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«The Killing» season 4: release date

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When does «The Killing» season 4 premiere? Official release air date is known? Will TV show return for new season in 2014?

TV-channel: AMC
Pilot episode: April 3, 2011
Creator: Veena Sud

Season 1 Episode 1: 2.72 million U.S. viewers

Season 3 Episode 1: 1.76 million U.S. viewers

Crime drama television series of AMC cable channel called «The Killing» remained on the air for about three years. During that time Veena Sud, the creator, made three full seasons, which were interpreted differently by the TV viewers.

The last season was accompanied by a gradual fall in ratings, which made the creators close the television series for good. The premiere date for Season 4 won’t be announced as the new episodes aren’t expected.

Is it worth to be renewed?

UPDATE 1 (15/11/13): Netflix has ordered a fourth and final season (6 episodes!).
UPDATE 2 (24/04/14): Release date of season 4 – August 1, 2014

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  1. jody

    well this s*cks!!!

    • Aysha

      There is going to be a season on Netflix. Probably sometime this year. I mean, a season ’4′. Sometime (hopefully) soon!

    • Sherry Clark

      I 2nd that. It is the pits.

  2. Marta

    This was a great series would love to view season 4

  3. Dawn

    I loved the first 3 seasons and wish it never came to an end. great acting, wonderful story line, very real, edge of seat, unexpected twists in the story. loved it. When will the 4th and unfortunately last season come to Netflix?

  4. Catrina

    Love the show. I just marathon watched all 3 seasons.
    I was upset to hear that it would not be renewed by AMC
    for another season. Right after I finished the finale of season 3 it was
    announced that Netflix would produce the fourth ( but final
    season 🙁 I wish they would provide us a premiere date. My
    fear is that they will cancel it for something else, like
    Marco Polo that Netflix may produce. It was originally was
    on the Starz list to produce, but due to production cost did
    not proceed. Netflix I believe made a deal for the rights. I really
    am surprised of some of the original programs produced by
    Netflix. Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. This is
    a new direction of TV. I could not imagine not having Netflix.
    I hope they don’t disappoint me and not produce The Killing or
    making me wait a year. Hopefully by January please Netflix!

  5. Melinda

    I WANT SEASON 4!!!! It can’t end like this. Please bring season 4 by January!! AHHHH!!!!

  6. Debbie

    This is a great show would hate to see it disappear! Get rid of the reality shows instead of good shows like the killing!!!!!! reality tv s*cks!!

  7. Dragana M. Filip

    I love this show, and hope for a season 4!

  8. ~Ana~

    I’m not yet done with the 3 seasons on Netflix, but I already want to know the air date for season 4- I don’t care Who has to order, produce, or play it- I just want it out SOON… I have to give kudos to the creators, highest props for an awesomely done crime drama!!!

  9. rachel

    I love all the seasons I hope 4 will be releasing soon.

  10. heather

    I found this show on Netflix and I love it! The best crime, suspense drama I have ever seen!

  11. Donna

    Well I banned you the first time you took this show away. I guess I will be banning you again AMC….. This was the best show on TV next to Dexter and now it is gone as well…. It’s your fault that this show did not get enough publicity… Fans were devoted to this show and talked about it to everyone…
    Very disappointed!!!!!!

  12. Sharon

    Best drama we have seen in a long time. Loved the characters especially Holder.
    Being on season 4

  13. Ms.Justina

    I love this show. I want Season 4! I’m on the edge of my seat.

  14. Lisa

    My husband I just finished the Killing..we watched it every night for 2 weeks .. please hurry with the new season and We BEG Netflix to keep bringing episodes on..

  15. tas

    This is great writing some of the best, if it has to end this way so be it. Yes it would be horrible. But, we all know what would of happened to Sarah , she was an officer of the law.
    It seems that the Nordic writers seem to have it bagged when it comes to crime drama and suspense. I could not stop watching these episodes. Truly

  16. Lisa

    Just when a good one starts. That s*cks I want a season 4 and then some. Well I hope 4 starts really soon. I will miss them.

  17. Linda Quesnelle

    I love my Netflex!!!!!!!! Me and my partner just finished watching Season 123 of “The Killing” we both loved it I sure hope they do have a Season 4 planned on Netflex. This show kept us on the edge of our seats. Great cast! SNAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Carolyn DeLautre

    So glad AMC is finally dumping this show (“The Killing”). I mean, how much great writing and acting can a body tolerate? Edge-of-your-seat viewing is highly overrated; and I so prefer watching some mindless show that allows me to read, cook, clean, do a load of laundry, and not miss one significant moment of the program. How can multi-tasking be overrated?

    I’m not usually one to jump on the paranoia bandwagon, but really folks – how can there
    NOT be a conspiracy being perpetrated by the networks? I’m afraid the networks are attempting to turn our brains into oatmeal so they can continue to ply us with more and more inane drivel. By the time they’ve succeeded, we’ll be watching a test pattern 24/7 and not even notice.

    One network (Fox) pulled the plug on two really great shows (to just mention a few; I know you all can think of many others): “Lie to Me” (one of the most interesting and intelligent programs ever: Tim Roth and the cast were GREAT); and “Firefly” with Nathan Fillion and crew: innovative and engaging. But we’re grown ups, so let’s stop all the whining and start encouraging the networks to treat us exactly as they see us: an audience with the collective IQ of a plant.

  19. Jo

    I loved this series by the end of series 1 I had accused half the cast of the
    Crime. Series 2 I loved and 3 was the best tv I have watched in a long
    Time. It keeps you guessing all the way through and who would have guessed
    The ending. Please bring back more. Missing it already. 🙁

  20. Faith

    Loved this series!! Why do all the great ones get cancelled?? Thank you, Netflix, for airing Season 4. Can’t wait until August 1st!!

  21. tammy

    I love this show!!! I would love for this to continue on for more seasons

  22. Joni

    WHY do they always cancel the good ones???? Yet the bachelorette, Big Brother, etc. go on and on and on. Who get to vote for these shows anyway. I think we need to get another system this one is broke.

  23. Bill

    One of our favorite shows ever !!!!!!!

  24. Bart b

    I used to think that The Wire was the best series ever. The Killing has taken it’s place. I am looking forward to signing up for netflix for my first time just to see the final 6 episodes. Tell your friends so they will want to make more.

  25. Rose

    All the good Tv shows always get cancelled.This was a show you could actually sit down & watch & really enjoy.I am always excited to see next weeks show as it makes you really think about the plot & enjoy doing so.I have to agree about all of the reality programs that don’t have anything to do with reality at all (a few exceptions).After all we are capable of enjoying a crime drama & actuallly understanding it.Excellent acting & everything else it took to make The Killing a great show & my favorite.I sure do wish they would continue this amazing show.

  26. George B

    Thanks Netflix you keep getting better and better I love you risk taking will always stay with a WINNER!!!

  27. Ann

    I was addicted from the beginning! Love this show! SAD to know I only got 6 episodes left. It’s “Killing” me to know I still got a month to wait!

  28. JoAnn

    Sorry to hear the show is canceled loved the series and the characters blended together well so many good shows get canceled just to bad

  29. David Qualls

    I have every episode of “The Killing” and love every minute of it. It started off kinda strange, but has gotten consistently better. The character development is outstanding. Why would AMC cancel such a show? I am also disappointed that it is going to Netflix, and not regular satellite TV.

  30. d

    maybe if A&E wasn’t on strike with dish during the season. people wouldn’t have dropped off. I basically had to wait till a year later to p/u the season on Netflix.

  31. annette smyth

    The Killing is the best drama on television and deserves another season. The cast are amazing with their portrayal of their characters. Joel Kinniman and Mirrielle Enos are wonderful. They have incredible chemistry with each other. I hope there is another season lots with more to follow.

  32. Rachel

    Just watched the 6 episodes of the 4th season! Loved this series.

    • Sherry Clark

      How ? Isn’t that the new one ?

  33. Amy Helgeson

    Brilliant Show ! Brilliant acting!

  34. Sherry Clark

    I think AMC HAS LOST IT’S mind,The Killing is the best show they have ever come up with other than Breaking Bad. I don’t even bother to check to see what is coming on because I know Breaking Bad is gone and now The Killing.If it was taken off my channel line up I wouldn’t care. Now I have to sign up with Netflix and spend more money to see The Killing. The Killing seems too much for the lower intelligence. You know The Zombie group. It’s going to be a boring TV life without The Killing

  35. Barbara R

    A great show. Better to have 100,000 viewers that LOVE the show and watch every week than a million who pop up now and then. The bean counters at AMC truly lost their minds. So many good shows, maybe with reduced viewing audiences but FAITHFUL week after week after season after season. But cr*p they keep airing year after year. Instead of being a leader they are just another marble in the pack, doing what everyone else is doing. So stupid!

  36. DA Vineyard

    GREAT SHOW!! Cannot believe it is being cancelled!?!? BAD DECISION for the Network!

  37. Ricgard

    I will summarize briefly, the best cop drama I’ve seen, you should continue with this series , the entire production is carried out in an excellent manner and the protagonists ? fabulous !! keep me wanting to see more .

  38. Amanda

    Season 4, is not available on Netflix Australia ! Anyone have any info on how I can access it ? Love it !

  39. Sue

    I love this show. I have seen all the Seasons. Best drama I have watched so there’s not gonna be a Season 5. That’s a shame. Great acting, writing and overall show.

  40. Cindy

    Please love the killing just finished watching the whole series on Netflix,when’s the new season coming ? I’m a big fan

    Ok just finished watching the sons of anarchy on Netflix,never watched when it was on,omg loved this show,,so please keep the great shows coming,

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