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True Blood season 8?

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When does True Blood season 8 premiere on HBO? Will television drama series be canceled or renewed? Fans are waiting for start air date in 2015!

TV-channel: HBO
Pilot episode: September 7, 2008
Created by: Alan Ball

Season 1 Episode 1: 1.44 million U.S. viewers

Season 7 Episode 1: 4.03 million U.S. viewers

Alan Bell’s television series «True Blood» won’t be broadcast in 2015. This information has been officially confirmed by the HBO management.

The fans believed, the creators would appreciate high ratings of the show, which the project had in the current year and it will be renewed for the season 8. But it didn’t happen.

Michael Lombardo, (president, HBO Programming) expressed his gratitude to the creators for such a quality work and even said it was hard for him to say goodbye to the cast.

Alan Bell thanked both HBO television channel and the viewers, «who chose to spend Sunday nights in Bon Temps with us».

So should the season 8 be created or the television series is to be finished?

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  1. Charles S.

    Ok HBO! good job. I loved seasons 1-3 so much but season 4 was the beginning of the end. The story lines are so poorly written and the dialogue is just awful.

  2. Angela

    they should do a spin off true blood series

  3. RIP

    Agreed! The series has gone seriously downhill.

  4. Jason

    True Blood died after Season 2 for me.

  5. Eric Must

    NOOOOOOO!!!! Seriously I am cancelling my HBO subscription if you end True Blood!

  6. Sam R.

    dont end its such a great show

  7. Elle

    the only good thing about this show was Godric and Russell. After they both gone it was so dull and uninteresting for me.

  8. Sara Corcor

    After True Blood season 7 is over, I will cancel HBO.

  9. Jarmo Boyd

    really love the show and was sad that wll end

  10. Phil Serieux

    they need to keep it running that is a very good show

  11. Stella

    im confused why is this the final season? why end it here?

  12. NestoR

    Really the 1st three seasons were the best. Sookie was only good with Bill.

  13. Parker L.

    I love the show and watch it every week. I need season 8!

    • Tbyrd4life

      Is there gonna be a season 8

  14. Hooked Roy

    I can’t think of life without the show. I read the first few books but when I watched the show I got hooked. make season 8, pleaseeee

  15. Steve

    HBO has been saying for a while season 7 will be the last

  16. Geleana

    I really wish true blood series would continue, it was one of the best tv shows there was. There was something at every episode that drawled you in. And when it was over I almost cried. It was such a part of my tv world. There’s not a lot of tv that I watch very few shows I look forward to seeing and true blood was one of those. I believe that if it was to come back on in some way. See at the end so okie was pregnant and they never showed the face of the guy she ended up with. We fans need to know who it was and what he was . Normal, vamp, fary, werewolf or shapeshifter. Then there’s the baby what will it be… With Jessica and Hoyt I loved they got married but do they have kids and so on . It could become a whole new true blood series with the kids growing up and things happening. And like the drink at the end new blood . That could be the title of the new series.. Which takes me to one more . What about Sarah in the basement. Did they make her so she would live forever and supply them blood. Or what are eric and Pam going to do with her later.. So much could still be done it doesn’t have to be over. As good as the ending was it doesn’t have to end like that. I know people would watch it just try and see that’s all I’m asking… Love true blood. And however the outcome I will watch the DVDs over and over… A great cast love them all.

  17. kathy

    do not end true blood let go on I know people watch it keep it on

  18. Melissa

    You have to have a season 8 I love true blood. Ever time I start to love a series someone cancels it please don’t cancell it make season 8……

  19. Nancy

    Read the books, watched 1 season; hooked on it like meth. Bought amazon Prime so I could watch them. Now, you end it. No reason to get more. Tired of being drawn in with a really great show, then, for some reason, probably the top guns aren’t getting enough money, the show stops. Already quite regular TV. Got Hulu and Netflix. Dropped Netflix. Bought Prime. Would have dropped Hulu for Prime and kept watching True Blood. Now, at an old age, know Bonanza was one of the longest running shows…and no in today’s creative market has the cajones to keep a show going long enough to be a legend. Not anymore. No sticking power. Real tired of it.

  20. Esvin

    If the show is canceled then I will have no need for HBO.
    No true blood no HBO

  21. charles s

    True blood is a hell of a show us as fans need it to keep going please don’t let it stop there

  22. yours truly

    If this is the last season, it’s bullsh*t! I’ve watched every season, every episode and to end now is ridiculous. Those of you that say it went downhill or got “boring” should’ve kept watching.

  23. leighann

    Need season 8 can’t just end the show.no try blood no HBO

  24. miranda

    I think true blood should continue but instead of true blood season 8 why not be new blood season 1. cause it doesn’t end right. sookie is pregnant but it doesn’t show the face of her new guy or if the fairy trait carries on or not. doesn’t say what goes on with bon temp’s people.. needs to continue… should do 7 seasons of New Blood like they did 7 seasons of true blood

  25. Mario

    Sad to see the show go I got into the season late was surprised to see that true blood was an HBO production. Hate to see it go I dont know why they couldn’t keep it going it just needed to be polished up with better direction. I think the series was kind of corny and it had this weird comedy to it but I liked it so shows are over the top but this show didn’t care. Definitely not main stream and if it wasn’t for viewers they would have taken it down long ago. I never liked the title sequence i think it could have been improved and each season i thought it would be killed because it stayed the same. I think who ever was making the final decisions in the direction the show was going didn’t care about its future.

  26. Jennifer

    They should have a season 8

  27. Tbyrd4life

    I love all the Episodes of true blood. Will there be a season 8.

  28. Walter J. Langbein

    Officially TRUE BLOOD ends with Season 7. But there is no reason, why it should Not Be continued. Sookie is preagnant, she still has got her power, who is her new partner, what about New Blood… There are so many stories yet untold, there is still so much to Be discovered in this Strange World of humans, vampires and Other Strange creatures. So let the Story Be continued.

  29. Mary

    There should be a season 8 in order to bring a more complete closure. I believe a spinoff would be a great idea, as there are still many fans of the show out here.

  30. Bontempsfan

    This is the time of year I would eagerly be waiting for the season premiere of True Blood. But HBO screwed that up. The show definitely had one or two more seasons of life in it, with the right writing. Season 7 left many unanswered questions. Is there at least a movie in the works??

  31. Rutha

    I watched all 7 seasons of true blood, I really hope you bring it back to HBO. I also bought the whole set and I’ve jwatched them over and over. I want to know what’s up with that New Blood.

  32. Otilia Bruck

    I am devastated. This makes me so mad that I never want to get into an other T.V. show again. Television is always doing this. You just lost a viewer

  33. Stacy

    I LOVE TRUE BLOOD! Please oh please let there be a season 8! Im begging you guys! You cant leave it like that!

  34. lindsey

    I love True Blood… Why would you do this to all of us fans…

  35. Moet Drisdale

    I think that you yall should have a season 8 because..It was the only thing i watched on HBO and now that its gone therse’s no need for HBO are anything else this show gave me life and now its gone no its apart of me missing……Please Bring It Back!!!!!!!!

  36. Sarah

    DAMN IT, CREATE IT. People are still watching and waiting for the next drama. Also I agree with Moet Drisdale it is the only reason we got HBO, so let us all know ASAP. Otherwise we cancel HBO.

  37. Donna Jo Keller

    Please continue with the Season 8 This is a awesome series. I abaolutely love it, so much better than the books.

  38. Jess

    “New Blood” should be the New season eight with a edge of new & familiar faces for story lines take the finale of season seven turn it into “New Blood ” rewatch the last episode .

  39. charmell

    I want trueblood back

  40. Kelli

    I just binge watched 4 seasons!!! I loved it!! SEASON’8 is a MUST

  41. katie neal

    please bring true blood back asap! I need more! more more!

  42. Jab Raven Allen

    believe that TrueBlood could have had a season 8 or a spin off using and based on new characters; especially with the passage of gay marriage act and transgender performers. One of the things that kept Buffy alive as a series was its ability to not only change with the times but to bring in new writers, and tackle issues of race, gender and class as it related to growing up in the modern world. I really believe that this could have become a vehicle for keeping the show going with pardon the phrase new blood. For instance an illuminati conspiracy ran by supernatural beings that spill out into Bon Temps and Norleans.

  43. Stackhouse

    F*ck ya all ( Jason Stackhouse )

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