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TURN: Washington’s Spies season 3 start date 2016

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When will TURN season 3 be out in 2016? The show has all the chances to be renewed for the new season. What about the premiere air date on AMC?

TV-channel: AMC
Genre: Historical drama
Starring: Jamie Bell, Seth Numrich, Daniel Henshall, Heather Lind…

Season 1 Episode 10: 1.61 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 Episode 6: 0.74 million U.S. viewers

The start of the second season of «TURN» television series attracted only 830 thousand Americans, which is two times less than it has been during its final episode of the first season broadcast. The rating has also reduced, which is very sad.

Of course, the changing of its airtime of the new episodes from Sunday to Monday influenced the number of its viewers, which made the critics doubt in the renewal of the show for Season 3.

According to one of the interviews of executive producer Craig Silverstein, this story can de developed for several seasons, that’s why there is no reason to worry about its rapid ending. But will the creators be able to keep the show on air?

The fact that «TURN» has appeared on Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video increases its chances for the new season, that’s why the premiere date of the renewal has all the chances to be announced.

TURN: Washington’s Spies season 3 start – [April 25, 2016] (UPDATE 2)

Let’s wait for the announcement! Follow the updates.

UPDATE 1 (July 15, 2015): AMC has renewed Turn: Washington’s Spies for a 10-episode third season to air next year (no exact date yet).

UPDATE 2 (Jan.8, 2016): Washington’s Spies will return on April 25, 2016 (at 10/9c). Will there be TURN SEASON 4? How about TURN season 5 release date?

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  1. Philip Mcgee

    TURN is my favorite show on AMC. Please, keep it!

  2. ADAM R.

    It’s the only show I watch on AMC channel. TURN is the best series I ever seen. Hope for season 3

  3. Hugh

    Yes I want next season of TURN. This show has to be renewed! Terrific acting and plot. It definitely shouldn’t be over.

  4. Chris

    TURN is the best series on television. I love that the Marqui de Lafayette has been introduced as the new character. Love the entire Culper spy ring. Love, love, love George Washington. I cannot say enough positive remarks about this classy and wonderful series! I’m sad that Season 2 has only 2 episodes left.

  5. Mary

    Really, really love this show! It is like the Homeland of the Revolutionary War. Go Patriots!

  6. Justina Wilson

    Turn- Oh My Gosh!!! I Love this show, you even won over my husband!! We found out about this from my sister and we watched both season one and still watching season 2 in less then a week. I am a desendant of Paul Revere and not good at schooling but this brings History alive! I CAN’T WAIT FOR SEASON 3!! PLEASE PLEASE BRING IT BACK! !!

  7. Phyllis Deeney

    I really hope it us renewed, as it is the only thing I really like on TV.
    Captain Simcoe is awesome! Great villain!

  8. NAN

    TURN absolutely should be renewed. It is well-acted, great character development & writing. Love this series. So many friends & neighbors have started watching it too.

  9. Bob Cochran

    This show is the best show on television! Everything about this show from the acting to the production is top notch! Beautiful landscapes and costuming all come together with great writing and acting to tell a heroic true story of American History! This show is destined to become a classic series. Please bring the show back for a 3rd season and more for those of us who appreciate quality television as well as an opportunity to learn more about our history by watching such an inspiring, intriguing and riveting story!

  10. Annefl

    I binge-watched the first season on Netflix, and caught up this season on AMC live. What a cast! This is the kind of television that makes our great nation’s history come alive. The story should be told in at least as many seasons as the war lasted. 8 season’s of Turn would be just divine! It gives my 20 something children much to discuss. I can think of no better way to spend time devouring each episode. Keep up the magnificent work, AMC.

  11. Scott

    Turn is the best show on tv. It would be foolish not to renew for a season 3. Keep up the good work amc.

  12. Lori

    Definitely need another season of TURN!

  13. Ann

    One of best shows on AMC. Please keep it going. Should be required in history classes in public school.

  14. Matt

    Great show !!!! Second season was even better than the first !!!!! Cant wait for season 3 . I’m looking at you AMC.

  15. carol

    One of the best current shows–please renew it for Season 3–and publicize it more as many potential viewers have no idea what they’re missing!

  16. Gary

    Best show on TV regardless of network. Well done, and I have done on line searches of some of the characters and the show seems to follow history fairly well. Definitely need season three and beyond!

  17. Patrick

    Agree with all of the above! Great show, great casting. Can’t wait for season 3!

  18. Becks

    I don’t watch much TV. I actually am bored by TV because everything is mindless and has the same formulaic, “crowd-pleasing” plots and themes. This is a very thought-provoking show while still being 110% entertaining. The acting is the best I’ve seen, the characters are all very interesting, and (I never thought I’d say this, but) George Washington is wicked hawt. I am definitely hooked and will spread the word! And Caleb is the best!

  19. George MORAITIS

    My family is (and some are still there) from Setauket. Although ‘Hollywood’ took liberties with the true story. We’re having fun from the series. I know that the Three Village Historical Society is doing well with their ‘Culper Spies’ tours of our local areas.

  20. bill harkness

    My oldest daughter influnced me and my wife to watch “Turn” we saw season 1 0n netflicks and paid to see season 2 on Vudu. It is a great show AMC needs to advertise more and I am sure people will watch. This is 1st time I ever wrote about a program that must say something..

  21. Jim Muench

    “Turn” is a great show. Don’t let it die. I just got my wife hooked on it.

  22. Helene

    Please renew TURN for season 3! I loved it! It was an entertaining way to learn history. It motivated me to read everything I could find about our founding Fathers, the Revolution War, George Washington, the Culper Ring, etc.

  23. Roberta Brandecker

    Binge watched it!!! Please renew!! Great series

  24. Nick Bruno

    Great Show. We watch almost no TV, however my wife and I never miss Turn.

  25. j hazel

    I love this show. Please keep going.

  26. Lawrence Leed

    Turn is one of the few shows of real quality being produced for television! I love it and very much want to see it continued. Please don’t let this die! People need the choice of something more than trash and garbage that currently fills the air waves!

  27. Naomi Seeber

    Our whole family loves “Turn”!! What a wonderful way to tell of our history.

  28. JD

    I just want to say if there is not a season three I’m going to open a can of whoop *ss

  29. Robert Pridgen

    We LOVE TURN!! It is one of the best shows to watch because you never know how the plot and circumstances will TURN! The show has great actors that really enhance the drama and suspense. So glad for season 3! THANKS AMC!!

  30. Michael Slyter

    One of the best shows on TV. Please keep it going.

  31. Dan

    Best show on TV-We look forward to TURN all week long like its the NFL. We need more History since the schools don’t teach it. It provides a true appreciation of societies struggles and grievances.

  32. SuzieQ

    Can’t wait for season3!, but when will season 2 come out on blu-Ray?

  33. Paul

    Not to have a third season of Turn would be a really, really stupid decision, that would result, I hope, in the termination of the executive who made it.

  34. Bob Raimonto

    I read that the Rebs came over from Connecticut and burned tons of hay on Long Island.
    This could not have pleased the Brits.
    But it surely must have upset the Brits’ horses even more.

  35. Nancy

    Please, this is such a great show, please renew it!

  36. Nancy d.

    I have watched from the beginning and LOVE it. Please don’t take off.

  37. Joe Masin

    One of the better shows on TV with excellent acting and a great script. Renew the bloody thing!

  38. William K

    I really enjoy watching this show. It is a very educational and entertaining show with great plots that make you want to watch each week. Can’t wait for Season 3 to come out.

  39. Rhonda Smith

    Please bring Turn back on!!’ Absolutely addicted to this show!

  40. Mike

    This show is a Must See for all ages. All cast members are remarkable and the director should qualify for an award winning status. Its the best series on TV and should continue on.

  41. Bob K

    I really hope this show returns. It is one of the most interesting and entertaining shows on TV. I have read some books on Washington’s spy’s and this series brings the characters alive. Really enjoy it.

  42. T. Adams

    So glad this formidable series has been renewed for a third season.
    Many of my friends watched Turn on Netflix, used my dvd, etc.. The changed day and time slot in 2015 made it impossible for many to view Turn on its airing nights. Those changes practically doomed the series. Looking forward to seeing it this April, as are my friends!

  43. Linda Lorino

    Best series on TV. Can’t wait for its return in 2016. It’s already been too long! Let’s keep an amazing thing going!

  44. Patricia Burns

    You have a wonderful chance to make “History ” fun for school age audience to (gently) older audience who remember the history of America. With all that is going on in the world, wouldn’t it be great to have a show that tell how hard we fought for FREEDOM> Please renew is amazing show to watch ..

  45. Ed

    How do expect ratings to improve, or even hold steady, when you only show a handful of new episodes per year. The break between seasons kills all momentum. It’s a good show. Let it pick up the momentum and it will be fine.

  46. Rod LF

    A splendid series. Please keep it going. There is no shortage of material in the Revolutionary War. This show has the qualities and attention to detail that made Downton Abbey such a hit.

  47. Amy Zappia

    Please renew this series I love it.

  48. karen

    My favorite show!!!!!

  49. Penny O'Neill

    Please bring back more episodes of Turn. We look forward to watching it every week!!

  50. Steve

    Will it be back or what? I hope so

  51. Lou

    TURN is one of the best series I’ve ever seen on TV.
    To know that such heroic, young patriots lived and breathed danger at every turn during the founding of the United States fills me with humble awe and thankfulness. This show brands history onto your heart.

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