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Nisekoi season 2: release date

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When does Nisekoi season 2 come out in 2015? The release date of the second season has been announced. We are waiting for the start air!

Directed by: Naoyuki Tatsuwa, Akiyuki Shinbo
Written by: Fuyashi Tou
Studio: Shaft

Anime-adaptation of «Nisekoi» manga premiered in January last year and the final episode of the first season had been scheduled for May. The project was appraised by many fans of anime-series, which ensured its second season.

The work on the new episodes started in October 2014, which was officially announced by Shaft representatives. Two months later on the official page of the project on Twitter the information concerning the release date of season 2 of «Nisekoi» television series, which was scheduled for April 10, 2015, was released.

Also it was announced, that voice actress Ayane Sakura will play a new character, Haru Onodera.

We’re waiting in anticipation!

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  1. GodlyTruth

    Haru is the best girl. Get ready! The manga still doesn’t carry out a plot xD But I will be looking forward to this anime.

  2. Kait3n

    April 2015 – it’s only release in Japan ((

  3. Chitoge

    Yes finally! I like this anime a lot. Can’t wait for April.

  4. Rito2AU

    Can’t wait!!! I hope Tsugumi gets the attention she deserves this season!

  5. -Ston3w0LF- (Post Author)

    I think, it’ll take 3-4 seasons of the anime to cover the manga.

  6. WildMiss

    I think all the manga readers knew this was coming ))

  7. LeoMast

    Awesome! I’ll be looking forward to another season.

  8. Kojou

    Looking forward to it….CANT WAIT :))))))))

  9. Samahy

    Csak anyit kérdeznék hogy mikor jön ki a 2.évad 13.rész vagy 3.évad 1.rész?

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