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The Knick no season 3

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When will The Knick season 3 be out? What about the new episodes’ premiere in 2016 on Cinemax? We are waiting for the fresh news!

Original network: Cinemax
Executive producers: Gregory Jacobs, Steven Soderbergh, Jack Amiel, Michael Begler, Michael Sugar, Clive Owen

Are you looking for The Knick season 3 release date? Is the series renewed or cancelled?

The final of the second season of the show The Knick didn’t leave anyone indifferent. Many viewers admitted that during the broadcast of its final episode they experienced a full range of emotions and now they are ready to accept the given final of the series.

Of course, the scriptwriters have a possibility to bring Thack to life, as it has already run out of steam as a surgeon, having admitted his faults. That’s why the survival of the main character can be harmful to the project.

By the way, the film director Steven Soderbergh noted in his interviews that he was planning the story to last for two seasons, that’s why Season 3 is unlikely to be produced. The show star Clive Owen signed two-year contract for participation in the show, which once more proves the canceling of the show.

The Knick season 3 release date – [cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

Is it necessary to produce the third season? Follow the updates!

UPDATE 1 (March 22, 2017): It appears unlikely “The Knick” will return for a third season. “I’ve heard it’s done” – Chris Sullivan.

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  1. Hae Deeter

    No way this is not ending! I WANT SEASON 3!!!

  2. Stephine78

    Please, please bring us a Season 3.
    P.S. And The Knick cannot go on without Thackery…

  3. Alan L.

    One of the best shows currently running, this has to get picked up for Season 3.

  4. Melynda Rehman

    Season 3? I don’t think so… Great finale. If the whole show ends like that, it’s the greatest show ever.

  5. 1Carroll1

    The Knick has got to be the most epic awesome best show I’ve seen in years. Great job everyone! Super finale!

  6. Joy

    “While a decision for a renewal is still undetermined, a third season of The Knick is under consideration and negotiations are underway.” – Variety

    • =Cristina=

      I hope there is a third season.

  7. Maaaaii

    Please return with season 3!

  8. Ettie

    Brilliant show! Please let there be a season three!

  9. Bonnie R.

    They can’t leave the story as is! Bring back The Knick! Don’t kill Thackery!

  10. Sherry

    Please bring back The Kinck and Clive Owen!!!!

  11. Patty

    This show hooked us from the very 1st episode. It’s really a wonderful show and hope for many more years!

  12. James Robinson

    The Knick is a very good series that sheds a lot of light on the history of how the medical profession evolved. Keep up the good work and continue it with season 3 and many more.

  13. LAS

    ONCE AGAIN the network management lets the FANS down!!!! No season 3 how sad they really could care less about ratings or revenue and even much less about the folks who love good shows. Lets see networks cancelled Moonlighting and then admitted it was a BIG mistake….same for Firefox….ending the life of the interesting set and one of the most economical sets ever made. And so it continues. WE fans of Longmire too hang on each and every year to see if it’s going to continue. And imagine the network who first aired it kicking it to the curb saying even though it’s our number one show…NUMBER !…they didn’t want to bother and refocus on other agendas. So here comes The Knick and again IDIOTS make the decisions. It’s now 3/4 through 2017. Long past the 2016 third season. No hope left.

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