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Tyrant season 3 premiere date 2016

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Will there be Tyrant season 3? Is the show renewed or cancelled by FX? We want to know the premiere (start) date in 2016.

Developed by: Howard Gordon, Craig Wright
Starring: Adam Rayner, Jennifer Finnigan, Ashraf Barhom, Fares Fares…

Last year the fans of the television series Tyrant had to wait the whole month for the information about the show renewal. Obviously, this year the rights holders are to test our patience once again, as at the moment FX management hasn’t any information about Season 3 ordering and its premiere date.

It is encouraging that during the whole second season there has been no rapid decrease of rating and the number of viewers didn’t fall below 1 million people. The experts believe the creators have all the reasons for renewal of the show Tyrant for the third season, but the fate of the project hasn’t even been discussed yet.

According to the last interview of Network President, the plot of Season 2 involves renewal of the show and at the moment of filming end in the current year the cancelling of the show wasn’t planned.

What will be the verdict? Let’s wait for the announcements!

UPDATE 1 (Oct.8, 2015): Good news! FX has ordered a 10-episode third season of drama series Tyrant for premiere in the summer of 2016.

UPDATE 2 (April 20, 2016): Season 3 of Tyrant will premiere on July 6, 2016 (at 10/9c). Are you waiting for Tyrant season 4 start date in 2017?

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  1. Robt Reith

    Tyrant is one of the most well written scripts, well crafted series. Never missed an episode! Please RENEW

    • Dhav5

      love it!One of the best.

  2. Luigi F.

    This is a great show. So exciting with a great story line and wonderful actors. I would like Tyrant renewed for a Season 3

  3. Deadra

    One of the best shows on TV this summer! It’s become my must watch on Tuesday night. DO NOT CANCEL!

  4. Renate Nipper

    Brilliant show! Needs more advertising. People don’t even know about it. Looking forward to season 3

  5. Cody (Australia)

    I hope Tyrant is renewed for a third season, it is my favorite show!

  6. Jay Jordan Hawke

    Tyrant is the only show I still watch when it airs live. I just can’t wait for each episode. It’s shocking to me that the award shows are overlooking this. Guess it doesn’t take place in in an ER and it’s not a cop show.

  7. Tyrantfan

    Great show. It’s our Tuesday night fix now that Justified is finished. Please renew for another season! So very timely and entertaining!

  8. Caryn Blank

    Please renew this show so fantastic
    All my friends love it
    Hopefully the deciders will decide to bring it back!!!

  9. Marion

    This is one very outstanding show.
    Great acting and story line.
    How could any one with taste and a good business mind think of not having a season 3 and beyond.

  10. michael

    You should renew better than most trash on tv.

  11. Karen

    Tyrant is one of the best shows on tv! It is relevant and current in its subject matter! Please renew!

  12. Bev

    Other than this fantastic show, I don’t usually bother watching t.v., so I reeeeeally hope it’s renewed for a third season.

  13. sylvia hess

    Amazing show – never miss it – terrific cast – can’t wait for Tuesday nights. It should certainly be renewed!!!!

  14. agneskane

    renew tyrant best show on tv

  15. Arlene sillman

    This was the absolute best show of the summer. Waited anxiously for new episodes each week!

    DO NOT CANCEL!!!!!!!

  16. ellen

    Please renew Tyrant for 2016! My absolute favorite show along with Homeland. Well written, acted, timely.

  17. Kelly Saunders

    Best show love love love it! Please renew for a third season!
    I look forward to every week on Tuesday night!

  18. Sue

    Such a unique show! I watch it first on my DVR. Wonderful acting, very multi-culteral and educational. Please renew. Summer will be too boring if it doesn’t come back. Besides, I need to know if Jamal is really dead…shot to death by his daughter-in-law???? Who would have guessed!

  19. eloiza mendoza

    DO NOT CANCEl!!!!!!!!!!!!! one of the best shows I’ve seen. Waiting for season 3

  20. Josh Moe

    This show is awesome. I wish they would extend it.

  21. Cassie O

    I LOVE TYRANT!!!!! Please don’t kill off Jamal; Love the relationship between both brothers!!! This is a WELL cast show!!! Can’t wait for season 3 –

  22. Lille

    One the best show right now on TV, great plot and character. Looking forward for season 3

  23. Lana

    Don’t Cancel! Love this show. Hopefully Jamal isn’t killed off the series.

  24. Heli Lace

    There is so little I like on tv – Tyrant I love – So please make ME happy – please renew Tyrant, ok. Merci.

  25. Mina

    I would like to know if Tyrant for season 3 is going to be canceled??? I watch it on Directv FX chanel 248, I cant find an answer anywhere as to what is going on, getting a lot of guessing and some saying that it will not be showing on FX any more Blah blah and blah. does anyone know at this point.

  26. Peg

    Excellent series. I would love to be a writer.. there are so many twists and turns this series can take. Season 3 would be dynamic.

  27. Cathie

    Love the show….has been the highlight of the week for me. Jamal can’t be dead…we have to have at least another season.

  28. Matt

    I’m the real president of Abudin, hereby ordering you to renew and show the people of the world a 3rd season of Tyrant on FX. This is a must…give the viewers what they want.

  29. charlie

    love it! but please make the season last abit longer, you wait such a long time for it’s season to start and it only lastss a few weeks.

  30. Sophia

    Can’t see where the story is going to go if Jamal dies. Maybe Bassam son and Jamal’s 2 sons will fight over power? Or the daughter in law fights execution for assassination? We need another season.

  31. lee67

    Please, please renew! Awesome show, actors and story, every episode was riveting !!!

  32. sandra mast

    Awesome show. If the general public knew about this show it would be a top show.

  33. Jydeman

    This is mind-blowing film ever watched on this planet earth…..Excellent series. Iwill love if my name will be among the cast. pls update me on when season 3 in out…….looking forward to watch. thanks

  34. Stephanie Zammit

    Cant wait for season 3 to air. it is such a great series and it would be a greater loss if it did not. the script, actors, locations, costumes are all brilliant. A breath of fresh air from the usual cop stuff and other reality show garbage.

  35. Phyllis

    Please renew Tyrant for season 3 . It’s well done and I enjoy it and it will continue.

  36. Bruce

    Great show. Keep it going. Plenty of plot lines to pursue. Very interesting characters

  37. Sharon

    This is one of the best shows out right now. It’s very well written, with awesome plots, twists and turns. I absolutely love this show. Yay, for Season 3!

  38. eliane

    I rarely watch “series” but I stumbled on tyrant I was hooked!! it is very well written, does not indulge in mush. The characters are well defined, nobody is all bad or all good

  39. yvonne

    Tyrant is one of the best shows on TV. I hope it never gets canceled. Me and my husband stayed up looking for the next series to come out and nothing. Now we see that it won’t come on again until the summer of 2016. Sad face. WE NEEEEEEEEEEDDDDD Tyrant to come on and stay on. PLEASE BRING IT BACK SOONER. Tyrant is talked about and loved by many. If the writer of this show is reading this, KNOW that your are very talented and don’t stop writing. Okay, I will stop for now but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING BACK TYRANT PLEASE!!!!!!!

  40. Jayne

    Superb acting. The writer is a genius. This is award winning. As a TV exec for years, now retired, I want to compliment the cast, the writers, the producer and director. Be proud of this creation. Everyone associated with this show deserves praise for outstanding work.

  41. Catherine

    Love the show, please renew for another season

  42. Jane

    Please do not cancel this show. One of the best shows on TV. Love the characters and the actors who portray them. Have watched this since the first show. LOVE IT.

  43. Dean

    Please renew and hurry.

  44. lisa

    Yay! Season 3 !!! Love the show!

  45. Sharon

    Love this show. Please do not cancel!

  46. Valerie

    One of the best shows ever! Season too short, and wait in between too long. Please don’t let this show be cancelled. Some other channels have abruptly cancelled some excellent shows….please FX don’t make the mistake they did.

  47. Mel

    Season 3 better happen. I love the show, and it is quite contemporary being about the Middle East and very interesting set of characters. I can’t wait for the show to premier in 2016!

  48. Nelly

    I’ve been patiently waiting for the 3rd season of Tyrant. Finally, I had to look it up and I’m happy to hear that it will start in summer2016.

  49. Marilynn Wright

    I hope this show is renewed. It is the best show on TV.
    Been looking forward to the new season.

  50. Elia Guevara

    Can’t wait for tyrant to come back. Love aIl
    the drama and I love Barry!!!

  51. PM

    Love this show! Don’t cancel it!

  52. Leslie

    I watched seasons 1 & 2 on Hulu and now I’m a diehard fan of this series. Every actor on the series play an important role. Please don’t cancel this show! Thanks!

  53. Nancy

    How can the powers that be EVEN THINK of not renewing season 3….My F A V O R I T E Show, and love the cast as well…It just fits

  54. Terry

    Love this series…it is an “edge of the seat” nail-biter!!!

  55. Kimmie kim

    I love this show came on line to make sure it was coming back on. Glad to see it made it

  56. noli

    I love this series very much. I started in season 2 and now looking for season1 and can not wait for season 3. Hope to see more of the episodes.

  57. Rita

    I love the show n am so glad it is brought back! Thank your

  58. Barbara Nomi

    I love this series, I too also discovered Tyrant in season 2 and will be ordering season 1, can’t wait for the new series to begin. The best writing and acting I have seen in awhile. So glad to read FX is bringing the next season to us. Can’t wait!!! Jaimal must survive…hehe.

  59. ernesto sorrano

    Great! Great Program…the only good show on television these days.

  60. kay f mcgivney-knaul


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