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Tyrant season 2: premiere date

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Tyrant has been renewed for a 13-episode second season. When does the season 2 premiere? We know the start air date on FX in 2015!

TV-channel: FX
Genre: drama
Creator: Gideon Raff
Pilot: June 24, 2014

Season 1 episode 1: 2.10 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 episode 10: 1.52 million U.S. viewers

The summer brand-new of FX «Tyrant» proved to be quite successful. The show didn’t lose its fans during the season broadcast and got the positive reviews of the critics.

Exactly this fact let the rights holders renew the show for season 2 and order three more episodes in comparison with the previous season.

The premiere date of the first out of 13 financed episodes is scheduled for summer 2015, but more exact dates are to be awaited.

Follow the updates to the article.

UPDATE 1 (April 8, 2015): The second season of Tyrant will premiere on June 16, 2015.

What about Tyrant season 4 start date?

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  1. Marco

    In terms of quality and audience, the show’s got nowhere to go but up.

  2. Danny Howell

    season 2? Awful dialogue, terrible acting, absurd plot lines. s*cks!!!

    • DJ

      Must not know too many arabic people/families ..(none that arent totally Americanized) cause its dead on…plot lines alot more realistic than most want to admit or know

    • Bert Edmund

      You are welcome not to watch the second season. Thanks for the comments

  3. Ann

    Love this show! I can’t wait until Bassam is back in action.

  4. Della

    I’m so glad they renewed it.

  5. Myron (Jr.)

    Tyrant was boring and horrible.

    • Ron

      Myron, so was your mom, but I still managed to Splooge on her chin.

      This is an awesome show.

  6. jeremy

    So glad to hear this show is coming back, because you never know what great show will get cancelled next so GO TYRANT!

  7. Scott K

    This show is so good. Cast is great, Jamal is intense, awesome and believable, & his wife is perfect. The premise for the story line is current and interesting. First season seemed rushed. Next season spreads it out 3 more episodes leaving opportunity to build the story. Can’t wait.
    This show needs to catch on and live on. Happy to see it return this season.

  8. Kitt

    Yay can’t wait to watch the new season!! Great story…Thanks FX

  9. Pamela O'Mack

    Next to 24, this is my favorite TV series! I loved it and am thrilled there is going to be a Season 2!

  10. Nana

    Waiting anxiously for Tyrant to return. One of the best.


    Absolutely loved this show!!! can’t wait for season 2…

  12. scott

    i have been waiting for this excellent program.will continue to be a fan of show if plot continues to intrigue.
    if you haven’t seen ,CATCH up…I loved the show.

  13. mai

    Just love the show, we are hoping this has some factuality of these lifestyles. Can’t wait for summer 2015.

  14. Anis

    Amazing show love it and can’t wait for the return of season 2—

  15. DJ

    It is an awesome show, period.. I was hesitant to watch it at first because anything arab based (for lack of a better term) is either crap or one big stereotype but this is well done..and despite the crazier parts of the plot, when it comes to the basic characters, culture, tradtitions and family it reminds me of my own family (my grandmother was from Lebanon)…Of course its dramatized for the show but personally I think it is still a very fair and accurate portrayal and I cant wait for season 2

  16. JD

    Captivating, highly addictive show. Can´t wait ´till the season 2 is released.

  17. quis

    I cant Wait for Season 2 this show is Great i love the story and cant wait to see what happens with this family

  18. STEVN



    Excellent show…

  20. TJ

    Sooo glad to see there will be a Season 2! Hadn’t heard anything and feared it had been cancelled. Tyrant couldn’t leave us hanging like that. LOVE this show and of course, haters gonna hate..hate..hate

  21. kelly51

    cant wait to hear the plot.

  22. Susan

    Glad to see that the show will go on, as the saying goes. Yes, it is not the best quality in a series, but, there is something with the story, that made me want to see it not canceled. Will look forward to seeing Season 2.

  23. Bisi

    Best show ever! Can’t wait to hv it back…. good work.

  24. Heather

    I am so glad that Tyrant has been renewed for 2nd season. This is a great show and cast. Thank you FX. I love Bassam

  25. Anne

    The reason I like this show is because it doesn’t take place in “America.” Different scenery and different plot made it interesting for me. “Bassam is my Brother”lol

  26. lawrence j

    The show is so good and i think it is the best of those shows that have watched.

  27. Stephanie & Bruce

    We are so excited that the show is coming back in June … I asked my husband I don’t know how many times did he hear anything about this season after last season ended … Again we are so excited for the upcoming season !!! Love love it !!

  28. Phyllis

    Great show. Glad it was renewed and I will watch for sure.

  29. Quentin

    Just finished the first season. This has to be the greatest, most riveting show. Last time this happened was Prison Break. When is season two out ?!

    • Sam

      “UPDATE 1: … June 16, 2015”

  30. Gigi

    I LOVE THIS SHOW. The plot and actors are just perfect and amazing. Cant wait for Season 3!

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