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Haikyuu!! season 2: release date

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When does Haikyuu season 2 come out? The anime series received good reviews and start air date is coming! We are waiting for the release in 2015!

Directed by: Susumu Mitsunaka
Written by: Taku Kishimoto
Licensed by: Sentai Filmworks
Studio: Production I.G

Haikyuu!! anime series premiered in April 2014 and the final episodes of the first season were released in September. The project received many positive reviews and attracted a lot of fans of sports anime all over the world.

In December the previous year the 14th volume of manga was released and in the same time the creators of anime show announced about the start of works on season 2. The exact release date of fresh episodes is unknown yet, but it is anticipated in October 2015.

We’re waiting for Production I.G official data, but if you are the first to know the date of premier, share it in comments. Let’s support the anime series together!

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  1. Kenny Shock

    So excited to hear this! I want more of my volleyball boys! Can’t wait season 2. My favorite anime ever!

  2. ^Susumu^


  3. MangakaMan

    This made my day so much better. I’ve gotta go rewatch season 1.

  4. LaLaLin

    I think, release date possible in spring 2015.

  5. bee99

    The first season was great and the manga is supeeeeeeeeer popular, so a second anime season comes as no surprise.

  6. tooru

    I just finished the series (s1) and I am craving for more. It’s great! The first season was awesome and either they’ll air in spring again or summer but I can’t wait longer than this.

  7. Kurabu!

    Too many sports anime returning this year. It’s great!

  8. WildSakura

    Please, I hope it is really true. More Kageyama X Hinata!

  9. Talia Wies

    As a manga reader, I cannot wait to see my favorite moments animated! Hurry up!

  10. FeenFy

    The manga is selling like f*cking crazy! Around 2 million copies! Of course Haikyuu would get a second season! Can’t wait for release in 2015!

  11. Woods

    THE BEST SPORT ANIME OF 2014! Needs to come out in between August 2015!

  12. Syd

    I loved this anime along with kurokos basketball I hope in season 2 hinata becomes more like a flying star because I loved this anime. Deffinetly one of my favorite animes and that’s a lot coming from me. Keep it up guys

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