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«The Newsroom» season 3: premiere date

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When does season 3 of «The Newsroom» premiere? We need season 3 premiere! What is known about air date of new episodes? TV show is almost ended.

TV-channel: HBO
Pilot episode: June 24, 2012
Created by: Aaron Sorkin

Season 1 Episode 1: 2.14 million U.S. viewers
Season 2 Episode 1: 2.22 million U.S. viewers

НВО TV project «The Newsroom» is almost ended. Jeff Daniels, the actor, noted that the ordered third season is to become the final one and the political drama wouldn’t be renewed. The number of new episodes is still unknown, but the first one is to premiere in the fall of 2014.

HBO management confirmed the shooting process is to be started in March the current year but they refused to announce the reasons for such an early cancellation of the series.

«The Newsroom» season 3 premiere – [November 9, 2014]

Why can’t such a popular project be financed for the new season? Should it be closed after Season 3?

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  1. Robin Catt

    We LOVE Newsroom! Please don’t end after season 3! We need MORE. West Wing ran for 7 seasons and the Newsroom is just as wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaron Sorkin is a creative genious! Please continue!

  2. lfw

    Agree! Have been searching for the date of the next episode. Please do not cancel!!!!!

  3. fndryrat

    We love The Newsroom! Please don’t cancel it so soon!

  4. p.shively

    The Newsroom is by far the best thing on TV. The screenplay is absolutely magnetic, and it’s so hard to understand when something really good shows up, it is so short-lived. Aaron Sorkin, please change your mind and don’t let these amazing characters die. We’re still grieving the deaths of Casey McCall and Dan Rydell! Rethink this one.

  5. jasmith

    Love, love, love the Newsroom!!! I’ve been looking forward to the start of Season 3……cannot believe they will be ending this show when this season is over. The writing and acting are excellent. Please keep it going.

  6. tteasley

    The Newsroom is one of the best series of this genre ever. The characters and story lines are excellent as is the acting and overall production. This is one show which should run for a long time instead of being cancelled after only three seasons. Given so much other crap that is on anymore I can’t believe HBO can’t keep this show on its schedule. “The Newsroom”, “Game of Thrones”, “Boardwalk Empire”, and “Real Time with Bill Maher” are the only reasons I keep HBO these days!

  7. Linda L Gier

    Please don’t drop this show! It is the BEST show on cable. It’s a great story line and based on what is going on in our country . . . With facts. DONT END THIS SHOW! Oh, and the cast is great as well

  8. mckzoie

    Agreed with all of the above comments. Finally a good show shows up and they cancel it. There is so much garbage out there and this is the one that goes. Please give us more to watch!

  9. dr.no

    Maybe this great show is above the average viewer! NOt enough blood and violence, but great on the brain! HBO stand up for this provitive show!!!!!

  10. Ed Humphrey

    Please work out what ever it is that is keeping this show from continuing past season 3. There must bs some kind of disagreement between the powers that be because really there is no reason to shut this down. The show is incedibly written, well acted, and has a strong viewership. So tell me, why is it ending ?

  11. dingwood

    this show is how I would like to see a real news show go but news shows no matter how much they say they are not biased but we all know they all are. What is great about this show is it gives us what we would all like from our news. the unvarnished truth. But perhaps that is the problem. The truth. This is one show That I have said to one and all that it is by far one of the best new shows around. Everyone who has watched it agrees. How do we keep this show going

  12. Annhamil

    Please don’t cancel. It is the most truthful look at the politics of today. What forces are behind the cancelation? Is it stepping on the toes of the rich and powerful elite class?????

  13. Sandy Pajor

    Please do not cancel the News Room. It is the only show on HBO that I watch. This is the best show on TV. If it doesn’t come back after this season I’m canceling HBO

  14. Abrooks

    This show has everything you could want, incredible dialogue, exceptional acting, sophisticated adult content. It’s so above average, cancelation seems unthinkable! So what is HBO thinking?

  15. RPleasant

    Please dont cancel the newsroom!

  16. AAjayi

    This show should not be cancelled after three seasons. Most people I know love this show.

  17. CBroome

    Please find a way to continue this show. There is so little of quality on regular network TV and we depend on writers such as Aaron Sorkin to give us something intellectual for entertainment on the small screen. Please make it happen.

  18. SAbrina

    Booo, don’t cancel Newsroom! It is one of the very few shows that actually contain intellect. This is a sad world where the Kardashians live on and Newsroom only last 3 seasons, go figure.

  19. Erin

    The reason the third season will be it’s last is because Aaron Sorkin just doesn’t have the time to write the scripts anymore. That is why the third season will have six episodes and then be finished.

  20. Barbara

    Newsroom is the best show on television! If the above is correct and it’s being cancelled because Sorkin doesn’t have time to write the scripts, surely HBO can find other quality writers to keep this show alive.

  21. Fariba

    I am not sure if the HBO decision makers will read this, but please don’t cancel newsroom. Thank you

  22. Tom

    With all of the cr*p on tv these days, all of the garbage reality shows, it’s unfortunate that when something good comes along, it gets cancelled. It just goes to show you the low information viewers (idiots) that watch garbage like the Bachelor etc and the other hideous reality tv shows, are the demographics that drive what is on tv these days. Too bad.

  23. Patti

    Very foolish decision to cancel this show. As one of the other people commented, no violence, no sex, so I guess it doesn’t warrant a return. We still wait each year to see the next season just as we have Game of Thrones, Bill Maher, and Boardwalk Empire. It takes intelligence to keep up with the dialogues and I guess the average viewer doesn’t have above average intelligence. Aaron Sorkin’s writing is meticulous and continues to be one of my favorites. And once again, since it leans to the left, and exposes the ‘other’ side for their shortcomings, it’s not ‘made for television’.

    • Patti

      It wouldn’t happen to be because Fox TV’s Rupert Murdoch is trying to buy HBO is it?

  24. Jan

    I hardly watch TV. The Newsroom is so well written and intelligent and challenging. How sad that we viewers cannot be challenged anymore? Much we only have gruesome procedural shows or reality shows? I am sad to see The Newsroom go!

  25. Barb

    This show has made me laugh and cry but ultimately brings another perspective to actual current events. The capture of Osama Bin Laden is my favorite episode. This is the only show I would stay up to watch live, watching a recording was just not an option even with my work day starting at 6:30 am the next day. I will not begin to know why a program of this caliber would be cancelled. Hey, Netflix, Yahoo please come to the rescue.

  26. Smiles

    We anxiously await the next season and many more seasons to come. This show only only is drama, and laughs, but it is carrying a real message to those that report the news, that it needs to be verified and accurate. This show is making a difference.

  27. Barbara Bourne

    I agree that The Newsroom is the best show I’ve seen since The West Wing. The only reason I can see for HBO to cancel it and HBO is concerned about their reputation .

    I knew as soon as I saw that Arron Sorkin was writing it I was going to love it.

  28. Debi

    I can not stand the thought of the end of The Newsroom! It’s just great TV!! West wing and The Newsroom are the two best written TV shows ever! I hope Aaron can be persuaded to change his mind, but if he doesn’t… I would like to plead for a quick return! Please don’t make us wait as long for the next great show!!!!!

  29. Ralph

    It would be a great mistake NOT to continue this show. It give many a reason to know and understand what goes on with some added spice. I hope pressure wasn’t placed that controlled this. I hope hbo is bigger than that

  30. Tina Rebman

    I really hope that Mr. Sorkin changes his mind and does many more seasons of this show. My husband and I only make time to watch one show on TV each week, and it is The Newsroom. We are amazed at how fast an hour goes. We love the story line, the actors, and the fact that they report the facts. This is something that is very important to us. I loved the West Wing, and I love The newsroom. I hope it starts soon! Thank you!

  31. Janet Sherrill

    I love this show! It is the greatest show since the West Wing. Please find a way to keep it alive. The writing is the best and the actors are amazing! Please Mr. Sorkin continue to write for this wonderful show. It is so rare to actually see truth in the reporting of politically sensitive topics and I love it! This show is the only reason I did not cancel HBO. I can’t wait for season 3 to start but so sad to hear it will be the last season and only after 6 episodes.

  32. Ann whitford

    Waiting with great anticipation for season 3 please don’t cancel. Sorkin is the BEST!

  33. Bethany

    “The Newsroom” is such an intelligent show. Aaron Sorkin is a brilliant writer. Jeff Daniels and Emily Mortimer are great actors. Adina Porter has such a great role which is the polar opposite of the one she plays on “True Blood”. This show is so smart and I have learned a lot from watching it. PLEASE do not cancel it, HBO!

  34. Debbie Galloway

    Love, Love this show. I hope that everything can be agreed upon, because this show is the BEST on Television these days. The reporting, the acting, the story lines it is all incredible. Yes me too I watched the West Wing, loved that show too. But I think The Newsroom is much much better. I can’t wait for Season 3 and hope there will be many more seasons in the future. Please don’t cancel this show!!!!!!!!

  35. Teresa Krupa

    It’s called the dumbing down of America. Those of us who love this show, have an intellect that scares main stream media. Such a shame that HBO won’t stand behind this prize of a program.

  36. Edie Foster

    Please do not cancel this program. I am attached to the characters. The writing is great and I am always anxious for the next show.

  37. Joyce Lee

    The most brilliantly written and acted show on TV. Anticipating Season 3 and hoping that thereafter HBO will reverse it’s decision to end it.

  38. Sandy Vance

    Please, please, keep the best show on television running! You have a huge devoted following!

  39. Sherri

    Are you kidding me…… The NewsRoom and House of Cards are the only shows worth watching on TV…. What can you all possibly be thinking.
    We finally got a show on TV that was smart, funny and well acted……. PLEASE DON’T CANCEL!!!!!!

  40. kim egger

    What is wrong with HBO when it cancels one of the smartest series on TV. I learned so much by watching this program. I love the characters and the storylines. It helps to see one event from multiple points of view. Please HBO don’t cancel this show.

  41. Barbara Bourne

    As soon as I saw who was writing The Newsroom, I knew that at least one night of my TV viewing was filled. I cleaned my DVR of extraneous programs, set the alarm in my smartphone to remind myself to watch and set down blissfully to wait for the start of the first episode. I wasn’t disappointed.

    I was flicking through the movie channels today and saw that “A Few Good Men” was just starting. What more could one ask of the day?

  42. AnnaLisa

    Love it. Please don’t let it go away. 🙁

  43. Michigan Troll

    Jeff Daniels is brilliant in this roll; the best work he’s done thus far. Why would HBO cancel this intelligently written series?? I’m truly disappointed with their decision; shame, real shame.

  44. Lira Woods

    What has caused HBO to cave on this program? It would have to be very revealing! You’ve set the standard higher now; can you live up to it? Finding ANYthing of value on television is a shock! We certainly feel sold out and are not taking kindly to this. Mr. Sorkin, you have something “better” in mind????

  45. Peggy Begala

    The best, most progressive show on ANY network. PLEASE keep this one alive, we NEED America to keep using their brains and with all the reality shows, their gray matter is dying out Fast.

    Please help AMERICA AND your ratings…..keep The Newsroom ON THE AIR!!!!!

  46. Yadi

    DO NOT CANCEL NEWSROom!!!! Can we do something to stop this? Signatures, rally’s etc.. Please HBO.

  47. Deb M.

    By far the best show on TV. What can we do to stop this being the last season?
    Need more shows like this – presentation of what is and has happened and in a way to keep the viewer engaged and gets you thinking that we need to pay attention and ask questions!!

  48. Beth A

    Brilliantly written, and the cast is exceptional! Please keep them coming!!!

  49. Jane Glimberg

    Please, please keep this terrific show going. I don’t understand why the great shows get cancelled and they keep these other awful shows go on forever. Does this say something about the mentality of TV viewers? The cast of Newsroom is exceptional.

  50. Alice

    A great show…WHY!

  51. Kate

    I always thought HBO was above the tv channels that continually develop scripts that are aimed for the under 20 viewers. Aaron Sorkin continues to write a fast paced intelligent dialogue that pushes viewers to actually think. With such a talented cast that continues to deliver, why once again are we losing a program that is actually worth watching. Another good one bites the dust! Doesn’t say much for the viewing audience or the executives of the cable channels.

  52. Apollinair

    Great program but just to intelligent for most of the TV audiences today

  53. Nancy

    We subscribe to HBO because so we can watch Newsroom. It is hard to believe this may be the last season. What can we do to keep it going!?

  54. john guerrero

    This is the smartest show on TV. Very well written, acted, and content is superb. Should be on for several more Seasons…. PLEASE!!!!!!

  55. Dawn Nevarez

    this show had me from the start..the characters the storyline and such a great cast! one of the best shows out there. please continue writing this amazing program…im sick of all the reality nonsense that they continue to flood the screen with!

  56. E. L.

    Great show, almost as good as West Wing. Don’t cancel.

  57. Meg

    I can only hope another network picks up newsroom. A smart, stimulating, funny and engaging show, why? Oh, why? Does it have to go!
    This show will continue to have followers through streaming and netflix rentals.

  58. Cara

    This was a GREAT show! Best writing since West Wing. Great ensemble cast. Dialogue quick and witty. It’s going to be missed.

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