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Teen Wolf season 7 ?

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Teen Wolf season 7 release

Will there be Teen Wolf season 7? Fans are waiting for the release date in 2018 on MTV. Give us Season 7! Is the series renewed or cancelled?

The series Teen Wolf will not have a place on the air of MTV in 2018. It is not worth waiting the release date of the 7th season, because the right holders have decided to ended this project.

The official announcement that the sixth season would be final for this supernatural drama, was made in summer 2016. The format of the final season of 20 episodes delighted the fans, but the fact that this was the finale frankly disappointed most of them.

We are grateful to the representatives of MTV and the crew of the TV series Teen Wolf for the excellent work for many years even despite of the fact that there will not be the 7th season, but this show we will remember for a long time.

Did you hope to hear the release date in 2018? Unfortunately, further production is not planned, but you can leave feedback about the show in the comments below. How do you like the final episode?

Remind that for the development of the series was responsible Jeff Davis, and the main role was played by the unsurpassed Tyler Posey. For many years of broadcasting this show received a huge number of prestigious awards.

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  1. Michaela

    Season 7 for a hit TV show Teen Wolf would be nice to see. The ending of season 6 was a little disappointing use we only got to see Styles back with the crew for only a little while then they go in their different ways. So if their Is a slight chance that a season 7 would come out that would mean that we would get to see the crew come back together and see Styles more with them, and I think that would make people want to see this TV show so much more.

  2. tahmina

    i think its not fair because alot of fans are disappointed especially me because i think the ending was bad because you cant just end like that without another season and they had a new member to the pack and we didnt even see him do anything we just saw him for a couple of minutes then it ended. we haven’t even seen what they do to the hunters and thats just such a big dissapointent to all the fans

  3. Lindsay Leigh green

    You got care at all you post to care about the fans you for lesson at you never met me you for loan me at all give me season 7 now

  4. Lesven#2005

    La SAISON 7 de Teen Wolf aurait pu bien y avoir l’année dernière , comme Criminal Minds
    la seul série qui a eu au moins 14 saisons . Mais les fans de Teen Wolf sont extrêmement
    déçu dans ce finale … MTV n’aurait du pas annulée cette merveilleuse série.. 6 saisons pour Teen Wolf ç’est pas vraiment super . LA SAISON 7 devrait plutôt être la super finale pour Teen Wolf . Remarque : (Brett Talbot aurait pu rejoindre la meute de scott 6×20 avec sa sœur lori , Derek devait être à 6×18 , Alec qui venait juste de rejoindre la meute de scott on n’a même pas vu se battre , Jang et Tierney on pu au moins ne pas mourir mais de se battre dans la finale , ISAAC aurait pu revenir dans la 6th season , et Allison devait être ressuciter par Theo Raeken dans le nemeton avec les autres : Josh,Corey,Tracy,et Hayden + Allison dans la 5th season )
    une saison 7 pourrait bien arriver un jour ? dîtes oui please

  5. Lesven#2005

    Season 7 on Teen Wolf ? Please

  6. Jesse stroup

    Please make season 7 for teen wolf please

  7. junior

    witch date will teen wolf season 7 be release

  8. junior

    will season 7 be the final season or with there be a 8 season to complete it

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