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About a Boy season 3?

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When will About a Boy season 3 be out? Will the show renewed or cancelled? What about premiere air date on NBC in 2015? Let’s wait for the start!

TV-channel: NBC
Developed by: Jason Katims
Genre: Sitcom

Season 1 Episode 1: 8.26 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 Episode 1: 5.83 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 Episode 14: 2.38 million U.S. viewers

Obviously, we shouldn’t look forward to season 3 of «About a Boy» television series.

On her official Twitter profile Minnie Driver wrote the show was closed. According to her version, 14th episode is announced to be the final one despite the fact that season 2 should have had 20 episodes.

Later this information was refuted by David Israel (Co-Executive Producer), who noted that this was not a final yet, but the show is being taken off the schedule. He believes, the remaining 6 episodes will be transmitted on NBC, but their air date is still unknown.

Has the show any chances to be renewed for season 3?

UPDATE 1 (May 8, 2015): It’s Official! NBC has cancelled About a Boy after two seasons.

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  1. Drew

    We love this show it’s very charming and we want to see more of it! Please renew!

  2. Eddie J.

    Just when we have a funny, wholesome and entertaining show, the network decides to pull the plug. I’m sure going to miss this fun show!

  3. HaCr.

    never watched it…

  4. Maurice

    I love About a Boy. I can’t wait for it to come on every week. Awesome show. Please don’t cancel it!

    • Vatsal Bhargava

      And will and Fiona kissed in the last ep…and what about shea and Marcus….wth!

  5. May Elvira-Wise

    I will be very disappointed if it don’t get renewed. Hope for season 3!

  6. LutherMyName

    Please renew it it’s a really great and heart warming show!

  7. Alyssa22

    Please renew it for season 3.

  8. Mella (NYC)

    NBC?!?! It’s no fair!

  9. AnnaT

    This show is so great! I love it, its sweet and funny! And it shows people genuinely caring for each other! BRING IT BACK

  10. shelly hedstrom

    I love this show- I hope it comes back for another season. Please think about renewing it

  11. Amina

    CANCELED? ((( Aw too bad. I really liked this show. Awful timeslots.

  12. Katherin

    Enjoyed this sitcom… sad news.

  13. Shelia T.

    About a Boy had potential, but you could never find it. Hope we at least get to see the unaired episodes.

  14. rachel williams


  15. Kayla

    This was one of my favorite shows don’t cancel it

  16. mackenzie

    what nooooo they can’t end it the finale of season two was not okay wheres my season three

  17. Tyler Morris

    Please bring it back I love this show so much I would love to see a 3rd session!

  18. Nichole

    This is terrible news!! Such a great family show. You know there are many single parents today and now many shows like this today! Terrible news and such a horrible way to end the show! I am so disappointed!
    Why take it off if the ratings went up with each season!!!!? What the heck! Bring it back!!!

  19. Jasmine

    This was my favorite show, PLEASE bring “About a Boy” for season 3!!

    FINALLY a good wholesome show on t.v. about real life with NO shooting or violence and you cancel it! SO WRONG!
    Not everyone wants to watch violence and crime scene solving shows.

  20. Hockey team

    This show was great I don’t know you would cancel of a really good show

  21. Hockey team

    Why would you cancel a really good tv show I mean things need to happen like that kiss at the end does that mean nothing or does sam ever come back I mean come on really, there is so much you can do like what about Marcus in high school does he stay with Shea. What does Will do does start writing songs get another job or what

  22. andy

    Great show, should be brought back!

  23. Tami

    What?? Are you serious? I just watched both seasons in TWO days of this and now I’m SO SAD! What a cr*p ending! There is so much you could do with another season! I agree with whomever said up there ^^^ that there are WAY to many crime solving shows and too much of the same kind of shows. This one was one of a kind. I LOVED it! Please bring it back!!!

  24. lacey.c

    I love this show, it was a movie that kept me coming back to watch more and it was all funny not missing a single dull moment. Alot to learn as well from this

  25. Matt

    This show needs to continue I cant get enough such a feel good show and halarious

  26. Jj

    This is the greatest comedy sitcom. Netflicks get this! I’m so sad. I hate you nbc. Nothing else you air comes even close.

  27. S. B. C.

    Can’t believe they cancelled the show my son (14) and I loved the show. PLEASE RECONSIDER!!!

  28. Nelly

    I love this show ! I never watch tv and this show kept my interested

  29. CathyS

    Don’t cancel please!

  30. jenn

    Why do the networks always cancel the good shows and leave the slcr*p shows running for years?

  31. Tassa

    I am so heartbroken. I just binge watched both seasons and went to see when season 3 would be airing, desperate to see what happens next. Wwwwhhhyyyyyy!!!!! Why would they do this to me… So cruel

  32. Kenny

    Are you kidding me? That’s it? The show was going so well and now it’s cancelled? That’s total bs. If there’s ONE show that shouldn’t have been cancelled it’s that one

  33. Tridentom

    Yeah, echo all the comments above. NBC once again proves why networks have no clue and keep losing market share. Great writing, great acting, and no support for quality because NBC can’t tell the difference.

  34. Clarissa Booker

    I love this show!! Please don’t cancel it!!! It’s hard to find decent shows to watch.

  35. Shawna

    NBC at least do one more season! How could you leave us all hanging like this??? Do Will and Fiona get married? The least you could have done was give it a decent closure. So many crap shows get kept on, and the good ones get cancelled. Shows the state of affairs in this world. Clearly not family oriented, nor wholesome oriented, and that’s the problem!

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