Aug 14

The Exes season 5 ?

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Will there be The Exes season 5? When will the new episodes premiere? Bad news. The series was cancelled by TVLand. No start air date in 2016.

The television series The Exes debuted on TV in November 2011. Its first episode has got ambiguous reviews of critics, but it hasn’t prevented it from becoming popular and attracting the attention of about 1 million viewers.

At the moment the fourth season is being broadcast, but its rating is constantly falling, and the number of fans (in the USA) has reduced to 340 thousand people. Exactly this fact led to the negative consequences and on August 10, 2015 an actress Kristen Johnston published on her Twitter profile that the show wouldn’t be renewed for Season 5.

According to the announcement, the number of episodes of the last season was reduced to 22 (originally 24 episodes had been planned), which disappointed the loyal fans very much. The premiere date of the last episode is scheduled for September 2015, and after that it would get a status “cancelled”.

The Exes season 5 start – [cancelled]

Is TV Land’s decision right? What do you think?

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  1. Arnette Phoenix

    TVLand is turning into a network that doesn’t care for its audience. I’m sad and disappointed.

  2. sandie

    well now I won’t be watching anything on TVLand !!!

  3. Lilian N.

    I cannot believe TV Land has cancelled The Exes ((((
    Kristen, David, Donald and Wayne, I’m going to miss you, guys.

  4. Mai8

    First goes Hot in Cleveland, now The Exes. They always take the good shows off. I’m so sad… Great show! Every single character is so much fun! BRING IT BACK!!!!!

  5. Steko99

    I am done with TV Land. Bad move…

  6. mac.k

    Hey guys get serious & bring back other season

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