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«Vikings» season 3: premiere date (2015)

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Will «Vikings» TV show return for season 3 in 2015? We are waiting for a new episodes on History television channel! Premiere air date is known!

TV-channel: History
Pilot episode: March 3, 2013
Creator: Michael Hirst

Season 1 Episode 1: 6.21 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 Episode 1: 3.55 million U.S. viewers

The historical drama of Michael Hirst «Vikings» has been launched by History television channel on March, 2013. The project managed to attract the viewers inside and outside the country all around the world.

Its success in the USA was enormous, as the pilot was being watched by more than 6 million people. This week the rights holders announced about the show renewal for the season 3 and financing of 10 new episodes.

The premiere date for the fresh episodes has been scheduled for February 19, 2015 and the airtime remains the same. According to the creators, the shooting process is to be started in summer the current year, so there is no time to relax.

Is the given TV series really that good?

UPDATE 1 (March 25, 2015): History has picked up a fourth season of Vikings.

UPDATE 2 (March 17, 2016): History renewed Vikings for a FIFTH SEASON of 20 episodes.

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  1. Roben

    Good news! please more Vikings in 2015! Cant wait. Soon or later this show is gonna go through a huge rating surge like The Walking Dead had. It is gonna be the next huge cable show!

    • Nan

      My problem is the huge gap between seasons. I have so enjoyed this show because these are my people, going back many, many, many unbroken generations but it is difficult not have ones interest wane if they are waiting forever for the next 10 episode “season”. I wish they would respect the viewers more by giving us more if they are going to make all of us wait so long.

      • Sandy

        I agree wholeheartedly–and have thought this myself for a long time. WAY too long to wait for a very short “season”. Not just because I have to wait–but also for the reasons you mention…interest waning, despite being anxious. Not sure I can explain that, but I do share your feelings. Maybe it’s because it starts at such an odd time of year?

        • Lyneice

          I agree!!! More episodes and less wait time between seasons. I will watch season 1 and 2 again close to 2015 season 3 so I can build back my interest and enthusiasm.

  2. Gorrilla

    This show is my nr. 1. can’t wait season 3! Thanks for History channel.

  3. Brian Cooney

    Vikings has DALLAS beat…..should go 8 to 10 years/seasons run…MINIMUM

  4. bill neault

    second best series,only rome was slightly better…can’t wait for season 3

  5. Tammi Lin briscoe

    Wow. I can not stop yelling, “shield wall !” This last episode was truly expected but so superbly done. Thank you history channel. This series has hooked me from the start. A classic for future generations. I applaud the brilliance and the bold and daring authenticity! Hurry up season three

  6. Carollynnes

    Breaking Bad was GOOOOD, but Vikings is absolutely unbelievable. Blood Angel? I work in a slaughter house…and this had me on the edge of my seat.

    Awesome in every aspect. Way to go History Channel and Canada.

    Can’t wait for season 3 🙂

    • stone

      Your sick bro, I work in a pharmacy and I was also on the edge of my seat ha. I’m glad, i wasn’t the only one who enjoyed it. I actually rewatched it three times. Just to see… He took it like a boss though. Season 3 it’s gonna be amazing. Hopefully a few more blood angels.

    • Mike

      Sorry to be “that guy” but it was Blood Eagle, not Blood Angel.

    • Katie

      It’s not “Blood Angel”. It’s “Blood Eagle”.

    • Mark

      I think you mean blood eagle my friend! 🙂

  7. Jennifer

    Best show aired on TV in a long time. Finally a show that awes me all the way!!

  8. Paul Gotro

    What impresses me most is the authenticity… as a teacher of ancient and medieval history, I am constantly nodding my head in approval at the realistic and authentic nature of the characters, the setttings, the places. Wow! Even the Anglo-Saxon and Germanic dialogues! I understood every word! No liberties are taken with the history.

    Thanks, History Channel… what a great show. I cannot wait for Season 3… A year away? Too long!

  9. jaylin

    LOVE..LOVE..LOVE this series!! two thumps up to the cast and crew;))

  10. Erick

    Vikings and Game of Thrones have become my favorite shows. i hope they keep it up.
    also i hope history does more historical shows like Vikings. so many possibilities

  11. Abdulla Almehairbi

    Top 3 series to me vikings , game of thrones, da vinci demos …cant wait for s3

    • Dave

      Top three series for me are, The Walking Dead, Vikings and The 100.

  12. K.R.D.

    Vikings, the greatest show I have seen in years. I am already looking forward to season 3 in 2015

  13. Jkiel

    I am a huge fan of game of thrones! And I absolutely love Vikings, since my grandfather was born in Vikebygd Norway. The thing they have in common is both production are willing to create episodes with a serious tone while others who produce series and movies will often insert comedy relief into a story line as though they are in fear of embarrassment in the eyes of some for taking their efforts too seriously! I hate this practice as this practice is a mood breaker for me! Nevertheless keep episodes of Vikings and game of thrones coming!

    • stone

      Dude, I totally agree with that comic bullcr*p. I HATE IT! with a passion. I j just can’t stand it when your watching a good show and they do a comic relief; I’m then like screw it, and I generally drop the show from my watching list.

  14. april w

    My god hurry up we want more ragnar

  15. Josie

    I loved Vikings really glad to know it’s returning!

  16. sylent1

    10 shows per season? Seriously? I’ve already lost interest. ANY show you have to wait 42 weeks to continue is a waste of time.

  17. Flo & Rich

    Awesome..Great show. One of the best. Looking forward to it!!!!!

  18. Don Jenkins

    When will Season 2 be available for purchase like season 1 has been.

    • KIM



  19. Harry

    The torture of the wait!

  20. Vallynn

    Love this show!

  21. George

    I love the show and I was wondering when season 2 will be available for purchase.

  22. Danielle

    Loved every past episode!!!!!! Looking forward to season 3-Right up there with Game of Thrones/ excellent realizim, true entertainment

  23. Martin

    Game of thrones is a joke compared to Vikings, not even on the same planet. The fact GOT has an R rating compared to Vikings mature speakers volumes. Without the gratuitous sex scene in every episode it would have been dropped three years ago. Fantasy vs historical drama. Ragnar Lothbrok!!!

  24. Kay Mussen

    I have studied the history of the world for the past 50 years and have read much history of the Vikings. Ragnar and Rollo were real persons and I find that the story is following history accurately. Ragnar and Rollo eventually go to France after accumulating much wealth. They did not raid; they offered to purchase the Normandy peninsula from the King of France, and Rollo became the first Duke of Normandy. Ragnar eventually earns the handle “Ragnar Harry Breeks” for hurriedly donning some hairy breeks (pants) to save one of his men from drowning in quicksand. Thick hair apparently sinks very slowly in the muck.

    Rollo’s grandson or great grandson was William the Conqueror who took over the conquest of England in 1066 quite successfully. Another of Rollo’s descendants captured southern Italy and Sicily and integrated into Roman/Italian society successfully. They were pivotal in helping Rome conquer the Ottoman Empire.

    It is going to be fascinating to see how this story progresses. Excellent job to date. Thank you History Channel and film makers.

    • Laurel

      Hey thanks for sharing our history and caring enough to share with us.

    • KIM


  25. maureen

    I think nearly every show on tv with more than one season, begins every year about the same time. I just can never remember which ones start when…some in Jan, some in Apr. some in November. Still though, it’s a long wait for those we love.

  26. Kristie

    I love this show, it just drives me crazy that there are so few episodes per season and the wait in between seasons is so long. It is just a tease of a sample of a great show. I am almost to the point of not watching all episodes at once ibn a marathon session on DVR and then delete it. WAtch all 10 episodes at once and get rid of them, just like t as king off a bandaid. All because season is so short.

  27. Diana

    Loved the Viking series. Fantastic acting, filming, and based on historical facts. I can’t wait till Season 3, February 2015. THANK YOU HISTORY CHANNEL!

  28. bythegods

    Just binge watched season 1. I’ll slow down and savor season 2. And how ’bout that music! Haunting…. simple…. beautiful.

  29. Rose Remillard

    where can I purchase all the espisodes?

  30. Steve carter

    Completely immersed in this excellent historically correct drama,the minute Fever Ray kicks in on the soundtrack my spine tingles being a descendant of Anglo Saxon and Vikings as most of us old English are I can find no fault roll on Ragnar season 3

  31. Kelgartha

    “All hail” Michael Hirst for writing this epic tale! So well done. Please keep writing so we can see the sons of Ragnar ascend to the throne. Can hardly wait for Season Three and for those who have asked above, both Seasons are available through The History Channel store or Amazon ~ we have them both! Skoal!

  32. Phyllis

    Love Vikings on History Channel and looking forward to Season3. Thank you Kay Mussen for sharing the info on Ragnar and Rollo. I will look into their story .

  33. Rosberg

    Can’t we get 13 maybe 17 episodes please for season 4 and beyond. I know production on a show like this is restrictive….

    but great TV is great TV!

  34. azyna

    I love this show. I don’t understand how they can have such a long span between episodes and expect to have high ratings? We don’t have that kind of attention span usually especially with all the options available.I never remember top rating shows all having six week episodes and six months off not seeing even reruns until 1 month before hand. Season 1 episode 1 had 6 million viewers .Season 2 episode 1 had 3 million viewers. Season 3 episode 1 hopefully will do well because I want this series to continue.

  35. Stuart

    Blood Eagle not blood angel, don’t think the vikings had angels.. Floki’s the best, had me worried at the end of season 2

  36. Dave Ash

    Clearly we got gipped when the Christians took control, look at those pagans: Ragnar’s got two hot wives, awesome parties, cool demons, spooky shamans, goth sorcerers like Loki, they ride the high seas in rad looking sailboats. Now we got pious guilt mongerers telling us to shut up, work hard and buy worthless cr*p. A gip I tell you.

  37. Jim

    Season 3, I so can’t wait. I hope the series go for years to come. Love it!!

  38. Carrie

    Vikings & Game of Thrones are all we care about in this house!!! So excited Season 3 around the corner..

  39. truth seeker

    WHAT? 6 million viewers first season and l/2 that season 2? That’s crazy. Makes no sense. Must be the other way around?
    Yes, it’s a YEAR between seasons. That’s crazy too. This show is so good it is impossible to understand how they make it. And why is it not walking away with all the Emmees” Nothing makes sense anymore. Cr*p sells, cr*p gets awards, true genius 360 degrees gets overlooked and who do you complain to? Why aren’t the critics writing about this constantly?

  40. Laurel

    Love this show can’t wait until VIKINGS is back!

  41. Nicole

    I love the Vikings TV show, hurry up season 3. This show has a great story line and is always keeping me on the edge of my seat. My husband and I watch this together every night it’s on. Keep this show coming.

  42. Colleen

    I too think the seasons should follow closer together! Vikings is an amazing series. I will definitely be waiting & watching!

  43. Tim

    Love the show, Game of Thrones and Vikings are the best shows out!

  44. Montana Carson

    My boyfriend was watching a rerun of the first season. Next thing I know, I am rooted to the couch and didn’t quit until I was completely caught up. Can’t wait to see what happens now Ragnor is king. I certainly hope that they don’t cancel the show without giving us (the fans) a proper ending to an entrancing show.

  45. Barbara

    The very best action/adventure/romance I have ever watched! I started watching after my sister in Eastern Canada told me about it last winter. We are both avid fans and watch reruns whenever possible. Waiting impatiently for Season three and clearing all other commitments for the premier. Please don’t cancel this show! By the way, my sister and I are in our late sixty’s, early seventies. You’re never too old for this kind of excitement!!!

  46. Mike R

    Very Awesome show! I have watched the first two seasons several times over and cant wait for the third. I have turned on several friends to it also We all are anxious for season three.

  47. Shoshana

    This is one of the most authentic history shows I have seen. Plus the actors are fabulous and so
    very fun to watch. Please do not remove Lagertha or in fact any of these fine actors from the show. These beautiful people really add to our enjoyment. The battle scenes really get the
    adrenaline going. I hope that this show runs for many series.

  48. Yvonne

    Vikings is one of THE MOST AWESOME SERIES on television. The storyline, filming location, and most of all the actors make this series a hit with me. I have watched the first 2 series repeatedly! I am anxiously awaiting for series 3! It’s been a long time in coming!! Thank you History Ch for airing this awesome show!!

  49. Kelley

    I was lucky enough to see the ads for this show when it first started so I have watched this from the beginning. I agree with others that this show doesn’t have enough episodes. I am constantly trying to figure out when it is coming back on. Know it comes on around this time but have to look it up so I don’t miss it. Also got my mom and sister watching this show too.

  50. Julian Langley

    Vikings and black sails,,there both awesome.i can’t wait for season 3,I’m still hanging on the cliff from last show ever for the history channel

  51. margy

    History channel has some good programs but Vikings is NOT one of them.
    It is nothing more than a bad soap opera set in Viking times. Fakey romance and endless killing. The Photog stinks, what color there is is awful, and it is a truly visually ugly, ridiculously bloody program. I like reading Viking history, but this show is just trash, being a typical soap, and adds zip to knowledge of the era.
    How much longer will Vikings supercede fun and interesting programs? Several times new episodes of some are advertised, then get usurped.
    Part of History Channel’s problem is the employees who change programming around after advertising it; all who do that, including whoever supervises, should be told to find new careers. They sure don’t belong in TV.
    Pawn Stars drifts around, comes on unpredictably; it’s a neat series with lots of interesting history, even if no one can stand Chumley. Pickers is also really fun. Where did Restoration program go? Where’s the Count? Plus a few more.
    No, can’t have them, Vikings is all the rage–to the programmers, maybe.
    Why can’t the good shows come on at regular times in the evenings? And for more than an hour? Lately, Pawn is allowed 1 hour on early Thursday, then instead of continuing a while, the idiot Vikings takes over all prime time.
    History Channel could do so much better than pander to that single, low-class series. Other subjects might be fascinating, like early trappers and explorers, or medieval times, or…anything else. Just because it’s from a Canadian company doesn’t make it worthwhile.

    • Brenda Fox

      Well I guess we are all have a right to say what we like and dislike and thats how life goes and the shows you mention I see them alot of times, so I as a vikings fan think we should not have to wait so long for the series to come to us just like the ones you mentioned and like I do as well, but vikings is history and does take longer to see each serires to come out then all the other ones you have mentioned which are all great, the channel and all of the shows that people love is very exciting and we all have our own beliefs and what we like, but yes what a great channel with great shows lined up, cheers 🙂

  52. Theadore

    One word describes The “Vikings”….Fantastic. The best series next to Hell on Wheels as number 2.

  53. Brenda Fox

    Vikings is the number 1 show and I am always looking forward to it, at times I keep looking for when the new episodes are coming and starting Love the show and the history and the actors and everyone involved in this vkings show, thank you for such a fantastic show from every part of it, I know it takes time to do the shows before air time, but I guess that we as fans are excited to watch our favorite show, we wait too long in between each segment, and goes by so quick thats the Love of watching the show. when is the next one coming out? release date please so excited !! 🙂 Love it so much and fantastic and thank you for sharing and coming up with excellent series of shows!! Love from a true Viking fan, woohoo keep them coming please, cheers 🙂

  54. Marian Corbin

    I love VIKINGS. Please keep it coming. I change my work schedule to watch tho program. I am 52 years old and I have never watched a whole program except VIKINGS. This is a great compliment because I can’t be still and stay interested. Love Vikings and Ragnar.

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