May 25

The Last Airbender 2: release date

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When does «The Last Airbender 2» come out in theaters? Release date coming?

After the first part of «The Last Airbender» movie was released, the experts started negotiating on its next episode. The experts couldn’t reach the consent. Some argued that the disastrous premiere would put an end to the movie while the others were sure the story would be renewed.

Initially, Paramount representatives set the release date of «The Last Airbender 2» for May 2012; however it wasn’t released due to some budgetary concerns.

According to several Internet resources, Warner Bros. Company is to finance the second part provided Night Shyamalan, who has exhausted his potential, won’t be responsible for production.

At the moment the financial issues haven’t been solved yet, so we have to be patient waiting for the second part. If you have some information concerning the given movie, please, leave comments – support the movie!

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  1. amanda drinkwine

    I would love to see the second part of this movie it left me with a lot of questions not only that but I watched the cartoon series, where is the second part?!



      • Djficc

        I know I agree …

  2. Robert

    I was really excited when the first movie came out then I’ve been waiting for the second one ever since. The last Airbender is part of my top 5 movies. I hope they make the second one so.

  3. Samuel Wright

    Please make the second part of the last airbender

  4. mary

    Wait for part 2 plz get it together

  5. Mrs. and Mr. Cory Blakley

    We would love to see part 2 to the Last Airbender. Our children and us loved part one.
    Can’t wait to see more. Please make a part 2.

  6. kenneth

    I love to see part 2 I wait I hope you work on it so we all get to see it hope you make part too

  7. Christopher Pryce

    Please make the second part I been waiting forever since the first one came out I love it and want to see more and let us know a date so we can stop wondering please hurry!!!

    • Lil man

      I thought of making the avatar turn evil for a bit of period but I thought it through that I shall not bring in toph and I hate every mother foker looool

  8. Avatar Fan

    I can’t wait for the sequel! Please release it soon!

  9. Duuuuude

    The first movie was horrible. It was really loosely based on the show, so I could never get into it. Not to mention the actors they casted, and how the movie portrayed bending. Just, ugh.

    I’d rather they start over with another movie based on the Book of Water, and hopefully stick closer to the show this time. Maybe even add in a few cabbage carts, some cactus juice..

  10. blondieKO4U

    LOVED the first movie…. have been waiting….. and waiting……… and (sigh) and waaaaiting!!!
    Come’on y’all…. get it together already and tell us “The rest of the story”…. uggghhhh.
    I hate when this happens….. The Golden Compass was another that just left us hanging. If y’all are not gonna finish the story….. why even start?? (But I REALLY hope they do.. finish the story that is…..)

  11. Alexandra

    I loved the first movie,I can’t wait till part 2 comes out

  12. ernesto

    I loved the first movie you should get your act together can’t wait for part 2

  13. Sharni-Rose

    Please release the second one for the first movie was great and I would like to see what happens in the second one so please please bring the second part out…

  14. Karina

    You can’t jus put part one and forget about part 2 we want to see all of the books it’s a great series and it will be a great movieeee. Release this movie already !!!!!!!!!

  15. Jane

    I REALLY liked the first movie and I would really appreciate it if the second movie is released 🙂

  16. ricky

    The first movie was awesome!! I’m waiting on the 2nd part. Why is it Takeing so long to make a your 2nd movie? Everybody in it was great! It’s 2015 almost 2016 I’ve been waiting on this next for a long time

  17. Nikki

    Please I’m ready for it if night shymalan can’t direct it ask micheal bay just get it filmed please I’m dying to see the next chapter

  18. Aman

    I would you do the second part of The Last Airbender please get it filmed I want to see it because I am the fan of The Last Airbender..

  19. Lisa

    You can’t just leave us hanging like this!! The first one was so awesome. Why wouldn’t you make the second?

  20. Darlene

    When will the Next Airbender movie coming out!!!It been years I thought it would be air fire earth water????

  21. doris

    would love it if u would come out with the Next part of The Last Air Bender . The first one was awesome. The next ones to follow would be great too.

  22. mark Payne

    Universal,paramount,and Warner bros need to get together put their differences aside cause if it’s money we all know they are the companies that have it to make a great last airbender 2 do it for the people cause that is what we want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Chay Doug

    Hope they release it soon! Just watched it again, I forgot how good the movie actually was.desperately hoping and waiting for the part 2 🙂

  24. tylerbaker

    i think i wood be good for the part 2 for avatar the last abrader

  25. larissa

    i wont to see the part 2 i love this move and the tv show

  26. missyelliott

    I loved the TV show and the movie was very good I want to see more so please make part 2

  27. trace

    where is part 2?

  28. Derek

    Where is part 2 I want to see it so bad ???

  29. Shane

    I love part 1 .me and my friends we are waiting for THE LAST AIR BENDER part 2 ….so please make it …..and all the very best!!!!!

  30. Alyssa

    omg in too excited. they need to hurry up its 2016 already. i absolutely love everything bout this series and was ecstatic when the movie came out. HURRY PLEASE ^_^

  31. mat

    Waiting for book 2. Hoping soon to see Earth.

  32. Martin Colhoun

    Loved the cartoon loved the movie can’t understand why yous haven’t followed up so much potential wasted

  33. Madelon Puccio

    Want very badly to see part 2 please get it out there.

  34. Tammy

    We’re all waiting to see the second movie. Please make it great as the first.
    Anxiously awaiting…..

  35. Andy

    can’t wait hurry please

  36. Blitz

    Watched the last airbender for the hundreth time since it first was released literally, I am like a die hard fan. Loved the cartoon and loved the film and I’m losing sleep over this I need to see the second film and then I also need to have the third one released so I can see that one and finally sleep knowing that my favourite story had finally been resolved and told the way it should be. Put it this way if it is money that is an issue imagine how much you could make off this movie alone and then the third one as well, me for one would pay to see it at least twice in cinema and then I would buy each of them on blu-ray.

  37. Tammy Cook

    I really enjoyed The Last Airbender movie and can not wait for the second one to come out….

  38. Ann

    Every time I have the opportunity I watch The Last Airbender and keep wondering about a sequel. I do hope it won’t be much longer.

  39. Christal call

    Love last airbender please get sequel done!!

  40. 1

    Just make a second movie, seriously. You already made an ending part of the first movie showing that there will be a second movie. Just come on!!!

  41. Louna

    i saw that part 2 comes in 2022. But then alsow comes part 3 and 4 at the same time.
    Sorry i am from Holland and i dont no how to spell.

  42. Mohammed

    Please make a part 2 movie of the last airbender u can’t leave us hanging love the first movie plz get it together ?



  44. Gary

    I have been waiting for some years now , I have watched the DVD over and over like a Game of Thrones, Come on, Well overdue. Such films like this fill by hear and fill my eyes with emotions.

    it has to be produced to continue Earth and fire and for the Prince to team up. lower his ego and go against his father. Before I die. Please!

  45. Cory

    I found the movie to be exceptionally good, but then again I’m an older Sci Fi fan.. So much so as a matter of fact, in the last 10 years I haven’t missed on single Dragon Con, which is the largest celebration of EVERYTHING Sci Fi and it’s held every Labor day weekend in downtown Atlanta Georgia. This last Con seen approaching 80,000 people. Now some will say no way Comic Con is bigger, but Dragon Con don’t repeat and repeat panels, so you get a higher variety of topics and more stars to see and talk to. Also Comic Con is owned by PepsiCo and Dragon Con is owned by the people. And, the stars who entertain at Comic Con are paid handsomely by PepsiCo and the exposure level and the laid back atmosphere has the stars calling to ask if they can come and do a panel or two, and this goes on all day and the for the rest of the 24 hour day there are SEVERAL parties and much much more all night long.

  46. Christopher Rolland Wilkins

    From what I know if the only problem is funding the Last Airbender 2 should have been completed long ago but i’m sure there are many people world wide who would love to see the film continue so some body the Actor/Actresses prodution company could easly start a funding campaign to complete the sequel so get buisy people do I have to do it myself…CRW

  47. alvan

    seriousy i watched the show when i was ten and yesterday i watched part 1 the movie on netflix and theres still no part 2 in 2020 10 years later

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