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Supernatural season 11: start date (2015)

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When does «Supernatural» season 11 premiere on The CW? The start date of the new episodes is scheduled for Fall 2015. Let’s wait the exact airtime!

Original channel: The WB (2005–06)
The CW (2006–present)
Genre: fantasy horror
Distributor: Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Starring: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles

Season 9 Episode 1: 2.59 million U.S. viewers

Season 10 Episode 1: 2.50 million U.S. viewers

The long-liver of The CW, «Supernatural» television series, was again renewed for the further season. This time Season 11 has been financed and, obviously, the creators don’t plan to stop.

The negative reviews of some critics concerning the show haven’t influenced the rights holders’ decision, as they’re sure that «Supernatural» hasn’t exhausted itself yet and will manage to keep its viewers.

As for the start date of the new «pack» of episodes, it is scheduled for October 7, 2015 (Wednesday, 9 pm), as it has been expected by the fans.

Season 11B (episode 10) premiere (Return Date) – [January 20, 2016]

Was it necessary to renew the show?

UPDATE 1 (March 11, 2016): Great news! The CW renewed the series for a SEASON 12.

UPDATE 2 (January 8, 2017): The CW renewed the show for a thirteenth season.

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  1. Dan

    Oh please ))))) I have a feeling that Season 11 will be the last.

    • Leslie

      One can only hope…

      • Don

        go f yourself,

    • Brittany

      shut ur negative *ss up!

    • J-swizzy

      I would hope that the show will not end at least for another 3 year,in saying this I could understand the actors wanting to stop for a while or even quit to do something different, But I think if that would be the case then the network should keep the show but instead of following the Winchesters start a new story with new people

      • Logan

        Kind of like a Men of Letters Spin-off

  2. Rosalie N.

    Absolutely crazy about Supernatural!!! Hope it keeps on going for a long time.

  3. Ann Owen

    Love Supernatural sooooo much! Such an amazing show, the best the CW has!

  4. TheHall95

    Next season will focus on advanced age and mobility challenges! (Twitter)

  5. Stephanie

    I was really worried about Supernatural there, so I am super pumped it got renewed!

  6. LoveSamAndDean

    this makes me happy ))))

  7. annette

    Been a fan since the first season and on love this show and the actors in it keep the killings going guys!!!!!

  8. Miriam goble

    Please continue the series,just loved.

  9. Michael Payne

    I can’t wait for Season 11, I know that it will continue to keep us all in suspense..When the Season finale comes around year after year I always look forward to the new Season to start..I absolutely love this show and have watched it since day one and will continue to watch it until it winds down..I hope that it will continue after the 2015-2016 Season because now the plot thickens..It will be a sad day for all of the fans when it finally raps up..I can’t even imagine what it will be like when the boys, Jared and Jensen have ended the show for good..Love You Guys, Stay Safe and Keep Those Episodes Coming..#1 Fan For Life..

    • Penny

      I lov it hav watched every episode and even the reruns on tnt but i wonder if the guys dont want to strecth their wings an not forever be stuck in the roles of sam and dean as hollywood is a fickle place i wouldnt mind seein jenson as hawkeye

      • Eirinn Goddess Of Turtles

        OMG JENSEN AS HAWKEYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now im imagining jared as hulk…. lolol

  10. shimonishah

    Eagerly waiting for season 11 ..and i hope it keeps on going for long time….big fan of dean Winchester

  11. pat

    I can’t believe they killed the woman who played “Charlie ” off the show. I thought she was a perfect fit to stay on every once in a while. Why did they?

    • bob


      • Mary Malone


        Your age matches your shoe size. Give a better answer to the question. I’m old enough to be your mother. H ave manners.

      • jason

        yeah bob that was as boring and dumb answer as the name bob!!!! grow up!!!!!!! supernatural has always kicked *ss

    • Mary Malone


      I really loved C Charlie’s part. I hope the bring her back….it could happen.

    • Jessi

      Eh, she’ll be back. C’mon guys, have we not learned anything from Supernatural? Nobody stays gone, not really.

  12. jon

    so ive bin a fan of supernatural for awile now and season 10 was just kinda cr*py i think my fav part of the hole thing was cas getting his grace back but i really really wanna see them catch up with god the real god father of jesus god u know the 1 i was kinda hopeing that castel wood run into him or jesus i hope season 11 is about bringing back every angel that died in the heaven war that metatron started I HOPE SUPERNATURAL GO’S ON TILL SEASON 20 OR SEASON 100 with sam an deans kids i WILL ALWAYS SAPORT SUPERNATURAL FOREVER AN EVER PLZ MR SINGER THE PRODUCER DONT KILL OFF CAS AND WIN ARE THE ANGELS GUNNA GET THERE WINGS BACK ??????

    • Eirinn Goddess Of Turtles

      ummmm…… chuck dude

  13. Josh ferguson

    I love supernatural. Keep it goin forever.

  14. The Fuzz

    I imagine this will be the last, since it seems they have literally unleashed the most terrible evil in the universe.

    God will have to appear, as i cannot imagine how dean, sam, cass and crowley could possibly stand against the darkness that took the force of the most powerful beings in creation (outside of dead, who is now dead apparently) to contain.

    I don’t know how season 11 will end, but our three main chaps have to die for what they have done. Cass crossed all the lines in season 6, going on 7, while the boys were responsible for quite a bit of the evil that came about, such as idiotically freeing Abbadon to close Hell (which they ended up not even doing!), breaking the seals to free Lucifer (not entirely their fault), killing death (stupidest thing they could have done), and of course not stopping Rowena from completing the spell once they learned what it would do.

    If Season 11 is truly to be the last, i hope they pull a Smallville and try to cram in as many characters they can in one last blowout. Bring back Michael and Lucifer maybe, give Bobby and Ash some screentime, and maybe Donald and Maggie, that lovely witch couple from “Shut up Dr. Phil” in season 7.

    May it be glorios

    • jason

      death is not dead you got that wrong!!!!!!! also I have an inside mole and season 11 will not be the lasty
      also I believe when it is the last season god WILL appear and bring back all the loved ones that were lost including john and Mary Winchester!!!!!! Bobby, Jo and her mother and you know all the rest that were lost.. Also I think some how god will bring back all the angels like Gabriel, Raphael and even Lucifer and make him good again and bring them back to heaven.. As far as metatron he needs to be locked up in heavens jail and tortured for eternity, he’s nothing but a little wimpy nerd that unfortunately tricked cass… I have watched every episode over and over and there is very few if not any who know more about the show…. but I’m not tryin to brag, god bless all you supernatural fans and lets hope it goes on for a long time, and according to my inside person it will!!!!!!!!!!

    • Eirinn Goddess Of Turtles

      omg yess

      they HAVE to bring Ellen and joe and meg and charlie back or i will cry…..

      i hated smallville though… but yeah

  15. sky

    I have watched this show since the first episode and I must say since season six that every season after has let me down more and more. Since they didn’t cancel the show when they originally where going to (season six) why can’t they at least revisit the older episodes and try to make the new ones as good. I love Dean and Crowley duo wish that it would have lasted longer and been darker/more scary.

  16. C Bear

    Hey pat^ haven’t you realized by now that no one is ever really dead on SupeNatch? Except maybe Death. CHUCK FOREVER!

  17. kiddo12

    is it just me that misses the old episodes? without the angels, leviathans and metatron etc?.. when it was just sam, dean and bobby hunting ghosts, demons, wendigos, djinn and vamps… sometimes I think they kinda lost the plot with Oz… still love it though, watching it since i was 5

  18. Sphinx1118

    Kiddo12, I totally agree! However , I think that Sam and Dean have crossed the Rubicon by unleashing The Darkness. It should be very interesting to see how the boys (cas and Crowley included) will battle this new enemy. Does anyone else think that bringing God on to the show would offend some people?

  19. Eileen13

    I’m only on season 6 and I love it and can’t wait till I catch up to season ten because I just love it. I also think they need more girls with them to go hunting. I also agree that they should just travel and hunt like they used to do. I just love supernatural

  20. Steve

    Eagerly await each new season, because the endings (previous year) are really great. Plus, it remains my favorite show. I know it is a curse to the actors (J-squared), but I hope they compete for Bonanza and Gunsmoke tenure. IMHO, always has everything, head and shoulders above 95% of other shows. Still very bitter, the awards and big bucks (syndication) have not happened to reward these people. Repeat, very bitter. Enjoyed the tongue in cheek alternate dimension, where they felt they were overpaid. Enjoy the counterpoint, having a Devil and Angel on their shoulders.

  21. Nancy

    Supernatural is so AWESOME! I count down he days from the end of the season to the beginning of the next. SUPERNATURAL NEVER GETS OLD!

  22. Jeewaka Sandaruwan

    Yep ! We happy for this …!!

  23. MWC

    I’ve seen every episode form start to finish every season all 10 its just get’s better wont stop watching plus I got ever one on DVD live them all

  24. Cheryl

    I love the show! My sister and I watch it then call each other to go over the show. The guys are great and act like real brothers. We have watched the grow thru the years. Keep it coming.

  25. aaron

    The best show on tv

  26. Bam

    Definitely a huge fan since the first episode. watched season 1-7 twice, met my wife and got her into the show by watching 1-7 a third time, and haven’t missed a show yet. I definitely believe Lucifer will get loose from the cage when they reminded us that their little brother is still in there with him. interested in what will unfold this season.

    • jason

      remember its not there little brother, Michael the arch angel is inside him!!!

  27. Beverly

    A huge fan. I can’t wait.

  28. Laurie Beth

    I keep hoping that this wonderful show will return to what made it so great at the beginning: more focus on the relationship between the brothers and how what they do affects that; getting their relationship back on track (please!). I’m even a fan of the “monster of the week” rather than cosmic problem format.

  29. Amber denness

    I do think that season 10 isont going to be the last but I don’t give up hope I love supernatural from season 1 to season 10 I hope there is going to be a season 12,13,14,15 and so on I would like for sam to get his demon blood powers back because it could help them fight the darkness in season 11

  30. Kayci

    I can’t wait to see the new season its going to be great!

  31. Stacy

    Love supernatural. Been with them since the beginning and hope the keep getting renewed for years to come!!!

  32. aaron causey

    Supernatural is a great show so I’m very happy that it’s coming back on tv an I hope it stays on for a long time.

  33. SUSAN

    I can’t wait till Supernatural season 11 comes back! I think Dean is the cute one. He has the short hair cut. Why don’t his younger brother, Sam, get a hair cut, he has the same look all the time, that shaggy hair. He’s more book smart than Dean, but Dean has the street smarts that I admire.

    • Joanna

      I LOVE BOTH OF THEM. I love Sam’s hair and his character. I love how tough Dean is and funny, but also has a soft spot when it comes to his brother.

  34. Becca Rafferty

    Love dean!! (Jensen)
    You guys are awesome love Becca

  35. Trisha

    Hey people, remember that God is missing? Hmmmm… Think that’s a very excellent idea for a series finale. Would wrap a lot of things up. Love the show, hope it lasts a few more years!

  36. Brittany

    Go get Em boys!!
    This show is great..it makes me so happy to know a show I’ve watched this show for so long and now I have babies and STILL get to watch new episodes. It’s great

  37. rebecca

    This show is my soap opra

  38. jason

    supernatural is one of the greatest shows ever and I believe that it is gonna go on for a while.. the actors play their roles great, and the show has everything.. It has suspense, horror, action, comedy, and pretty much all of the above!!!! I mean come on dean, sam, cass, bobby, Crowley, garth, Jodi mills, Gabriel, Lucifer, death, dick roman, Charlie, abbadon, the men of letters, and the list goes on. There is so many great characters, ones you like and ones you hate and some I didn’t even name, and the different plots and scenarios that the guys get themselves into, like I said one of the greatest shows hands down!!!! I could go on forever but I wont, lets go supernatural, keep on giving us those good and shocking shows, we love them!!!

  39. Denille

    Hey! No it’s not a CSI or NCIS, but it’s a great show. It’s entertaining without being preachy. I’m so tired of shows either explaining murders or telling us we are supposed to treat women like gods and Muslims like the Baptist next door. Supernatural is a great show that allows me to stop worrying about life and just relax.

    If you don’t like the show, then go back to Jerry Springer where you are more comfortable.

  40. Nitro

    I’m excited and I hope they can continue as long as possible. Some people are just angry and hateful for no other reason then how undeniably unhappy they are in their own miserable lives. It’s quite pathetic. Fear not everyone will like some shows others will not. But no reason to be a twatwaffle!

  41. Bobby Dean Crowley

    Supernatural fn Rocks!!! Keep this show going until there ain’t nothin left guys!!!

  42. Debs

    Love this show, pls keep going!!! <3

  43. Donna P

    Supernatural has millions of viewers. we all love them please don’t stop supernatural series

  44. austin

    Omg…i love supernatural …never end it …it is amazing tv show

  45. Joanna

    I love the SUPERNATURAL!!!! I literally watched Season 1 to Season 10 in one week. I’m so looking forward to Season 11 and finding out what’s going to happen next…..LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!

  46. Joanna

    I love the plot and how it’s running. It’s almost real life, how a lot of people battle good and evil within themselves. Granted it includes werewolves, vampires, and all the supernatural beings that we read about, but it all flows together. The writer has quite an imagination, and it works. I love that it includes Angels, Demons, and God. I’m a Christian and even I know that there are good and bad Angels and Demons. I just love the whole story line. Looking forward to more Supernatural episodes and seasons. I’ve read a lot of people’s negative comments, and I just don’t think they get it or they want the storyline to go a certain way. It’s all good everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I truly love this show. I have to admit that when one of my friends suggested me to watch this show, I thought it sounds idiotic, but when I watched the first episode I couldn’t stop watching it. Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!

  47. Mo

    This show is my all time favorite show ever!!!!! I never want it to end. I know eventually it will but i truly hope that this is NOT the last season. I started watching this show around Christmas last year and finished all 9 seasons within 3-4 months. Binge watched season 10 as soon as it came out on Netflix and I’m 100% caught up in all the action. I wish this show would never end!!!

  48. Logan

    If the show ever did end I would hope they would film a Men of Letters spin-off of the show.

  49. Megan

    I love watching the boys! Just keep the story fresh like you’ve been doing, and I could watch 10 more seasons. One thing though; a little less “soap opera”ish! Dean and Sam are *ss kicking hunks, not drama kings.

  50. Breanne

    I love supernatural and I know some time it will eventually come to an end but I want it to go on to like season 12,13,14 and on, it is my favorite show it will make me very sad

  51. Julie

    I think Supernatural’s fan base continues to grow, hence it will likely continue to be picked up for at least another year or two. They can’t do it forever, but I would love to see it continue for several more years.

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