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Teen Wolf season 6 premiere start date

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When will Teen Wolf season 6 start in 2016? The show was renewed for a sixth season. The viewers want to know the exact premiere date on MTV.

Youth television series Teen Wolf was launched on MTV in 2011 and got many positive reviews. Jeff Davis is a director of the show, and Marty Adelstein, René Echevarria, Tony DiSanto and others are among the executive producers. The newcomer attracted the attention of more than 2 million Americans and at the end of its debut season the number of fans didn’t reduce.

High rating and TV viewers’ support provided the given project with the long life on TV and allowed the rights holders announce the renewal of the show for the further seasons. Last year the creators’ decision even surprised the fans, as 20 episodes instead of 12 were ordered for the fifth season. The broadcast of the first half of episodes was scheduled for summer 2015, and the start of the second half would take place at the beginning of 2016.

Yesterday at Comic-Con International in San Diego the rights holders of Teen Wolf show confirmed that Season 6 would be financed, and the premiere date of the renewal would be scheduled for November 15, 2016. The number of ordered episodes is still a secret, but the most important thing is that the show is renewed and the viewers don’t have to say good-bye to it.

Some stars, acting in the show, were present at the convention. Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien and Holland Roden were among them. They are pleased with the renewal of the show for the sixth season as the project is still relevant and the number of fans all over the world is increasing.

Are you satisfied? What can we expect from the new season?

UPDATE 1 (Nov.23, 2015): Season 5B premiere — January 5, 2016 (at 9/8c).

UPDATE 2 (April 11, 2016): Arden Cho (Kira Yukimura) said that she won’t be returning for Teen Wolf‘s upcoming sixth season.

UPDATE 3 (June 30, 2016): The first promotional trailer is set to debut at San Diego Comic Con on July 21 at 4:30 PT. Season 6 Premiere Date – November 15, 2016 (9/8c).

UPDATE 4 (July 21, 2016): The drama’s upcoming sixth season will be its last. Season 6B premieres Sunday, July 30, 2017 at 8/7c.

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  1. Garry

    Great news! Thanks MTV but I feel like season six will be the last.

    • john

      I came to watch this show at season 4 and loved it. sorry I didn’t know about it sooner. wish we had something like it in the u.k. hope I get to watch it a few more seasons at least.

      • vval234

        go to putlocker it has all the season and more tv shows and free new movies like the jungle book or civil war PLEASE go check it out

    • Shane

      The show will begin to focus on Liam and Mason and less on Scott and Stiles. The new cast is very talented and could keep it going, but MTV hasn’t exactly showed much enthusiasm for scripted shows. They’d much rather stick to that secretly-scripted reality cr*p that millennials seem to eat up with a spoon.

  2. Rea Biller

    Give us super sized season! 20 episodes pleaseeeee

  3. Marisol

    This show is going to be six years old? I wonder how many of the original cast will stay for the ride…

  4. DiAnN

    I’m not surprised to hear this. It’s still MTV highest rated scripted series.

  5. PP

    I think, it’s a 20 episode order

  6. angel

    I think Allison will come back

    • Davis


    • Angela

      i want it back !

  7. hn

    oh non moi je veux que arden cho (kira) reste je la trouve troooop mignonne et en plus allison est avec isaac
    a ce qui parait allison va revenir mais en tant que fantome et il y aura que lydia qui pourra la voir

  8. Falon Fontenot

    The best outcome would be for Allison to come back and her and Scott reconnect the way they r supposed to be

  9. Rockeyllar

    Please please 20 episodes I love this series

  10. Katelyn

    Not season 7, it’s gonna be season 6.

  11. Davis

    I want more Derek Hale!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dorothy

      I agree completely. I just wanna watch more Derek Hale.

  12. tia

    I never wnt this show to end

  13. true_werewolf

    I am sure it will 20 episodes…
    I am a real fan and a real werewolf be sure that there is sth wrong about werewolves in this film

  14. Nicole Marie Shamy

    Come Back Teen Wolf Nicole Miss You and Mom too My Dad from Nicole Shamy this Summer new Stuff

  15. James Kruger

    I love teen wolf I have seen season 1-5 if jou want to watch it go to megashere season 1-3 is there

  16. BnJMommy

    Can’t be the final season. This show is definitely one of the top 3 supernatural shows on tv. I personally have no particular order. But this just can’t be the last season. But if it is there had better be a really good spin-off. And if it is there has got to be some more of the original cast! Either way…just start already!!!

  17. rlh

    Is Jeff Davis tired of the show and wants to end it? Otherwise make the move to another network.
    Free Form would be a great choice, even SyFy… Come on don’t leave us dangling…

  18. Nathaniel

    I cant wait for this season 6, i never want this show to end. please give us a big super sized, like 20 episodes!

  19. rishmax

    when is it primeringgg

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