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To Love-Ru Darkness season 2: release date

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A season 2 of anime adaptation of To LOVE-Ru Darkness was announced! When does the second season start? We are waiting for the release in 2015!

Studio: Xebec
Licensed by: Sentai Filmworks
Directed by: Atsushi Ootsuki
Music by: Takeshi Watanabe

In December 2012 the first season of anime-show «To Love-Ru Darkness» was broadcast. Project received many positive reviews from the fans all over the world, who simply bombarded the creators with questions concerning the release date of season 2.

Initially, Xebec representatives were very laconic about the continuation, talking only about the start of several OVA. At the end of 2014 it became known, that the next OVA would be released on April 3, 2015 and the season of anime series was being worked on.

The release date of the new episodes is scheduled for 2015, but at the moment this is all we know. It has been confirmed, that the new season will reunite the main cast and staff from the first season.

Follow the updates!

UPDATE 1: Release date – July 6, 2015.

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  1. Polycell

    Finally… is was overdue to get a second season, considering the manga’s popularity!

  2. Lillie0+

    Can’t wait to see how the plot is.

  3. BlackFox

    I can’t f*ckin wait! Give me season 2 sooooooner!

  4. Blahs

    I feel like the manga is enough for me. Not sure if I’m going to watch it.

  5. Maize

    Omg another season! The best harem series is back ))

  6. Yuna99

    I just watched the anime and I want more. To LOVE-ru really never fails me it’s always the best ))

  7. rad

    Yes this is I’ve been waiting for o love ru is the best I love it so much

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