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TURN season 4 premiere date 2017

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TURN season 4 premiere date 2017

Will there be TURN: Washington’s Spies season 4? Is the series renewed or cancelled by AMC? We want to know the exact premiere date in 2017!

Will Season 4 of the series TURN: Washington’s Spies be on AMC in 2017? This question is interested to many fans that remain devoted to this project and continue to watch it.

At the moment, the number of viewers who do not miss an each episodes, is about 600 thousand people (according to USA statistics), but this is 25% less than it was during the broadcast of the second season in 2015. This trend is disturbing to the fans, and also makes the rumors that the show will be closed and there will be not Season 4.

The critics in their statements are always based on the rating of the series and this case is not an exception. The right holders of the series TURN: Washington’s Spies will have to take a difficult decision, because the AMC representatives are not ready to provide airtime to projects whose rating is falling steadily.

At the moment, a formal decision on the renewal or cancelling of the series TURN has not been made (UPDATE 1), so it still has a chance to get financing to create new episodes.

TURN season 4 premiere date – [June 17, 2017] (at 9/8c)

We follow the announcements and “fresh” data will be published in this article as it becomes available. And are you waiting for season 4?

UPDATE 1 (July 26, 2016): AMC has renewed Turn: Washington’s Spies for a fourth (and final) season. The 10-episode season will air in 2017. How about TURN season 5 release date?

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  1. Nora P.

    Keep going with this show please! The cast is great. Caleb and Ben are my favorites!

    • Brienna

      Amen! I named my son caleb! (not necessarily because of the show, but I do love those two!)

  2. Miriam

    When is season 3 coming out on DVD or Netflix?

    • Jana

      spring of 2017

    • Denise

      Please do a season 4 great show deserves another season.

    • Trey

      we just finished watching season 3 on Amazon prime for $24.95. Netflix better wake up. We are now watching more and better shows on Amazon. Check out Poldark…..amazing.

  3. Katrina H.

    This show has to be renewed! Seriously!

  4. Leonard

    Exceptional acting, just perfect. Please make SEASON 4

  5. Robert

    Please let their be a season 4. I live in Williamsburg va where some on the scenes were filmed, getting to watch a part of the show in seasons 1and2and3 was so awesome being up close to a star of the show was great, got a great autograph and picture with Owain Yeoman who is a great person and actor. Hope to see another season soon

    • Charles

      Never did this before for any show, but I’ve been constantly looking every day for news as to whether turn will be renewed. Best show on TV.

  6. Brienna

    They can’t leave us hanging! We need to see season 4!!

  7. CJ

    Great show. Please renew for season 4. Turn is one of the best shows on television. Look forward to it each week. Great acting. Please make a season 4.

  8. Rich M.

    One of the best shows on TV. I look forward to watching each week. Keep the show for season 4.

  9. Todd

    4th season please with about 20 episodes to.

  10. Alan

    I watched Season One on Netflix and was slow to tune into Season Two. Once I did the drama, superb writing and visual impact had me “binge watching” Season Two and then buying Season Three on Vudu. That fix only lasted three or four days and now I am searching the internet for news of a Season 4. To be left hanging and not bring the story to a whole ending would after developing so well these characters would be a shame. Please don’t leave us figuratively shivering in the cold at Valley Forge!

  11. Lkjensen

    Please do not cancel Turn! It has brought our family closer to our country’s heritage! This series has reading, studying, and traveling to those places you teach us in your series! We love the actresses & actors! We like to buy the seasons and watch them over and over! Thank you for teaching us how precarious it was for our ancestors and our nation!

  12. Suzanne Escovitz

    We love this series. So well acted and surprisingly suspense-full even though you know the outcome. Please renew for a Season 4! At least go through the end of the war!

  13. Stacey Hendrix

    Please please please do season 4

  14. Crystal

    Please renew! Last night’s season finale was so great. All the actors put on superb performances and while it’s a fictional show it also teaches some accurate history to fans. There is so much left to tell in this story that it would be a crime not to at least continue to the show to show the conclusion of the war.

  15. patty thompson

    Brilliant, well cast and the storyline is a nice twist on what we learned in school ! I alternately gritted my teeth and wept through the finale for season 3 – bring on season 4 please !

  16. Margaret Dowding

    Brilliant breathtaking full of suspense I love it please let there be a season 4. There’s not much good acting on tv these days but this is one of the good ones. We need to find out how the war ends and what becomes of the characters.

  17. Denise Stottern

    Didn’t even know this show was out there until I found it on Netflix ,couldn’t stop watching please bring it back.

  18. Ryan

    Got to at least close out the story. Don’t leave us hanging like Major John Andre.

  19. Joe Gangwer

    I think this show is fantastic.
    Please make season 4.

  20. Bob Andrews

    Turn offers American history at its best,only TV series that brings alive our American war of Independence.
    Please give us a season 4

  21. Bobbie Cooksey

    Please make a season 4.

  22. Sandra

    Please create a season 4 and 5 to show the full ending of the history of our nation! It is so well-acted and so rich in details I look forward to watching every week!

  23. Bob

    I hope for a season 4. The storyline was not leading at the end which was a sad possibility of not returning. If the writers look more into journal’s of Washington , no doubt a continued storyline could be made. The detail, characters, and educational propensities may not be drawing large numbers , but it does not mean the numbers can increase with story leads and twists.

  24. Eileen

    I have purchased both seasons 1 and 2. I have watched them back to back and am know watching Season 3 again. I just finished reading the book. I can’t imagine not having a Season 4 to look forward to. We need to see how the war ends and what happens to the characters that we have become acquainted with and attached to. The history is profound and interesting. The actors are so good I forget I am watching actors playing roles. It feels like taking a step back in time and getting to know the people who had a hand in forming our country. I love this show. We have to have a Season 4!!!

  25. Jane

    I am addicted to this series…please let there be a Season 4!!!!

  26. Susan

    Please renew Turn for a 4th season. So very few shows on TV are worth watching anymore and the historical aspects of the show have caused our family to become so interested in learning more about the Revolutionary War. Absolutely excellent show!

  27. D,R,Wright

    Way too dark, too shadowed, can’t make out clearly what is happening. Even though it is about spying, let’s see more than blackness. Even spies lived in daylight. I would love to be able to see the beautiful costumes and rooms. Too much shadowy TV screens are not very appealing.
    The speaking is so hard to understand, characters turn their heads away as they speak and ends of sentences are garbled or lost to hearing. Words are so often whispered (sounds like-sw-sw-sw), they are also lost to hearing! Truly, the words could be softly spoken and let your viewers in on the secret, we understand it is a secret but would like to know what the secret is!! This could be a wonderful show, but we have to turn the volume up just to figure out what they are saying and get past the phony accent, as well as the murky dark screen. Finally, sadly, in utter frustration, we turn “Turn” OFF!!
    Sadly, George Washington seems to appear a fool! Where is the respect we Americans have for the intelligence of the Father of our Country? You have a GREAT subject, surely you can do SO MUCH BETTER with it! (Leave out the immorality) Please Try! Waiting to see a much improved “Turn”.

  28. Susan Lindauer

    Excellent! Love the show! I just wish AMC would rebroadcast TURN several times during the week. I live in the Washington DC metro area & it’s frustrating that our own cable TV doesn’t broadcast it more! If more people could see it, ratings would explode. That’s a no brainer.

  29. Glen Trod

    Best American Revolution show ever besides the movie The Patriot. Would really mis it if not aired

  30. roe

    love this show please don’t cancel. people need to give it a chance to see how great it is!!!

  31. Patricia Burns

    with all the nonsense on television why would you even consider cancelling a show that maybe not quite word for word in the history book .. lets the viewer see how hard it was for our country to become the United States of America and what was given up for it..Please keep in mind the quality of the production and the actors who portray the Americans who fought for it..

  32. John S. Adams

    why start a season 1, 2, 3, or any more if you can not finish what you began. My son got me to watch season 1 and that was all it took. Please finish what was started and end it as it should be ended, the way it played out in history. Wonderful in every way, acting, costumes, and everything.

  33. Anna Marie

    Please give us a Season 4 to at least wrap up the series and end the war. We have been waiting 3 seasons for Captain Simcoe to finally meet his demise. You owe that to the loyal followers of this show.

  34. Shel

    Thank you, thank you. What an awesome show! We only have broadcast tv and Netflix. We just found Turn and can’t get enough. We’ve been dragging ourselves to work after going to bed way too late. The end of each episode makes it near impossible to turn the tv off. I understand that rating are what keep a show going, but in this day with so many channel choices, I would think that the channels would understand you need to give more time for people to find the shows in the first place. Maybe pitch it to the major networks or PBS.

  35. Joe

    Watched every episode of this well done series. A gripping depiction of an important element of the American Revolution. Awaiting the continuation of this dramatic story.

  36. Dave

    On the edge of my seat to see when the premiere date for season 4 is. I know it will be in April, but I have yet to see a commercial or trailer for it.

  37. bob

    only TV series I became addicted to. Just one more Please

  38. Joe

    Love the show!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please keep it going………………….

  39. Carol and Ron Harris

    WE have been waiting impatiently for the next season. Absolutely cannot wait. This is been such a treat. Need some more advertising for others to catch it. Many I have talked to have not heard about it…but not everyone here has cable. Thank you so much for this program.

  40. Trey

    All we are seeing is April 2017 for season 4. Can anyone tell me the actual date when it airs?

  41. Veronica

    Please renew the show for season 4. This show is fantastic and I really can’t wait to see how you wrapped up all the plot lines. If you don’t renew it will be as if reading a really good book only to get to the end and someone removed the final chapter. This show is so well written and acted. One of the best episodes was when Mary tries to kill Simecoe. Such a serious subject and yet the episode was hilarious! Again, please renew. Thank you.

  42. JC

    This is a GREAT show!! Love the cast and history behind it. There is NOT much worth watching on tv anymore. Please let this air along with reruns of all episodes. Anyone discouraged with the way our country is heading should be watching this. Our forefathers gave their all for our country as do our military today. This is worth watching!!

  43. KM

    Please . . . I’d really like this series to continue. I met Woodhull’s great-great (how many greats I can’t remember) grandson and live by William Floyd Estate and Manor of St. George. This means so much to me. Great series, acting, settings, etc.

  44. MG

    Captain Simcoe is a real S.O.B. but I would love to meet Samuel Roukin . He plays the part so freaking well.

  45. Ellie

    We love the series
    Please let us watch Season 4, the last season, so we can finish what we started

  46. Culper V


  47. James Packard

    One of the best shows on TV. Watched one season on regular tv and after that I was really hooked. Watched the other 2 seasons on Netflix. Please tie up the show before it ends for good

  48. P.T.Coia

    It would be so dissappointing to see Turn cancelled. I, for one, have been anticiating it’s continuation with Season 4 since the finale of Season 3. Please, nix any thoughts of
    cancelling this excellent program. The performaces, the characters, along with it’s historical content is superb.

  49. Debi

    Impressive historical series that should be continued through the Revolutionary period in America. Would be an awesome idea to extend the same type of intriguing story line through the late 1700’s and up through to circa 1900 (Teddy Roosevelt’s administration).

  50. E Ward

    Great show watched from the start, great insight into American history, please let it continue beyond season 4, acting fantastic, love the characters… It would be sure a shame to cancel any further productions.

  51. Paul

    Sorry I missed this great show until recently. PLease keep the program going with season 4 and more. Sometimes it takes a little while for people to latch onto a fantastic series.

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