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The Last Ship season 3 premiere date 2016

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The Last Ship was renewed for a 13-episode third season. When will Season 3 Premiere in 2016? We want to know the start date!

The television series The Last Ship is based on the novel of the same name by William Brinkley. The development of TV-adaptation was launched in May 2013, when TNT officially confirmed ordering of the first season. Its premiere got many positive reviews of critics and high scores on Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes, which allowed renewing the show for the second season without hesitation.

The story tells about a pandemic, which destroys the population of the world. Only 20% of population managed to survive, but their lives are in danger too, as the cure for the given epidemic is not yet found. Only one member of the crew is able to save the humanity.

Carefully considered plot and brilliant acting let the show The Last Ship to keep its positions on air and demonstrate high rating. Despite the fact that the number of viewers has already fallen above 3 million people, the rights holders have renewed the show for Season 3 (13 episodes) and the creators confirmed that they have ready to keep shooting.

The premiere date of the first episode is scheduled for June 19, 2016 (at 9/8, with a two-hour opener), and the contractual agreements of the main actors have been extended for one more year. Have you expected such an early renewal for the third season?

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  1. Melissa Turner

    Great show! So glad they will continue to tell this story

  2. Jina

    Absolutely love this show. Looking forward to Summer 2016 now!

  3. Bert P.

    I am not surprised this got a third season. The story line has progressed in almost every episode in both seasons. Can’t wait Season 3

  4. OsVa

    I’m REALLY enjoying this show!

  5. mike09

    I have to wait till june 2016 … Thats garbage. Cant wait! Throw us a mini fix before hand. This js thw beat series since black list.

  6. Bill gott

    Awesome show didn’t think I would get into it far a great story line thanks bill

  7. meanolfart

    I very rarely watch tv miniseries, but Last Ship got my attention because of the Navy association and I was hooked from there.

  8. Lorraine

    I was hooked on this show since the first episode and have enjoyed every single one since. I hope that Season 3 remains as thrilling but waiting until June 2016 is going to be tough! The story line, the characters have made this show a huge hit.

  9. Fred

    I’m an old Army guy but I like this show very much. Enough action, nothing far fetched and a good story line. I hope they don’t get stuck in St. Louis all the time. Better not kill off Rachel or I’ll be pissed.

  10. Jeff

    I wish they would make it a 26 weekly series instead of the 13 week! I like the characters and the plot!

  11. Bojangles

    It is great show. Can’t wait for June 2016

  12. PB

    Great show. I am so glad it is coming back.

  13. Phil

    Hope they run into another Navy ship

  14. loveth

    I have been waiting for the continuation of this show,at last it’s around d corner

  15. DANIEL


  16. alfred rule

    love the show great stories, good suspense and drama

  17. Janice

    Can’t wait! Fantastic show.

  18. steve

    love this show and read the William Brinkley novel as well called the last ship both are awesome

  19. Linda R

    I really like this show. I wish it was a lot longer than 13 weeks.

  20. SLYSI


  21. Dan

    This is a great show! and great shows can’t end with the cliffhanger season 2 ended with… they owed us at least another season to, if nothing else, wrap up a better ending. but i would like to see this show run for more than 3 seasons…with dr. rachel scott alive!

  22. Dennis

    Just finished watching season 2 in under a week…I am starting to get the shakes “hope I survive until the release of season 3”
    The Trailers and comments given by the actors on disc 3 have even got them excited.

  23. Jane Josefson

    If they would have given it a 20+ episode season, this show would have done better last year!

  24. Betty

    Yeah! Love this, love this show. Look forward to it every year.

  25. Ginger

    Love this show. Glad it’s back. I have it noted on my calendar!!

  26. Dave Richardson

    I am so grateful that The Last Ship is continuing. It is a really great program. Besides I love the Navy. I think first order of business in Season 3 is to get that punk who killed Dr. Scott and string him up to the highest yard. No, give him the virus, put him in a cell and let him rot. I am all for Captain Chandler being CNO as long as his XO will be Chief of Staff. And MCM Jeter is Command Master Chief. Hoowaah!!!!!!!

  27. Greg

    Great story and acting! You can tell the military is providing technical advisement just by correct saluting. This show should be on the fall schedule. Keep it action oriented. Thanks.

  28. Dave J

    BS that they postponed the 3rd season start of The Last Ship just cause some manic piece of shit muslim dog went on another shooting rampage. This is exactly what they want attention and anyway to disrupt our normal lives. I’m sure the relatives of those killed wouldn’t be watching TV tonight anyway.

  29. MW

    I was hoping that Dr. Scott would still be in the show – she is the basis for all that has happened so far and it is weird that she has been cut just like that. Still hoping that she is just being held in secure place until the man that shot her is caught. You can still bring her back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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