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The Whispers season 2

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When will a second season of The Whispers be out? We are waiting for the premiere date on ABC in 2016. What about the new episodes early start?

The script of the pilot episode of the new ABC television series The Whispers was bought from Steven Spielberg and Amblin Television company at the end of 2013. In two months the shootings started and Mark Romanek was invited to the team as a director. After the casting Lily Rabe, known by American Horror Story show, got the main role.

Initially, the shootings took place in Los-Angeles, but after the complete season ordering, ABC Studios had to remove the production of the remaining episodes to Vancouver, which some actors didn’t like. The show premiered on June 1, 2015 and it was watched by 5.66 million Americans. The reviews were very different, but the positive ones prevailed.

Successful start gave reasons for the discussions on project future and there were rumors that the rights holders were ready to announce about the renewal of the show for Season 2. The matter is that the agreements with the main actors ended on June 30, that’s why the rapid decision concerning the show renewal would be quite reasonable. Unfortunately, after the fifth episode the rating of the show fell to 0.8 and ABC decided to wait a little with the show future and to give time for the contractual agreements with the main actors to expire.

The Whispers season 2 premiere – [cancelled] (UPDATE 2)

It is known for sure that Lily Rabe will come back only in a few episodes, in case the show is renewed. Now experts have some doubts concerning the renewal of the show in 2016, but the verdict should be made by ABC. We are following news and as soon as the final decision is made – it will be published here.

UPDATE 1 (October 16, 2015): Milo Ventimiglia posted on Twitter that a second season was not happening.

UPDATE 2 (October 22, 2015): It’s officially! ABC has cancelled The Whispers after one low-rated season.

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  1. bella22

    The Whispers hasn’t been cancelled as far as I know. Hope for season 2

  2. Florida K.

    I love this show, the actors, their characters, the story, writting… Don’t cancel it. Give a chance!

  3. Curtis Widman

    I hope they cancel this series. Bad script writing and bad acting. Bring back Forever!

    • kionna

      frrr your not even lieng

  4. Iora

    This show is getting very interesting. It would be a shame if they canceled it. It is getting really good. I have learned to not judge shows on the first few episodes and even on special occasions not to judge the first season. There are good shows that have been canceled that needed to continue, and this show is one of the ones that makes you think. It would be bad if they canceled it without a proper ending. I really want to figure out who Drill really is and why only kids are able to hear him.

  5. haley nicole

    they do not need to cancel this show. this show is my absolute favorite next to OITNB. I just finished the first season. im ready for the second. this series has me he on the edge of my seat. it keeps me in my comfort zone and makes me forget about everything. I don’t know what to even say about them even thinking about canceling this show. id be beyond mad if they did. millions of people love this show. and im the number one fan. you cant take happiness away from the viewers. but this is one amazing show and a lot of people know and believe it. THE NUMBER ONE THE WHISPERS FAN FOR LIFE xD

  6. Kathy schrieber

    It needs to finish up this summer with a real final, don’t just drop it.

  7. scifi4life

    If ABC doesn’t pick up lets hope Netflix will!

  8. Wendy Blum

    My 2 cousins and I have very vague memories of watching a TV movie (?) in the 1950’s as very young children, about Drill. We were terrified and never forgot “him”. Growing up and even as adults “Drill” was our code word and we thought we were the only ones who knew about it! We even wondered if it was a figment of our imaginations. We were beyond excited when we learned about The Whispers. It is an excellent series, but we want everyone to know that the 1st generation of aliens wasn’t 30+ years ago in 1982, but 60+ years ago in the 1950’s!!! This current Drill is generation 3!!!!! It MUST continue!!!

    • Janey

      this is awesome to hear! It makes it even more real!

  9. Lori

    Cannot believe the first season is over! It just left us hanging! This is one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. I do not usually watch tv but I am hooked! Can’t wait for season 2!

  10. Janey

    I love this show! Please don’t cancel! I have recorded every episode and have re-watched them with my 11 year old granddaughter. We love it and would be very upset if canceled.

  11. Heather

    Love, love, love this show. Hope it returns and that Lily Rabe also returns for more then a few episodes

  12. Pam

    Season 2 please. So many shows get cancelled without really checking with viewers. Yes a lot of us need to use our DVR’s bout that should tell you something. As busy and full as our lives are as much as there are things that take precedence WE STILL RECORD THE SHOW. I truly don’t think you have a valid way of knowing what we like. Too many people talk about their favorite shows being cancelled. I have sat in the waiting room at Dr.s and heard complete strangers talk about The Whispers and hoping it returns. You truly need to find a way to get in touch with viewers.

  13. emma

    Please do not cancel the show because me and my mom are loving the show and it left with a mysterious ending just please do not cancel the show

  14. Amber

    My daughter and I loved the show. I hope they bring it back, they left us hanging. Please do not cancel this show!!

  15. Carol

    I want to c more it’s a good show now we won’t know what happened

  16. Kimberly

    I love this movie hope u guys bring season two it’s really interesting

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