Apr 23

The Americans season 3: premiere air date (2015)

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When does The Americans season 3 start on FX? We have a great news! Show return with a new episodes in Winter 2015. Premiere air date coming!

TV-channel: FX
Pilot episode: January 30, 2013
Creator: Joe Weisberg

Season 1 Episode 1: 3.22 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 Episode 1: 1.90 million U.S. viewers

We have a really good news for the fans of «The Americans» television series, broadcasting on FX television channel. According to the network representative Eric Shrier, the show is one of the best on the modern TV, so it deserves to be renewed.

The Season 3 of the series is already been financed and the premiere air date of the new episodes is tentatively scheduled for January 28, 2015. The rights holders are sure, the number of the fans of the show will be constantly increasing.

13 new episodes are to be produced, and the plot is almost ready.

What will we be surprised with in the third season?

UPDATE 1: FX renewed the series for a fourth season.

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  1. BreakMe

    Thank God it’s renewed, great show. I knew this was coming but I’m happy to see it made official.

  2. Naomi

    Well done FX! This renewal is such good news.

  3. Paul L.

    I’m glad it’s been renewed for season 3 and this season is great as well!

  4. Zero

    I’m so excited! I love Keri Russell and hope for more seasons in future!

  5. Sheri


  6. Peachy

    So glad season 3 will be here soon. Love Matthew Rhys. Please get rid of Martha already. Ugh!!

    • abby

      have you seen Death Comes To Pemberley? Matthew Rhys is in it and he is awesome as Darcy

  7. les

    I hope the Russians do not continue to always come out on top. that would not be realistic

  8. Christopher

    What dude? Russian espionage has gone years, decades without detection from America. Look at Robert Philip Hanssen, Aldrich Ames or more famously (or glorified) Anna Chapman. There are tons and those are only the Russian covert operatives that have been caught. This show is more realistic than you think. Hanssen used marks like a vertical chalk line on a mailbox to signal a drop was at their drop site. I’m sure eventually the “Americans” will be caught in the show but continue to enjoy the ride and know this stuff went and goes on.

    • michael

      I was a spook holding a TS SCI during the timeframe of the show, and I assure you these types of events took place then. Spot on in many small details. ;>

  9. Roseann

    I cannot wait for Season 3. live Keri Russell. Exciting news.

  10. Christina

    I am sooooo glad its going on again. Best show ever !

  11. Carol

    This series is one of the best kept secrets on television! Great plot, fabulous actors, the sets are believable; one of my very favorite shows!

  12. Shka

    SO happy about the continuation of The Americans series. Awesome show with awesome Keri Russell. Never cancel this series!

  13. Elab2

    Thanks FX for renewing my favorite tv show. Shows great integrity in a company when they show faith in their shows and fans!

  14. Jim RC

    My faith in TV is affirmed. Thanks that enough viewers watch this show.

  15. Ted Hoffman

    My wife and I are anxiously awaiting the new season of “The Americans”! This is show is so well written with an excellent cast!

  16. Paula Noyes

    Please keep this show going. Hate waiting so long between seasons.

  17. Wendy McWhorter

    My husband and I just started watching The Americans. NPR recommended the series so I knew it would be good. We will be all caught up by the time season 3 starts . This is intelligent TV bravo.

  18. Jan

    Wonderful show thanks for bringing it back !

  19. AAron

    last day )) can’t wait

  20. Myrna Faria

    What happened? Season finale already? Two weeks without the program is enough. Can we get at least re-runs?

  21. Anne

    This is the only show on TV that I watch. Fabulous acting and disguises by Philip and Elizabeth. What a cliffhanger until next season! Please Please please renew it

  22. Gordon

    Please renew this awesome show for season 4

  23. maryann new york

    The Americans is fabulous TV, on all counts

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