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The Returned season 2: premiere air date

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When does The Returned start on SundanceTV in 2015? The show was renewed for a season 2! The premiere air date still unknown.

TV-channels: Canal+ (France), SundanceTV
S1 episode 1: November 26, 2012
Created by: Fabrice Gobert
Genre: Supernatural drama

Season 1 Episode 1: 1.91 million UK viewers

Season 1 Episode 8: 1.38 million UK viewers

French television series «The Returned» was launched on its motherland back in 2012 and managed to attract the attention of about 2 million viewers. Then it premiered abroad in several countries including the USA (October 2013). The show got 92 out of 100 rating from Metacritic as well as many positive reviews of cinematography experts.

World success of the TV-project let the rights holders renew it for season 2, the shooting of which started in the second half of 2014. The approximate release date of the first out of eight ordered episodes is scheduled for the middle of 2015 on Canal+, and the information concerning the premiere in the USA hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Let’s wait!

UPDATE 1 (August 19, 2015): The second season of The Returned series will debut on Sundance this fall. Filming for the second season ended on April 7, 2015.

UPDATE 2 (September 17, 2015): Sundance will premiere Season 2 of the acclaimed French series The Returned on October 31, 2015 (at 10/9c).

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  1. julia

    I absolutely loved season 1 and understand production problems, but, now that you are a success don’t let this happen again. Not many people will wait more than 2 years for a show to return especially only 8 episodes. Will be keeping fingers crossed.

    • z

      Not to mention if you don’t have sundance channel. I am waiting for Netflix or another option maybe amazon. But come on we need to know what happens next!

  2. tamra

    omgoodness! I have been awaiting the return of ‘The Returned’! I was flipping through my guide last night and saw a rerun of an episode from season 1 and I realized then just how much I missed this show. Please hurry and put season 2 on for us here. Thank you!

  3. Shannon

    LOVE The Returned….hope the,American version does it justice. Thrilled about Season 2….it has been way too long!

  4. david

    I just watched the american verison on A&E. It wasnt as good. Is there any where I can order the french DVD’s ?? I want to watch the good verison.

    • debbie

      just watched the French version. Loved it better than American version! Got the whole first season from my local library!

    • z

      I Know right! Anytime they copy a show its never as good. Do they not understand its everything the actors the tone the locations you cannot re-package that!

  5. Maryna

    Grew up 45 mins from where season one was filmed. One of the most beautiful places. French version was very well done. Hope season 2 comes soon.

  6. Mick

    My husband and I enjoyed the 1st season and have been waiting for the 2nd. Don’t take it off the air, it seems like every good series gets dumped. Getting fed up with TV

  7. Arti

    I so confused! I was a big fan of season 1 and couldn’t wait tonight to plop down and watch the season 2 opener. All of the cast has changed and it is now in French with English subtitles. I’ve been searching Internet for an explanation,but I can find no info. Does anyone know what happened? Will they be showing the English version?

    • Jamie

      I am so confused also. That’s why I’m on this post, to find out what’s going on. Hopefully, someone knows. Thanks!

      • SSSK

        It’s a french television series. The Returned (U.S. version) was cancelled by A&E after one season.

  8. Mike Woolard

    Never fails when something interesting airs, A&E has developed some very good TV viewing then nothing whats wrong with the premise of excellant writing , gets one hooked to watch then ………..

  9. Rossetti

    I wonder why A&E would cancel the best show they ever aired! Also, it wasn’t advertised enough. What a bummer, look at the current reviews for SEAS 1 on Netflix…Almost solid 5*.

    A&E do you realize how rare it is to get so many people to love one thing?!

  10. Kari

    I just bing watched this in 2 days and was looking for season 2….not going to happen???

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