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Turn no season 5

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TURN season 5 release

Will there be Turn season 5? The fans want to know the release date in 2018. Bad news… The series set to end after four seasons on AMC.

It’s time for the final battle of the series Turn. It is confirmed that there will be no 5th season, so the release date for new episodes should not be expected.

The news, of course, is sad, but the right holders insist that such ending of this part of the story will be most appropriate. In an interview, Craig Silverstein (showrunner) thanked the cast and creative team for the excellent work, and paid special attention to the professionalism of Barry Josephson and Alexander Rose. All these people have contributed to the success of the project, so they deserve to be respected.

Also Craig said that he has been pleased with his cooperation with AMC, so he is very hopeful for further contracts with this channel.

Well, we saw an excellent adaptation of one part of the history of America, but still we would like to renewal for the 5th season in 2018.

Turn season 5 no release date – [ended]

If you have the same opinion, then leave your feedback in the comments, because now it is very important.

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  1. James F.

    Great show! I grew up right in Stony Point and West Point. This is one of the best historical shows I’ve ever seen. Thanks AMC!

  2. -8Ann8-

    I wish they would do a 5th season!

  3. abby

    do a 5th season! Please!


    we all want season 6 – 10. You have ton’s of material and such a great cast. You have a following, just continue and it will continue to grow. Tons and Tons of rerun’s. I really like TurN; No foul language, Longmier is the same no BAD language. These programs PROVE there is great entertainment with out the use of such pitiful language. Hollywood TAKE A HINT!!!!!

  5. Ilene

    So disappointed to learn that the series is ending….excellent historical drama, substantive and well acted… wish another entity would pick the series up.

  6. Allyson cover

    Please do a season 5!!! We have enjoyed this series so much and it has sparked an interest in this period of history.

  7. Cindy Brick

    How about a DVD of Season 4, at least?? I’d love to finish this out in our collection…

  8. Jake Shovan

    I don’t get some networks? Why cancel an amazing show? I’ve been waiting….. Figured I would search only to here bad news. Lame.

    Turn is an awesome show and it should have more seasons!

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