother f*ckers insteand of a uber aqua demon ?

  138. doe124

    Cant wait till season 9 airs i still would like to know if god will ever appear

  139. Aubrey

    I love this show so much, and I hope to see it go on as long as possible. I hope season 10 doesn’t spell the end for Supernatural

  140. Adele

    This show is breathtaking .. i saw all seasons in a month and i loved it .. it’s the most fascinating show of all.. i hope season 10 isn’t the end of supernatural !! i don’t want it to end <3

  141. Korean Fan

    I watched whole season last week again!!

    Can’t wait season 9!!

  142. SilentM

    Supernatural and Fringe the Only TV Shows that have me a Devote follower…

    Love the Show, Can’t wait for the next two seasons.

  143. mae

    i simply can not wait.

  144. Supernatural

    This show should never end , because is the best and contains many funny stuff and interesting
    i love it so much hopefully it won’t be finished soon !

  145. wind

    Just love everything about this show WINNER!!!!

  146. wara

    supernatural is amazing…………… i an getting so excited bcz the show z gonna end n i wanna see what z gonna happen in the end…………. jensen and jared r performing very well especially jensen…. luv him

  147. Tdeeds

    very interesting n eagerly waiting for season9….luvs a story of angels and demons

  148. shambhavi

    SEPTEMBER-Oh MY GOD how am I gonna live till then.This is the only thing watchable on TV.I hate waiting for it man,it is addicting.

  149. mechanic1shelton

    Love the show and can’t believe it lasted this long. I am bummed I missed a couple of seasons.

  150. Aoife

    Love love love this show can NOT WAIT until season 9 starts hope it never ends lol….

  151. michelle shepherd

    I absoultely love the show. I have been a fan since the beginning and have not missed a episode, even if I have to watch on my computer. As the years have gone by I think it keeps getting better and better, realing me in even more with the story line. I know that one day it will come to a end, 🙁 but I will continue to watch every episode untill the end! Then continue to watch reruns. I can not wait till season 9 starts.

  152. Christina

    Me and my daughter LOVE this show we never miss a show. And sometimes we watch them twice. Back to back. And some days she catches the replays on tnt. And we are excited that season 9 will not be the last;-)

  153. DANAI

    I’m looking forward to seeing the supernatural again, I miss it.I am a big fan of supernatural and absolutely fan of Jensen Ackles! <3

  154. Colleen

    Yay! that’ll make an awsome b-day present 🙂

  155. omid

    hi , supernatural have good actors and story , so it seems no one can imagine it going to be end .

  156. Bradley

    Please give us a proper ending it is the best of the best a movie not a TV show!!! Give us the respect to not leave us hanging because someone is not getting enough money to do another season! I will watch until the end but I want some kind of ending not just some cr*p to try to get a new season for next year! I watch all seasons except 8 on Netflix and 9 I found on the web. Hope you can do 20 more seasons but I know you can’t but give us the respect for our interest in the show to give us a GREAT ending please we deserve that much for keeping THE CW AWSOME BY FAR THIS HAS BEEN THE BEST SHOW!!!!!

  157. Laila

    This show is amazing and ill never get board of it

  158. Bryan

    I can’t wait for Season 9 and Season 10 for it to be released, its the best series I’ve ever seen in my life I hope that this New Season brings us more action and more tense than Season 8.

  159. ralston

    i simply cant wait anymore!!! season9!!! its like torture waiting on it.

  160. Katiek

    Favorite show ever

  161. Sami

    I can’t wait so long!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need my Sammy to survive only twelve and I KNOW this show is awesome the best show in the history of ever I got three people obsessed!

  162. Debbie

    This show rocks. And if Jeremy can stretch a story line past ten years even better. This is the best show ever. Keep doing what you guys do best. Im a ugh fan as long as you keep up the good work and the show stays on ill keep watching.. ITS THE BEST

  163. Naomi

    Absolutely love supernatural cannot wait for season 9, keep up the good work boys!!

  164. carol

    i love supernatural i hope you leave it on my husband and i love this show please leave it on for a long time

  165. Liesje


  166. joni

    its a really good show and its only geting better but cass needs to stay in the show tho as good as the show is it should go atleast to season 11 or 12

  167. Manuel

    Assolutamente la migliore serie tv che abbia mai visto! Spero continui per parecchio tempo 😀

  168. mhmd

    on which channel it is puplished im still watching season 3 and when it ends they stop it for a while then the reshow the same season dmn it

    • vr

      download all the series on Express Files (it’s a program for downloading media with direct download, no torrents) and watch them all

  169. lp

    Love the show, not to crazy about the God and angels plot but love the characters and the underlying humor.

  170. renata

    love the series in complete, it’s a story that never ends, and every season is better than the previous one, it’s the only series that made me watch them day and night nonstop , because with every next episode they make you want them even more, AND BESIDES, THE STORY CAN’T END LIKE THIS BECAUSE THERE ARE SO MANY THING TO BE TOLD AND EXPLAINED YET………..


  171. Brandon

    Love the show excited for season 9 and hope it continues for many years

  172. rosa

    watched every episode from beginning at least 5 times each can wait to see season 9. Hope it cont, for many more seasons. Music is awesome.

    • ankit

      Wonder full i cant wait for oct 8

  173. patricia

    cant wait till season 9!!
    ily sam+dean!! ilyy!!!

  174. aniruddha

    i m a fan of supernatural hav all its videos images etc i m indian and wanted to request that can u PLEASE play it soon on axn

  175. robel

    This is the best show ever created and will ever be created

  176. RNMurray

    I’m a big fan of Supernatural, but season 7 I coundn’t wait for it to be over. I didn’t want Bobby to die, that part s*cked so bad….But season 8, was awesome, can wait for 9-10.

  177. Sherry

    Love the show! Cant get enough!

  178. Allie

    I started watching supernatural two months ago, and I could not stop watching it. I literally watched that show religiosily. And I can not wait for season nine I am super excited there Is a season ten.
    Just can’t wait!

  179. jeff denis

    I love the show im exstreamly happy theres going to be seasons9and10 for sure if they do a spinoff I hope it works out I think that if they split up the relationship off the winchester brothers could be a bad move its actually the anchor of the show I would hope they include some of the main characters from supernatural. Thank you so much for putting this series together kudos to eric kripke and robert singer im sure you guys are in my age group I grew up with all the bands and music yiu use on the show dont forget cass and bella and all the lovely actresses im looking forward to a great season. Im glad you got away from the cgi effects like leviatons it was yoo campy and fake with the whole dick roman scamm please keep up the good work love the show thanks to everybody inbolved in putting the show together best regards.

  180. Jacqueline Alexander

    Get the ghost hunting back in the show. That’s why I started watching it. I don’t like watching those monsters.

  181. Beth Coats

    I’ve been watching this show since it’s first season. I liked it better when they just hunted demons with Deans funny remarks. Last season Dean wasn’t as funny as in the past seasons. I really wish they go back to that type of writing. More humor!!!! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

  182. Dana Majgaard

    The worst is… in my country season 8 isn’t released yet!!! I hate it!! But still can’t wait to 9

  183. Darren A

    Well, whenever it ends, which I hope not any time soon, a Movie needs to be made for the BOX OFFICE! Keeping the original cast and possibly including some well known movie stars to spice it up.

  184. Jeremiah

    Supernatural 4 life!!!!!!!!!!

  185. Samantha Kelly

    Love supernatural I hope it continues up til season 15

  186. phillip

    supernatural is my all time favorite t.v show hope it keeps going for a long long time

  187. jeff denis

    Hello I love the show glad you got rid of the cgi leviethans dick roman was ruining show and ratings I think you. Guys got it back on the ball now great show please dont seperate the brothers I think that would ruin the show congradulation guys im sure you never thought the show eould hit tens years I think its one of the cws top dog shows keep up the good work. Now tell me where I can find and buy 1 of the 67 impalas you guys have wreckrd on the show. Thanks again j just got ripped off on a bad losn from some crooks who pretended to be hud I lost 25thousand dollars and have 30 days to get out of my home of 30 years your show is the only thiing keeping me happy thanx guys im a chicago firefighter

  188. Marsha

    Best serial ever. I can just watch this show and never put anything else on. Sam and Dean are a perfect pair. I have re-wached from the very beginning up to 2013 again.
    Donmt every let it end.

  189. Mrs.Winchester


  190. andrew berthot

    omg lol I love supernatural ever since I was little I believe everything about it I love it so much and the way the 2 brothers feel about each other is how I feel about my brothers I would do anything for them omg I just wish the new season 9 would start now lol god its so gooooood :):):):):) and id never want it to end ever

  191. dave

    The shows with Castiel, Angels, Heaven and Hell are very entertaining can not wait for more.

  192. Jensen Ackles

    First of all Supernatural is the beast TV show I ever seen. I like the characters they choose to act out. Season 8 has been the most interesting one to me so far… I also like how they have Heaven and Hell in the show it makes things more interesting. I Love Supernatural!!! Cant wait tell season 9 comes out!

  193. Shari McIntyre

    Just watched season 1-8 on netflix I’m hooked just found out
    Season nine is up and running have to catch up on a few episodes
    Hopefully I can see the past few shows can’t wait to get started.

  194. Karina

    I love supernatural! I hope this series last many more seasons. I hope it doesn’t finish at season ten.

  195. Jose Manuel Leos, Sr.

    Been watching Supernatural since it stated, really enjoy watching the show.
    hope it stay’s on for 12 season’s.

  196. Jerry buck

    Best television show I’ve ever seen. One of the few shows that are 1 hour on T. V. (40-45) DVD/netflix) that I could sit threw, pay full attention at the edge of my seat and always would want to watch “just one more episode”. Which would never end up being just 1 episode. I think I watched seasons1-8 on netflix in a month. Give or take a week

  197. Jerry buck

    Can’t get enough. Love every second. Moose is the best nickname. Crowley is the man. Too bad Bobby’s gone. Wonder if cass ends up getting him back somehow. Also, wondering if the fallen angles will have there mojo.

  198. Sonia Medson

    I’ve never been into a show as much as I am with Supernatural, I seriously can’t wait until the next season. I absolutely looove this show!

  199. Krystle

    It is a great series of shows ….. I just can’t till I get to see season 9 and so on!!!

  200. jessicas mummy :)

    I absolutely love supernatural ive watched every season and i watch it every night i love it that much lol and cant wait for season 9. I’m gonna be gutted when it finishes the thought of not seeing Jensen ackles and Jared padaleki playing Sam and dean is upsetting ibwould love 2 see it go on for a long time xxx

  201. Happy

    I can honestly say this show got better way better
    Than earlier in the serious . Loving the falling angels
    And the difference in graphics great job guys really excited
    About season 9 now

  202. Lisa

    Absolutely love this show! I’d watch it forever if it’d last
    That long!

  203. Anthony

    I love the show. Hopefully it lasts longer than 10 seasons. Unfortunately I can’t watch it on TV cuz I’m so busy but I’ve purchased every season out. Can’t wait for the 9th season to come out so I can get it. Dope show!

  204. lee

    This program is about family,ethics,values,loyalty,love.friendship and humor. Good vs.evil has been around forever and I enjoy the characters very much.

  205. lizzie

    Been waiting for season 9 to come on sky living in UK found out they have cancelled it gutted does anyone know when DVD will be released in UK 🙁

  206. poesia

    Please don’t stop making the show, from day 1 i knew it was going to make it big. the perfect cast for a perfect show.

  207. DFair

    My wife and I love watching Supernatural!! We can not wait for Season 9 to be released on Netflix so we can watch them as we have time for them. Hope they have at least 12 Seasons.

  208. Connie

    Great show! I look forward to another season. Hope to see more of Cass.

  209. wynn, D

    i simply lov the show and hope all goes well as u guys move forward toward either a finale or continuation of the series. Really, we want to see what happens wJenson/dean. That damn Crowley! How did he fool Dean into a demon life. COME BACK DEAN! The brothers must unite after such a journey they’ve been through. Jared/sam u got to save ur brother! And of course my dearest Misha/castiel you got some ass kicking to do up there! I am a superfan and the talent has been sooo good. MISS U BOBBY! i got some ideas for the finale or moving forward with more episodes. Keep them coming guys

  210. Haley


  211. Haley


    • Sam

      September 9, 2014 – release date on DVD and Blu-ray

  212. Susie Bramwell

    I love Supernatural I love Sam and Dean. I watch the reruns weekday mornings. I loved Bobby as well. Please come back I know I’ve missed some seasons but I would like to see them all.

  213. Becca

    When does supernatural season 9 Marathon start

  214. Lisa

    I love ❤ watching supernatural!! Got too love ❤ those Winchester’s men!!

  215. toni

    I LOVE this show. I’ve watched it twice. I’m up to 2013 (season 8 I think) and watching it for the second time. I started over this year and was amazed at how much I forgot. The brothers are terrific eye candy. Keep it on for 10 more years!!!

  216. vikki leeuwangh

    Is series 9 supernatural being released on DVD to buy in English shops, as this is the only way I can get it?

  217. caroline sutherland

    i have been waiting since 2012 season 8 finale for season 9 and it is on dvd in the us since 9th october 2014 please can you release the uk dvd soon please love love love this is my favourite programme of all time

  218. clover

    I have seen many TV series but Supernatural are the best I have ever seen. Can’t wait for season 9.
    Plenty of action .

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