Nov 8

The Lottery season 2?

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Will The Lottery TV-series renewed for a season 2? When does the new episodes premiere in 2015? Bad news… Lifetime canceled the show after one season.

TV-channel: Lifetime
Pilot episode: July 20, 2014
Creator: Timothy J. Sexton
Genre: post-apocalyptic drama

Season 1 Episode 1: 1.08 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 10: 0.43 million U.S. viewers

Post-apocalyptic drama «The Lottery», directed by Timothy J. Sexton managed to remain on air of Lifetime only one season. According to the rights holders’ official announcement, the television series is closed, that’s why it is useless to wait for season 2.

The TV viewers have already expressed their dissatisfaction, but Lifetime hasn’t changed taken decision. The premiere date of the new episodes won’t be announced and sale of the TV-project to another channel isn’t planned.

Obviously, this is the end and we should forget about the given show.

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  1. Jay

    The Lottery wasn’t a hot action series. You must have be a loyal fan to watch the series.

  2. Miranda

    Liked the show. It deserved another season!

  3. Gelman

    Just finished watching this on DVR. Thought it was good. Give me season 2, please!

  4. Kathe

    Another good show down the drain. They put these shows out and look for viewership but think nothing of just yanking it off TV with no closure. People are just going to stop watching, the networks want our dedication but don’t want to give it to the viewer!

  5. Sharon

    My husband and I enjoyed the show. It is not fair that there is no closure. I agree about another good show down the drain. Some of the shows on air now should be yanked off. ..but another case of “the consumer” does not matter.

  6. minet

    all of Cameroon is talking about that show and are eagerly waiting for the seasons that follows

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