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«Vampire Academy» movie: release date

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When does «Vampire Academy» movie come out? What known about this movie? Release date coming?

Hollywood producers are going to present a new movie about the vampires’ life. This time it will be the substitution of the famous «Twilight», worshiped by many fans of the vampire stories.

We are talking about «Vampire Academy» movie — the well-known film adaptation of the famous American writer Richelle Mead.

She has written 6 books about the life of the vampires, so the fans can enjoy the series of movies.

Mark and Daniel Waters are supposed to be the director and the screenwriter of the movie respectively. The release date for the first movie is officially set for February 7, 2014 (USA).

17-year-old Rose Hathaway will be the main character (Dhampir-girl).

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  1. mary

    OMG I love vampire daires its awesome who wouldn’t love it I know I do and some boys say it is stupid but after they comment they probly go watch vampire daires, and they are just lieing to them selfs ot us.and I hate supernatural its so stupid I know I know u are probly saing well vampires are fake and so are demons who made there mom died all I saw was 1 episode and I KNOW people say vamire daires are stupid!

    • jibran the vampire

      I love vampire’s and hate those who hate vampires

  2. Krystal

    I love the first vampire academy and hope that there is a second one

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