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«The Americans» season 2: premiere date

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When does season 2 of «The Americans» start? Will the new episodes supposed to be produced? What is known about premiere date?

Pilot episode of «The Americans» TV show was highly acclaimed by film critics as well as by TV viewers. The breathtaking storyline became a reason for the series to have one of the highest ratings among FX popular TV shows.

In one of their interviews the rightsholders noted, that the project would be renewed if the premier episodes were successful. And now the day has come – during one of the official meetings John Landgraf, Head of FX TV channel, confirmed ordering of 13 new episodes, which would be included into «The Americans» Season 2.

The release date for the premier episode is scheduled for the February 26, 2014 as well as the contracts with the actors are confirmed to be renewed for one year more. Landgraf noted, that he was satisfied with the work, done by Joe Weisberg.

Who will watch the next season? Let’s support the show in comments.


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  1. melissa

    I love this show! I never miss it! It is amazing and leaves me always wanting more

  2. Got2Go

    I’m glad there’s going to be another season we need different shows like this

    • Toby

      Are you nuts?

      • Lou C.

        No, but it seems as if you must be.

        • Jack

          right on..great show

  3. Joel

    I only saw the pilot. Does the show get any better?

    • John

      The show is top quality all the way through man, I realise we all like what we like and I was into it from the off, I’m highly critical of movies and TV shows too, take my word for it, The Americans is a first class show. I can’t wait for the new season to start because TV today is mostly complete trash… it !

    • Chuck

      I was not impressed after initially seeing the pilot. However, my opinion changed after a few more episodes. Give it another shot Joel. Its a pretty cool show.

  4. supra

    Such a fantastic tv series! FX has three of the best shows on TV the americans,justified, and sons of anarchy.

  5. D

    Best show on tv

  6. Norm

    This is my favorite show, and in my opinion, one of the best shows on television in a long time. I’m very happy that it has been renewed but does this mean that we have to wait until 2014 for season 2???

  7. Yvonne

    Can’t wait that long! Best show on TV, period.

  8. Stephanie

    Best show!! I get goosebumps every episode. Wait until 2014?? I might die.

  9. MR X

    when they were running from the FBI was the best part,i hope there more close calls like that in season 2.

  10. Love This Show


  11. Glenn

    A great show, always recorded to re watch, bring on season 2

  12. Richard

    Great plotting. Could certainly do without the sex scenes, however – that only cheapens a great show. Kids want to watch it but the provocative scenes makes it a no-go for them. Anybody can watch p*rno flicks – great drama like this does not need it.

    • Justmax

      I saw all but two of the episodes and also think it is one of the best shows on now.
      As for the sex scenes, the only sex I saw was usually a “honey trap” which was, and still is, a very common and very effective part of the trade craft of intelligence operatives.

    • John

      Jeez what are you on about ? It can hardly be compared to p*rn so stop being such a Bible basher, kids shouldn’t really be watching adult shows anyway and I don’t want my favourite shows sanitised to accommodate children, they have plenty to choose from without demanding to watch what we’re watching, get a grip and stop being a cry baby !

    • sue

      The sex scenes are needed in this show as it was a true fact by the operatives at this time. It does not cheapen the show at all, in fact it factualizes it more. kids shouldn’t be watching this show anyway, and i believe they probably wouldn’t be interested in it. I believe there is a notice in the beginning about what the show contains. It is great drama, but again this shows needs to show what actually occurred during the cold war, and these sex scenes, are all part of that

  13. luis

    Very good acting
    They make their roles look very beliveable.
    Best show on tv 10 out 10.!!
    Cant wait for 2 season.

  14. Mike

    I love the show, please hurry it back!!

  15. Tammy

    I am so hooked on the The Americans Season One. Does anyone have any idea when Season 2 airs on FX? Also does snyone know when Season 1 comes out on DVD?
    Any feedback would be appreciated.


  16. mark

    Could not be happier this show is set to continue. Feel the director has got everything spot on, bringing the show to life so realistically and leaving us feeling utterly absorbed, waiting, impatiently, salivating for more. Hats off to the casting crew too, great job in finding the perfect players who capture the time so convincingly and portray the intensity with such aplomb. Unequivocally my favorite show. Completely engrossing.

  17. Karen

    One of the best series I’ve seen, can’t wait for season 2. What a concept!!!!!

  18. Me

    Awesome show! I hope it keeps going for a while

    • Toby

      I’m cutting down my TV watching to 3 shows, The Walking Dead, The Killing and The Americans. This is one of the best shows I’ve ever watched.

  19. Myra

    It’s killing me to have to wait until 2014 for season 2. My husband and I are waiting with baited breath.

  20. Mel

    Best show on tv. Can’t wait for the new episodes. Only wish we didn’t have to wait so long

  21. DrasticEd

    Other than Vikings on the History channel this is the best show on T.V.

  22. Don

    One of the best series…EVER

  23. Samburu

    I love this series and can’t wait until it returns. The story line is enthralling and all of the acting absolutely top notch. I rank it right up there with Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

  24. Judith Kurland

    I really enjoy the Americans, especially since it was based on an actual case of Russians living in NJ as spies. The acting is great, the characters are well-thought out. And I am eagerly awaiting the next season. Why so long a wait?

  25. Holly R

    Watched every episode, best show on Television! Acting is excellent, great cast. Hope they re-run the first season while we’re waiting for year two!

  26. Josh

    Best show ever.

  27. Ken M

    I love the show. I can’t wait for the new season.

  28. Russell

    I watched the entire 1st season in 2 days! I love it and looking forward to season 2. I worked and lived in DC during the time the show takes place. I worked at the White House and I was deeply interested in spy stuff back in the day. I used to go to all the spy book stores and read everything I could about defectors…it truly was my passion. Seeing the way the show is done in that timeframe is great!

  29. Auditor2

    Best TV show in a long time. Please tell us when season 2 will begin!!!

  30. Kathy

    So glad there’ll be a season two!! Great show!!

  31. Bob

    This show was accurate. Only one other television show could ever make that claim and that was The Wire.

  32. Cassey

    I love this show hopefully it keeps on going 🙂

  33. Kim Overton

    This is a fabulous TV show. So glad to have got in on the ground floor, and happy to know there are creative and intelligent minds in America.

  34. sis

    It is Good thema and can wake up some who do not know…
    please send it and thanks!

  35. Carl Arasi

    The Americans is my favorite show! Can’t wait for its return!I want to see if Stan finds out that Philip killed his partner,and I think Elizabeth will want her Mother to be sent America?Can’t wait to see that I am right!Love this Show,and its cast!!

  36. Jody

    I Love this show! I got my best friend now watching and she loves it. Can’t wait for season to start and I was hoping it would be fall instead of 2014!

  37. Chris

    I enjoy the show a great deal especially since I had grown up during the cold war and then worked as an expat doing construction in the Russian Federation. I am glad it has been renewed. My DVR will stay programmed.

  38. K Overton

    My husband & I love this show. Can’t wait for Season 2!

  39. giniajim

    Not until January? Bummer! What’s up with that? why not start NOW!

  40. Fred

    Agree with all the above positive statements regarding the absolute quality of Directing, Writing, and Acting. Remember, Star Trek was one of several shows that did not catch on at first, and look at what happened. If word-of-mouth ratings mean anything, I promote this show to anyone willing to listen.

  41. MungoJerry

    I thought it was going to be a weak attempt to offset Homeland, but it turned out to be equal if not superior. It is one of the best shows on Tv, and yes FX shows don’t get the credit (news coverage) they deserve. Many people are unaware of the Americans, Sons of Anarchy, Justified, and The Bridge. The fact that not one of the above FX shows/casts was nominated for an Emmy is laughable.

  42. Jan

    I love this show and am sooo ready for it to return

  43. Paul

    Fantastic show. Great premise and story line.

  44. Gloria

    I sincerely hope THe Americans continues new seasons on FX Wonderful story, can’t wait for each new episode. This was an important time in the history of the US/Soviet Union relations and educational in addition to the fine acting

  45. Laura Ainsworth

    I came to this site specifically because I was desperate to know when/if “The Americans” was coming back! Am so relieved, but impatient. In the meantime, fans of Matthew Rhys should check out the last episode of “Columbo” ever produced, in 2003, called “Columbo Likes The Nightlife,” in which a younger Rhys demonstrates some of the skills that make him perfect for his current role! And the remarkable actress who played their supervisor last season has turned up on a sitcom, of all things — “The Millers.”

  46. angie

    Great premiss did not think I would like this show but it is a nail-biter. Sort of a j. bond but without the gimmicks. Very original.

  47. WAYNE


  48. Sally

    This show ranks right at the top for me. The cast is great and the show is intriguing. I only hope that we don’t have to wait like this every year to see if it is coming back. The current cast is critical to its success and I hope the actors aren’t occupied with something else when contacted to sign a contract one year at a time. I watch very few channels because the programming is terrible and I hope FX continues to air this show.

  49. Louise

    Love this show! One hour isn’t long enough! I want each episode to never end. I am so looking forward to the next season – it is much too long between seasons.

  50. HELEN

    I set this show to record after the pilot. I love the dialogue and suspense. The plot is pretty unpredictable sometimes.

  51. Mike Wagner

    I will absolutely watch Season 2. The first season was awesome. I couldn’t wait for the next episode!

  52. Socotroco

    My wife and I would put the kids to bed sooner than usual, just to be able to enjoy these episodes to the fullest!!! With all the reality TV non-sense going on these past few years, it’s refreshing to see real actors play out some serious drama plots. Can’t wait for the 2nd season…

  53. Nan

    One of the best shows on FX . Will not miss an episode. Cast is great the plot is intriguing. Could this really be true not just a fictional event??????

  54. Tweety Tang

    It’s the best show ever!! Can’t wait for season 2!!! I didn’t even like spy movies/dramas before but “Americans” has changed that! The cast is impeccable, every one of them!

  55. Josh

    This show is in the top 5 best series on television.

  56. Luann

    good night johnboy…. can’t wait til it starts!!

  57. Lou C.

    Very happy to hear that there will be a second season. Great show with enough suspense and action to make just about anyone keep watching.

  58. Liz from Australia

    can’t wait for season 2, top show, great acting by all the cast

  59. Carol Lawrence Dauch

    Best tv show. Hooked on it.

  60. lauren in Valrico

    What’s up with Feb release. It takes this long to make 13 shows? Going to have to watch the first season again for refreshing!

  61. David

    This is a brilliant show..I watched every episode at least 2x…great writing, great characters…my only small complaint is that there is not enough shown of the kids…will they catch on to their parents secrets?…and they sure get left home alone quite often
    Oh, I forgot to mention another very under appreciated show..Orphan Black on BBCA..check it out

  62. Rex

    I stand with all of those who thoroughly enjoyed season 1 and wholeheartedly agree with the general consensus of this fine group of people. Clearly you all have impeccable taste in television shows (judging by your recommendations for other shows) and like everyone else fortunate enough to have caught season 1 in its entirety, I eagerly await the return of this show as well…. side note, David is absolutely correct about Orphan Black I am grateful I gave that one a shot as well. I’m not sure what is up with t.v. lately but honestly in all my 33 yrs of life I don’t recall an era where the shows held as much substance as they do today. The writing and acting are comparable to Hollywood movies and actors, and in some cases even surpass it. (a t.v. series can allow a person to grow to love a character over a season or seasons due to the characters development over the years that they grace our screen. A feat much harder for a movie to achieve in just 2 hours)

  63. Slavica

    Can’t wait,
    Best show on TV.

  64. Guillermo

    Excellent please continues !!!

  65. Mary

    I love this show, too! Love all the actors. I can’t wait for February.

  66. john hawks

    A well thought-out plot line, nicely delivered by talented actors. May be too sophisicated for the average American viewer. I hope I’m wrong and this series is renewed for many more seasons.

  67. beth

    Love, love the Americans and the cast!! I am looking forward to February, 2014!

  68. Peggy T

    Love this show. I guess I will have to watch last years shows that I have recorded until the new season starts!!

  69. Carl Arasi

    Its the best show FX has! Can’t wait till Feb.!!

  70. Ripple

    One of the best shows! I looked forward to every week! Best of all!

  71. Biggest Fan

    This is the hottest show on TV! If your not watching you’re missing out! I love the show. The acting is supurb. And the story line makes you wonder about a lot in actuality…

  72. Janice

    Better than Homeland!

  73. Steve G

    The show is great. The acting is first class and the storylines well written. Much better than the Following. Can’t wait for season 2.

  74. Greg

    FX has, in recent history, transcended original programming standards we have come to accept as “the norm.” With shows such as Justified and the Americans, I no longer miss HBO’s The Sopranos as much as I once did. FX, please keep this type of edgy programming coming, and rest assured that as long as you continue to create new season’s of Justified and The Americans, I will be there, faithfully awaiting each new episode. I have so far bought every season of Justified on bluray and have been searching for season one of the Americans.

  75. sue

    awesome , very well directed, written show and acting is top notch. love keri russell and the actor who plays her husband. Not only interesting, but action packed. It is a perfect show for FX and I hope they continue to air season after season of this show. You have to start watching from episode one so you dont get lost if you just jump into watching season 2. If you havent seen this show, give it a try, you will get hooked.

  76. cmacma

    First class show. One of the best series currently on the air. Looking forward to Season 2…

  77. Paula8072

    I can’t wait got the new season to start! Love love love this show!

  78. Jerry

    I think the story in this show is believable and the acting good. I truly enjoyed the first season and am looking forward to the second season. Please keep it going!!!

  79. Susan

    Can hardly wait for season 2 to start. I was hoping they would show reruns on season 1 before next season starts, because I missed some episodes from the beginning. I was so disappointed on jan 14 when season 2 was originally supposed to start and the see that it had be pushed up to Feb 26. If it gets pushed up again I may have to go into therapy! Hands down best show on TV

  80. Janene Bever

    Best show on T.V. Are so eager to start watching Season 2. Sure hope they don’t cancel this compelling show.

  81. Tommy

    I’m hooked! Can’t wait for second season. I hope this stays on for awhile and doesn’t go downhill and get repetitive like Burn Notice did

  82. Buddy Theoret

    This is the best show on FX, Can’t wait for it to start again Feb 26

  83. Carolynn

    Finally A show worth watching!! Put the date on calendar,cant wait.Ranks up there with Dallas.

  84. Patty

    Love love love this show. Been waiting for season 2 to start ever since season 1 ended.

  85. Kelly

    Awesome show. Cannot wait for season 2 to start.

  86. paula

    The opening scene S.1 ep.1 got me hooked, “Tusk” and all that running showed it was and is a winner.

  87. Greg

    It’s a great show loved it can’t wate tell the second season come out

  88. Bea

    This is my all-time favorite series. It holds your attention all the way through and I can hardly wait for the next week to see what unfolds. In fact, I often tell friends that like this kind of drama, that this is a fantastic series and that they can watch it on FX. I have anxiety about having to wait from one season to the next and can hardly wait for Season 3 to start.


    Fantastic show. Thrives on the moral dilemma “One country’s traitor is another country’s hero”. With this type of subject matter there is virtually no end to the moral and ethical dilemmas these characters can encounter.
    The literary thread practically writes itself keeping the show fresh and new with each episode.

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