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Teen Wolf season 5: premiere date (2015)

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MTV renewed Teen Wolf for a season 5 of 20 episodes which will be split into two parts. We know premiere air date in 2015!

TV-channel: MTV
Pilot episode: June 5, 2011
Creator: Jeff Davis

Season 1 Episode 1: 2.17 million U.S. viewers

Season 4 Episode 1: 2.18 million U.S. viewers

There is a little doubt the «Teen Wolf» television series will be renewed for season 5, but the fact that 20 episodes are to be financed has been very surprising to the fans.

The creators are sure the full season will pay off and will help the project to keep the status of popular MTV show.

According to the announcements, the new season will be launched in June 29, 2015 and it will be divided into two parts. The second half of the episodes should be expected at the beginning of 2016.

UPDATE 1 (Nov.23, 2015): Teen Wolf returns (Season 5B) with new episodes on Tuesday — January 5, 2016 (at 9/8c).

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  1. Jennie Caldwell

    I am so happy cant wait for more stalia and scira and maybe deputy parrish and lydia maybe but he is older than her

  2. Michele

    I love Derek

  3. Tara

    can’t wait season 5

  4. Marie Reyes

    I’m so happy that there will be a season 5 ! I never want teen wolf to end it’s the BEST show ever !

    • Kerensa

      Agreed!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • kelshawn

      Cant wait to see every thing that’s going to happen with liam and STALLIA I hope issac comes back but kinda cool with him on the original’s I think we should see some raiden vs. Desert wolf
      Or stiles vs. Liam or if issac comes back issac vs. Liam since they both were so closer to Scott
      And I want to see what Parrish is going to me and I’m into the Lydia and parrish thing

  5. Kathy L.

    The series is not the same without Crystal Reed. Offer her tons of money and bring her back!

    • charlotte

      then shed be some creeepy werewolf like kate.

      • dougie

        kate is a werejaguar

    • maria

      Its not the same without crystal reed

    • Janessa

      I know right

    • Julien

      I was salad when Allison died but I can accept that she’s gone now

  6. Marta

    so happy about this news.

  7. Denise

    Thats great love it

  8. kiDron Ramirez

    I remember when I saw the first episode of “TEEN WOLF”, it was EPIC!!!!!!!! After the show aired on television I thought to myself, this is going to be a really good series…. And at that moment I was hooked to the show I just couldn’t stop watching it. Now I’m OBSESSED with “TEEN WOLF” I always think about it. I’m so OBSESSED, I know how many seasons and episodes it has so far:

    SEASON 1:12 episodes
    SEASON 2: 12 episodes
    SEASON 3: 24 episodes
    SEASON 4:12 episodes

    Now, to anybody that watches the show and doesn’t know if there will be a next season, let me send you a little message: On July 24, 2014 the series was renewed for a fifth season of 20 episodes, which, like the third season, will be split into two parts. During Comic Con 2014, it was revealed that Dylan Sprayberry, who is a recurring cast member in the fourth season, will also be promoted to the main cast for season 5
    The first half of season 5 will premire in June 2015, and the second half of season 5 will premiere at the beginning of 2016… I hope this information was useful to anyone… PLEASE WRITE BACK IF YOU WANT ANY MORE DETAILS!!!!!!!!……. THANKS

  9. Jesus Gonzales

    Can’t believe Derek evolved into the black wolf and Scott survived and still become wondering what happened to the desert wolf or what will happen to Peter did Malia ever find out who her mother is hope they give them out in season 5

    • maddy

      well about Derek I can kind of guess why they made him evolve cause think his mother could do it so it kind of makes since if he can to. And they said Malia’s mom was the desert wolf.

    • Jennifer Osei

      Me to

  10. Jonathan

    This pack is so badass

  11. Denise

    Yesssss cant wait until next year n after wish there was more n so on

  12. stydia

    Stydia!!!!! Yasss!!!!! Pleasse..

  13. Derica

    yayyy I cant wait this show is so great and the characters are awesome I cant wait to see what new were creatures will be introduced and see how the original cast progress and hopefully finally find out what deputy parrish is

  14. Michael

    ARE YOU SERIOUS????? We have to wait a YEAR on this?? ok, so not a whole year, But really 2015???? Why such a long wait? I mean what am I suppose to watch in the mean time? I don’t know about anyone else but I was kind of hoping maybe October, maybe November of this year. Not June next year. 🙁

    • arriyana

      I know right why make us wait that long

    • Olawerewolf

      And January 2016

  15. angelo

    I hate that Alison left the show!!!!!

  16. brandon

    Stalia we need more Stalia next season needs to focus on them and the desert wolf

  17. kamran

    i hope alison come back.and where is Izack

    • maddy

      Alison is DEAD she is not coming back I wish she was but unless they bring her back from the dead she is not coming back. I agree about WHERE IS ISSACK!!!

    • arriyana

      I know right I miss Izack

  18. Jeremiah

    That’s so duuummmbbb!!! Why the hell break it up into two parts! What’s the point of saying it has 20 episodes if it takes half a year to see the second half of the season

  19. Brandon

    Bring Crystal Reed back it is better with her

  20. ryan

    ahhhhhhh the waiting game s*cksssssssssss

  21. sebastien

    can’t wait for season 5. will there be a game for teen wolf

  22. Larry H

    One of the most spectacular siries i have ever watched. I hate having to wait so long to see more.

  23. Jennifer Osei

    I’ve been watching the show since its first episode and now I am 12 and about to be 13

  24. Jd

    Can’t wait

  25. tharusha

    great present..i love that show..and i love maliya & like derak

  26. Laura

    Isaac is now on the CW on the show Originals, maybe he will come back….

  27. JulioAguiar

    I really do miss teen wolf I am so happy that there is going to be a fifth season and hopefully a six season I hope teen wolf does not end. My favorite characters are Scott a.k.a. Tyler Posey and Styles a.k.a. Dylan O’Brien

  28. Angel's eyes

    i love teenwolf so much…. gosh…. i’m waiting for season 5 to begin….. its killing me #addictedtoteenwolf

  29. ibrahim

    i wonder how i will feel if teen wolf is no best fvourite characters are scott mccall a.k.a
    tyler posey and styles a.k.a dylan o’brien

  30. Andre

    When will teen wolf start back up

  31. Prince Hammond

    I’m very excited

  32. Claudia

    I am so excited I have waited too long for the next season. Love Love Love this show. One of the best on Television. Not sure I like the split though. Continuing keeps you into what is going on. Like what is up with stiles? And what is Peter doing with Kate? I do not like the electric girl Scott is dating. He needs a dominant person to be more like Allison

    • arriyana

      I like who Scott dating I also like stiles.

  33. arriyana

    I love teen wolf

  34. gma

    my grand daughter jessica got me into the show looking for to start

  35. t

    Love the show but unlike most who comment I can’t say I miss Crystal Reed. Knowing we had to lose a cast member that season I was hoping it would be her. I’m sorry but I don’t think we are missing anything without her. I was more upset we lost the twins. If we lose Scott, Stiles, Derek, Lydia or even Peter, that would be a tragedy. Alyson was too whined too much. The others are just too darned funny to do without. Agreed waiting a year is a bummer. Was hoping for at least March but expect it will be with the wait.

  36. Shadowlf

    I miss Alyson and think she was a strong character after she learned her weapons. But I love how Kira is evolving, too. The Japanese kitsune, or fox deity, is an interesting angle to bring to the show; it has many advantages for the pack if the writers use them all including spell casting, and shape shifting. And there is a thrill every time she brings out that katana… which reminds me… there is also Japanese tradition and lore significant to the katana. It should have a name, and if I remember correctly, it should never be drawn unless it is used to kill.

    As to Derek being able to turn into a full wolf.. that has some roots in Native American lore. The coyote is also a creature that is strong in Native American lore and mythology. It is known as “the trickster.”

    As to the deputy… I would imagine he is a human Phoenix, or something along that line. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the age difference in him and Lydia; she is much more mature than her peers. Keep Stiles as he is… human, but the smartest, brightest bulb in the room. His humor is epic and the way he stands up to Derek, Peter, and the other super-studs and gals is words fail me… at last.

  37. alex

    Lets go derek

  38. James

    I hope Allison comes back. Also I can’t believe we have till wait till June

  39. jennifer

    bring back the twins too they were awesome the show isnt the same without allison and the twins allison saved scotts life after what happend to him after the school bus trip

  40. victor

    please bring back the twins….because they are awesome. and let them join scotts pack

    • Dylan

      Aiden dead.

  41. Cameron

    Peter Hale is the best:D hope he has a big role in the new season even tho he’s in a mental asylum

    • Syx

      Definately peter and stiles make the show worth watching. Cant wait for the new episodes!

  42. Tyler Posey

    Allison returns. I hope will enjoy the new season

  43. Larry

    I love this show can’t wait for it to air!!!

  44. Chris

    Derek not a regular no more he might be in a couple of episodes jus read it online

    • Sarsha Burns

      I’m so upset with this fact. I meet Tyler Hoechlin a few weeks ago whom acts Derek Hale

  45. pero

    Can’t wait 4 season 5 o……

  46. Natasha Thomas

    *Isaac…. yes I’ve been waiting since last year, I’m so happy it premieres when my exams are finish, literally can’t wait for more STALIA moments and Malia “progress” – their juat ao cute together and Shelley Hennig is so beautiful and Dylan O’Brien.. umm he’s just everything… if you know what I mean.. HOPE THERES ALSO SEASON 6 one of the best tv show I’ve watched in forever. DON’T EVER CANCEL IT!!!

    • Dylan

      YES! Stalia is the best couple in TEENWOLF, it used to be scallison but now that Malia is in the show it would so much better!!!!!

  47. Sarsha Burns

    I hope ya’ll know that Tyler Hoechlin (Derek Hale) is not gonna be a series regular in season 5? You’ll rarely see his handsome face

  48. Kathi

    Why so long ?!! Bummer ! I always lose interest in programs that go off screen for so long, and I enjoyed this series.

  49. agy

    And y is derek hale on series regular i adore hz face

  50. kelvin smith

    SCOTT you are the best in the show ;and you should change out in what the people want to see.

  51. cameron

    I hope the show goes on forever. No doubt the best show made and will be made.

  52. tboyd

    It’s going to be a little different starting this season. Derek is not going to be in the show except a few guest appearances…I think that is why he has evolved to a true wolf state, to explain his absence (Tyler Hoechlin reportedly wished to explore other options in his acting career). It’s said that they are going to start concentrating more on the teen members of the pack (not sure what that means for the parents) and Scott’s evolving/growing power, and the younger teens (Liam and Mason). It is suspected they are bringing in younger teens in case the older cast members that are the show’s main focus choose to move on…that might be able to be explained by graduating/college, etc, and there will still be a few younger ones left behind to carry on with the show. This is the news that has been leaked through the year since season 4 ended. While I love the show, and have been able to adjust so far to the losses of several main characters that I loved, I think it’s going to have a different feel this season (especially without Derek), so I hope it stays as good as it has always been up to now.

  53. Caroline

    Love This Show…I view it via Netflix. Commercials put be to sleep. LOL

  54. Emily

    What time and channel does teen wolf season 5b come on tonight is when it’s supposed to come out but can’t find it on Foxtel. So what time and what channel is it in Western Australia. Thanks I love this show and I don’t want to miss it

    • JJ

      Tuesday at 9/8c on MTV

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