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«The Bridge» season 2: premiere date

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When will «The Bridge» season 2 start? Renewed or Cancelled? What is known about new episodes and premiere date?

TV-channel: FX
Pilot episode: July 10, 2013
Creators: Meredith Stiehm, Elwood Reid

Season 1 Episode 1: 3.04 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 13: 1.43 million U.S. viewers

The rights holders of «The Bridge» television series renewed it for the full second season without waiting for its debut season final. The decision was made due to its high ratings and its popularity among American TV viewers.

According to the statistics, this crime drama of FX channel has 3.65 million fans and is highly expected to be financed and renewed. 13 new episodes were ordered which corresponds to the number of runs in its debut season.

The contractual agreements with the key actors are extended for one more year and the premiere date for season 2 is scheduled for July 9, 2014.

Fans of the show, please, share your opinions in comments – is the given television series really that good?

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  1. Olivia

    I love The Bridge! I can’t wait til season 2. Keep ’em coming.

    • fran

      Love the bridge. can not wait for season. Two. Audible
      All. Ready told. My boss I will not. Work nights on that day. does. Anyone know. When. It starts

  2. Sarah

    I enjoy the pairing of the two detectives and I very much hope it will return for a second season. Excellent writing, dialogue etc.

  3. pam

    I was told that the show wasn’t that good but I had recorded the season and had them saved on the DVR. I have been watching them and I enjoyed the first episode. There is this element of crime along the border and the struggle of Mexicans trying to cross. Diane Krueger is great as this wack-job kind of detective. I am interested to learn more about her back story. These Mexican citizens trying to leave the misery of Mexico are taken advantage of in such a sad way. This show puts a light on that and more. Good so far….

    • Michael Villarreal

      Although it is set along the border and involves immigrants, the show really has nothing to do with that. It is a mystery/crime drama.

  4. Tom

    Best show on TV. Waiting patiently for season 2.

  5. mary machajewski

    Love it, just waiting for it to start. One of the best shows on tv wish more people would find it.Maybe you should place more ads so folks know it’s out there. Mary age71!

    • norma r

      I have stumbled upon season two and it is great. I will not spoil it for you.

  6. winston U

    excellent show. looking forward to season 2

  7. mary

    This is a great show, my husband and I never missed an episode. Looking forward to the second

  8. Sherry

    Happened to catch the first show and loved it. Watched every show last year and been waiting for the new season to start. Keep up the good work!

  9. bob

    The Bridge is the best show on TV out there in my opinion. Very riveting.

  10. Joe

    I can’t wait for the show to start again. Really hope they renew it. The Bridge was my personal favorite and I never missed an episode.

  11. Judy

    impatiently waiting for season two to begin. was so drawn into season one that I am waiting to buy season one so my family can get in on it too.

  12. Gerry Guerra

    Can’t wait for season 2. I love this show.

  13. Joe Donlon

    This show is well written it draws you in. Please keep it going.

  14. Jeanie Taylor

    It’s AWESOME!!! Can’t wait for season 2!

  15. Don Norwooo

    Love The Bridge can’t wait for season two!!!

  16. Gilberto Ybarra

    The Bridge is an outstanding program. My wife, daughter and I enjoy it very much. Very glad it is being renewed.

  17. Brenda

    Have been wondering if/when “The Bridge” will be back. Loved it! Very unusual & interesting. Could not wait for new episodes. Glad to know it will be running again!

  18. Raymond R

    Fantastic show. One of the best on TV. It has everything and is well written with lots of unexpected twists and turns. Great acting and real life situations and characters are terrific. Great drama and comedy mix.

  19. HerosPlay

    Enjoyed the series. Awaiting season two. Download the original, The Bridge for a real thriller.

  20. Raymond Duran

    I sure hope this show returns and lasts at least as long as did Breaking Bad.

  21. Big John

    Excellent show and can not wait for season 2.

  22. Carol C

    Love the series!! Waiting for season two.

  23. Kim

    I was hooked after the first episode. I really looked forward to the following week every week. I love all the characters. I have been trying to find out for months now when it would be coming back on the air.

  24. Cynthia Gonza.

    My husband and I LOVED this show, so full of emotions, twists and turns. We were totally enthralled with Diane Kruger and Demian Bichir. CAN’T WAIT UNTIL IT RETURNS!!!

  25. meadows kay

    This is a really good show! The actors are very talented I am annoyed at how the show has been handled by the network, also you need to advertise correctly so more people can enjoy it.

  26. juan

    love the series. Demian Bichir is mexico’s best actor and diane kruger play the part well. Can’t wait for season 2 to start.

  27. reggie h

    This show is the bomb. I hope it goes for more than two seasons.

  28. Jim L

    My wife and I really love this show. One of the best series we have ever seen. We are really looking forward for this season to get started.

  29. Leah D

    Really good crime drama. Very different in a VERY good way. Can’t wait for more. Please advertise more as most people do not seem to be aware of it.

  30. Judy

    The Bridge had me at the very beginning! I am very much looking forward to the new season. I don’t want to miss any of the episodes…..

  31. Kat L

    Love Love Love The Bridge! I am so glad they picked it up for season 2….I would totally have gone on strike with FX if they didn’t renew it! So addicted!

  32. Lynn

    Great show. Cannot wait for season 2!

  33. N Fitzpatrick

    I loved the show. I thought the character development was brilliant. Can’t wait for it to start again.

  34. Marilyn Holguin

    Love, love this show. II’m so exicite to have this show back on. My husband n I have been waiting for a year to have the 2 season. We were hooked on the 1st season. We are looking forward for this one. We wrote down the date. We will not miss out on a good show!! Love you guys! Great show!

  35. Jose E Duarte

    Wow, Sonya and Marco are great characters. It’s too bad that almost all of the season 1 characters have been killed off. I am glad that the problems that have been happening in the area, especially Mexico, have been brought to the publics attention whether it be a drama or in the news. Great job and I hope this series continues for at least 10 seasons. Please add to the number of episodes per season. Thanks


    Great show. Loved all the wierd charactors. Keep it coming please! Please rerun the 1st season.

  37. Erica Rios

    This show is one of the best shows I’ve watched in a long time
    I hope the show continues on for a very long time!! 😉

  38. Stella Garcia

    Watched all of season 1 on Hulu this week-end. Couldn’t stop!! Hurry up season 2. Love the show.

  39. Mary Black

    Please keep the episodes coming, this is one of the best shows on TV! Very few good TV shows any more! Please keep the show on the air! The Bridge is a great show!

  40. Jmp

    Love the show, love the characters! My husband and I watch it together and never miss an episode. Can’t wait for season two to begin!

  41. vince

    The Bridge in summer and Justified in winter. Fix has it nailed. Two of the 3 best shows on TV.

  42. Emma

    Love the show. Cannot wait for season 2. It is too long a wait! Waiting patiently for July 9!

  43. aspie

    Amazing show and Love the dynamics of all the actors. LOVE that she is an Aspie but no one says it! So good!!

  44. Karen

    Great show – cannot wait for Season 2 to start on Wednesday!

    I bought Season one as soon as it came out – love Diane Kruger’s character, Sonya is worth watching as is her partner Marco – so glad I have something worthy of watching during the summer.

  45. margaret

    great show. I watched every episode of season 1 and waiting patiently for season 2. Maraco and Sonya made a great team.

  46. louise

    I love this show. Diane Kruger is fantastic. I did not know her character has Asperger’s syndrome until I read it online. Sonya is unique and peeling her layers away has been a driving force. Marco is handsome and charismatic. I can not wait till tonight.

  47. Bob

    Great show. Very suspenseful. Diane Kruger is great as well as the rest of the cast. Can’t wait to see what happens in season 2.

  48. Kathy

    Just read above that Season 3 was cancelled. Really disappointed. It was one of my favorite shows & I was looking forward to season 3.

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