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The 100 season 2: premiere date on The CW

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The 100 (The Hundred) cancelled or renewed for season 2? When does the new episodes premiere? Start air date on The CW has been confirmed.

TV-channel: The CW
Pilot episode: March 19, 2014
Creator: Jason Rothenberg

Season 1 Episode 1: 2.73 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 9: 1.73 million U.S. viewers

The post-apocalyptic drama of The CW «The 100» is worth to be renewed for season 2. According to network management, the rating of the given show allows to order the new episode, that’s why in October 22, 2014 the viewers will enjoy the continuation.

The exact number of the financed episodes hasn’t been announced yet, but according to the official data, we will see the full season.

The negative statements of some critics didn’t influence the rights holders’ decision, and Allison Keene’s of The Hollywood Reporter review with critic of «the debutant» wasn’t taken seriously. Let’s hope the story of the second season will be fascinating and with worthy continuation, which most TV shows are in lack of at the moment.

UPDATE 1 (Jan. 11, 2015): The CW renewed the series for a third season.

UPDATE 2 (March 11, 2016): The CW renewed the show for a SEASON 4.

Are you still looking for The 100 season 7 release?

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  1. Dee

    Thank you for not listening to the “critics”. They do not represent the people that actually watch the show. I don’t usually leave comments and I’ve never, nor do I know a single person, who’s ever been asked my opinion on any television series or movie. The “critics” are wrong to say their opinions belong to anyone other than themselves. So, thanks!

    • Chris

      I’m with you to Dee. This is one of the most addicting shows that i have watched and that does not come by easily. Keep making episodes and this show might be as good as ‘How I Met Your Mother’:)

      • Darren

        Welll I started watching the show and became immediately addicted! Meaningless to say I couldn’t stop watching until throw last episode!

        • Lizal

          Thank God this show isn’t canceled, I would’ve died! I need to know who Clarke ends up with because it seems her and Bellamy have something going between them 😉 then theirs Clarke and Finn. OMG the suspense is killing me! This show is da bomb!

          • FMT

            This is a series that rivals any of CWs current shows, in my option. I hope they can develop this to get a greater following, making it a rival to any of CWs best shows. Keep up the great work!!

  2. Maddie

    OMG I’m so glade there comes a second season of the 100 I love the show. It isn’t on TV in Holland but that doesn’t keep me from watching it. I just saw the last episode and WOW. No words. I just need to know if Finn and Belamy still are alive. I ship Clarke and Finn but Belamy keeps it interesting without him the whole serie would just be boring. Wel now I have to wait a f*ing year, that sucks. Still I’m glade though.

    • nick


    • Ammar

      You are right.. Without belamy whole season 2 is boring….. This is my fev show and i perhaps you the another fantastic tv series is (skins) please watch it.. Its reality s*cks…

    • Missy

      I agree, I loved this show also! I can not wait until the next season also. I wish it would start sooner. It is way to long to wait! It seems like the better the show, the longer we have to wait for the next season to start.

  3. Kim from SA

    Thank you very much. I will patiently be waiting for season 2 of the 100. Its an excellent series.
    Ecstatic about this 🙂

  4. Chris Schafer

    Season I was awesome – shows in this genre seldom garner critical acclaim but are great tv.

  5. Keila

    I’m so glad there is a date for the next season! I seriously love this show and enjoy watching it with my husband! This show is different from every other tv show that’s why we enjoy it so much. Hope there will be more viewers so this TV show can get more recognized! I really do recommend this show to others!

  6. kentuckywoman2

    One of the best and most riveting shows I’ve seen in a very long time! A well-written, superb script and a fine acting cast gives this show a quality not seen on television for some time. I can hardly wait for Season 2!

  7. Elkhunter351

    Thank you so very much for the opportunity to continue enjoying such a great series. I’ve never really liked watching television but this series was phenomenal. I just hope that its as good as the first season.

  8. Michael Wellington

    One of the best shows I’ve watched in a very long time. If CW doesn’t pick it up Syfy will surely be smart enough to snag it.

    • Roger 5x5

      The SyFy network you must be joking. The people who brought you Sharknado should tell you all need to know about their judgment. Not to menchen the other cenimatic wonders they have rout.

  9. Jolene

    This is one of the best shows on tv so please keep it on lots of my friends watch it also I never listen to these so called stupid critics that’s only there opinion not the rest of us so Ty for another season

  10. Tammy

    Thank You!!!! I absolutely love The 100!!!! Awesome show. Screw critic’s opinion.

  11. Karen

    Thanks for renewing this show for Season 2; my husand and I enjoyed watching Season 1. Keep up the good work!

  12. karen

    i can hardly wait for Oct. 22nd – love,love,love the 100.

  13. Karen

    leave it to low information critic’s to screw up a good show, and leave the sorry one’s on tv to watch

  14. Keith

    Glad to see season 2 coming in October, I am happy it made it back into production as it is well written and a very good story line with a great cast. Do not believe what critics post they have such narrow minds and do not hold sway to the public whom matters the most when it counts. If we believe everything they say we are nothing but brain dead morons, which we are far from being. Good shows are hard to come by, keep up the great work and let us write a line about Critics fine job……right ha ha ha………morons are born every day.

  15. mitty

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for ignoring the critics. I consider them to be so far away from the average person as to be from another planet. So many programs to choose from, but so few with anything other than predictable slams on other characters. I hear such dialog is called comedy. In the past five years, I can count on one hand the number of series I have watched and enjoyed; this is one of them.

  16. Suzieq

    I’ve just spent 10.5 hours watching Season 1 still 3 more episodes to go, just can’t stop til I’m done!! The show is fantastic! Wish they would listen to the ppl and not the critics…

  17. sarah

    we would be very upset if you remove the 100 it is so incrabel keeps you wandering what will happen nex we love the show and so do hundreds of others dont take it away its upsetting when you get into the show and then its gone why get instred if you take it away again just like lost it was such a great show i miss it under the dom is great and the aliens i love those shows dont take them away pzzzzzzzz

  18. Flipperkast

    Great show, great story, great cast.

    Thanks for renewing this one 🙂

  19. Dawn

    I can’t wait. I got my husband and son addicted by having them watch reruns. =)

  20. James

    Just found 100 on Netflix and find it a really enjoyable show. Glad to see there is going to be a season two.


  21. Fifi

    Omg I loveeee this show!! Me and my partner addicted! Lol please hurry on nxt episode! Lol nvr miss it :):):)

  22. paul

    critics, 95% of the time get it wrong, then people listen to them like they know something we don’t. some of the best shows and movies I have seen, were the ones critics said were a waste of money and time. the 100 is a good show, CW keep it coming.

  23. Tawney

    While I don’t have cable, I did buy the whole season one on dvd. I was pleasantly surprised. I hadn’t heard anything about this program, but, I am now addicted. It kept my attention and that is hard to do. I watched the whole season in two days. I can’t wait until season two is out. I like all the character’s, but Lincoln is my absolute favorite. I’m a sucker for a bad-boy anti-hero with a soft spot. I would like to know about these Mountain Men, Reaper’s, and of course Grounder’s. Even though they are war-like they seem somewhat civil. Please don’t cancel, you have to good of a story line going that can go in so many interesting places, like where Lincoln and Ocatavia went. Who are these other’s that are to the East? What are they like. I’m utterly fascinated.

  24. andy

    What a series ,,I dont as rule watch a lot of telli these days but i was hooked totally on this, the cast everything was excellent ,,cant wait now for series two .If anything to go by its going to be thoughroully enjoyable

  25. Helena

    This is my favorite TV show, I can’t wait for the next season! Although i’m sad that my favorite character (Finn Collins) died. I guess i’ll have to find another Finn! 🙂 Hopefully I do….
    I CAN’T WAIT!!!!! c:

  26. Connie

    I have been waiting to hear when the new season will start. I finally looked it up on the computer to see if I could find out anything. There hasn’t been one word about it on TV. I love this show and am excited to know it will start the new season later this month. Thanks bunches for renewing it.

  27. Angie

    Thank you so much I love this show can’t wait to c more ill be whatching!!!

  28. meles

    hey what better way to spend ur time than to watch a wonderful movie love it cant wait for season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Dorrion


  30. Brian davey

    Best show in a long time glad there will be a second season can’t wait absolutely genius

  31. Nancyva

    Loved season1 (thank you netflix) really happy to hear we’ll have season 2.
    Great show!

    • robert

      Amazon video has all the season 2 episodes , cost $1.99 each but worth it !

  32. Rose

    I watch the first season on netflix and I bawled every episode. I am completely addicted to this show! And Finding out there was a season two was the biggest relief of my life. Please ci ruined with this show, if you don’t I’ll probably die. I’m a hard core fan of this show.

  33. Tony Bacon

    My partner and I love this series we can’t wait for series 2, it left it on a knife edge please hurry up and bring to the uk,

  34. Tony

    I first saw this series on Netflix, this show is off the chain. I just looked up it’s season 2 start date. As soon as I find out what channel the CW is, DVR time. For those that missed season one. Netflix.

  35. Paige

    Love this show!

  36. nelson

    This show is one of the best tv series I have watched in a long time. This series needs to continue on because their is alot creativity put into this show. The cast is very good. Love the show and I have never followed a tv series ever before until this one.

  37. Shane

    Awesome show! Love it!

  38. Luis

    Started watching season one on Netflix I’m hooked hope this show can continue I would compare it to lost also a good show it could even be up there with the walking dead
    Also just cause ratings may not show ppl watch when the episode comes on don’t mean ppl don’t watch on Netflix rather watch show on there I hate waiting for episodes

  39. kristi hepler

    HI! Maybe I’m an older watcher/ fan? I just turned 50. Anyway, I was sick this weekend and searching around for something and decided to give it a try! Ended up watching all of Season 1 between Saturday and Sunday! – Loved it! Super gripping! Anyway, it looks like Season 2 has started and I will be watching!


  40. 200bxxx

    this show is one the most creative ones i’ve seen
    it’s a break from most of the ongoing shows about struggling artists or vampires
    i’m glad they decided that the it’s not the word of the critics that only matters

  41. J.

    This show was so entertaining I could not handle it! Lol. I watched it non stop on Netflix. So good!! Clark needs to be with Bellamy. They are one of the same.

  42. Jc

    YES!! Thank you guys so much for keeping it!! It’s a great show!! The only bad thing about it is hat the girls are to easy

  43. Just me

    This show reminds of me Lost. We enjoy watching it with my husband.

  44. Hova410Thuggin

    Good show

  45. Irelyn

    Please never cancel the show. It’s true I was iffy when I saw the previews, but when Iwatched it on Netflix for the first time I was hooked. I binged it all night and I’m sad there’s only one season. Please keep it going I need more of this, the suspense is a killer, you never know what will happen next. So please do keep this running, the critics never get it right their opinions are always so negative just ignore them. It’s the fans that you should care about and we’re telling you to keep it coming!

  46. Brad bowser

    As the season got closer to the end, it actually improved. Great job on the final 6 episodes. Also, great casting. Clark rocks! I want to see more of her….

  47. mary

    I found this on Netflix and watched the entire season in one week-end! I loved it and not my husband is watching too and I’m watching it again! I sure hope there will be a season two. This show rocks and some critics just don’t know what a great show it is. Keep’em coming!

  48. dragonfly

    yes thank you for not ending this i am so addicted a special thanks

  49. Sherry Harnage

    The 100 is the most amazing show and can’t wait to find out what happens with the Grounders, the crew and the mountain men. This is an awesome show. please continue shows like this.

  50. Len

    I love this show! So glad to here of its return! This show is awesome…

  51. Ed

    100 has me Hooked. When dose it start up in 2015?

    • Samuil

      January 21, 2015

  52. Theresa

    when does season 2 come out on Netflix? Anybody?

  53. Leo

    good show, bring it back soon. revolution also, whats going on movie business do you not watch the programs that you air ?

  54. RC Monreal

    I want it back on the air, please!!!! I just love this SHOW 100! Don’t leave me hanging!!!!!!

  55. BBL0

    S2E9 premiere – January 21, 2015

  56. Jp

    Please don’t remove The 100. The critics don,t represent the public. I love the program.

  57. ryank

    Thank god there is going to be a season two I love this show so much.
    Its going to be a great season two I can feel it in my bones.
    I’m am now sitting in anticipation for the next season.

  58. Angie bunch

    Love the show we watched 1 episode and me in my husband are addicted!glad it’s going another season.



  60. sabrina blakely

    one of the best shows on the air right now

  61. Roger halphen

    Great series I’m 57 years old,this series has a little of everything,great writers and actors,it’s like a new Star Trek for me ,awesome

  62. Joe

    Excellent hard science fiction plot, good writing and acting, very high production quality. Captivating, can hardly wait for the next episode between times available to watch. Any critic who for some inconceivable reason would pan this, like most name-recognized critics is like a tone-deaf music critic with no resonance to what sci-fi and fantasy aficionados appreciate in the genre. I agree with other posters that this is one of the best shows on the air right now. I give it five stars. *****

  63. hjones

    I love this show I can’t wait until the next season starts does anyone known when it does?

  64. Alexis

    Omg yes thank you I am in love with the 100 and would love to see Clark’s and Alexa’s relationship move to the next level and Mabe some sexy lesbian scenes mmmm

  65. Nancy

    Love Love Love this series I look forward to every episode cant wait for season 3.

  66. Reid

    I had no clue what the Mountainman look like a book from Lincoln’s drawings it seemed like they were really big hairy Bigfoot’s

    • Tyrell

      That would be the gilly suits or however you spell it. Remember right before the base got bombed when Clarke and the other chick left? The dude in the tree was camoflauged with a “hairy” suit. Lol

  67. Allan

    I like the show.

    But it didn’t make sense how Alexa would allow hundreds of her own people to be killed by a missile, fired by the mountain men, but then turn around and not attack the mountain men because she worried about her people getting killed by them?

    And of course she wasn’t attaching alone, they had support from Clark’s people. This was completely out of Alexa’s character and a mistake made by the writers. I like the show accept for this error.

    I am not to enthusiastic to see if a crazy Holo-Person threaten to kill the rest of humanity for the next season with a nuclear missile. I think management needs to step in and have someone pull the plug on the Holo-Person and end this side-step before it ruins the show.

  68. shaun Pickard

    This show is amazing so love it very intriguing, thrilling,and mesmerized!

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