May 25

The Last Airbender 2: release date

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When does «The Last Airbender 2» come out in theaters? Release date coming?

After the first part of «The Last Airbender» movie was released, the experts started negotiating on its next episode. The experts couldn’t reach the consent. Some argued that the disastrous premiere would put an end to the movie while the others were sure the story would be renewed.

Initially, Paramount representatives set the release date of «The Last Airbender 2» for May 2012; however it wasn’t released due to some budgetary concerns.

According to several Internet resources, Warner Bros. Company is to finance the second part provided Night Shyamalan, who has exhausted his potential, won’t be responsible for production.

At the moment the financial issues haven’t been solved yet, so we have to be patient waiting for the second part. If you have some information concerning the given movie, please, leave comments – support the movie!

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