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Tyrant season 4 ?

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Tyrant season 4 start date

Will there be Tyrant season 4? Are you waiting for the start date of the fourth season on FX in 2017?

The series Tyrant deserves to season 4! The loyal fans are absolutely certain of this, but not all critics support such a view.

The fact that the third season, which has been aired on FX this summer, has not justified the hopes of right holders. The number of viewers, who were watching the new weekly episodes of the series, fell to 800 thousand people, which has a negative effect on the overall rating of the show.

In interviews, the FX representatives are not discussing the possibility of renewing the series for a fourth season, but that does not mean that the project will be canceled.

We follow the announcements and will publish here a final decision of FX representatives about the series Tyrant, as soon as it is.

Tyrant season 4 start date – [cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

Should they renew the show?

UPDATE 1 (September 7, 2016): FX announced it had canceled the series after three seasons.

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  1. Jodie

    I really don’t think I can continue with the show. I don’t like this Molly plot line at all.

  2. GeN

    Excellent series… I wish the seasons were not so short!

  3. Fan88

    Molly need to go far away from filming next season and bring Jamal back! Please FX

  4. EpicRosh

    This show has gotten so bad. It doesn’t deserve to be renewed.

    • Oscar

      Hey the show was very good. I dont care if you dont like it. I’d loved it.

  5. Jim P.

    …boring… I stopped watching after Jamal, Rami and Emma was killed.

  6. louisa campher

    No no no. We must see how it ends. Please give us a season 4

  7. Antinio

    The show is getting way better…we need season 4 …..

  8. Dean ub

    Really the movie is so thrilling, we are waiting for the season 4.

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