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Vikings season 5 premiere date 2017

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Vikings season 5 premiere date 2017

When will Vikings season 5 premiere? History renewed Vikings for a fifth season of 20 episodes. What about the start date in 2017?

It is too early for series Vikings to leave the television broadcast. This was stated by History president Jana Bennett on March 17, who also confirmed the information on the renewal of the project for Season 5.

According to received information, the production of the new 20 episodes will start in the summer 2016, and there is official information that Jonathan Rhys Meyers has joined the cast as a series regular. Who, exactly, will play this talented actor, we do not know, because the representatives of History channel keeps this information secret.

The premiere date of the fifth season is appointed to 2017 and, probably, the broadcast format is the same as in the fourth season (the first 10 episodes will be shown at the beginning of the year, while the remaining 10 will be broadcasted at the end of the year). According to statistics, the series has more than 4.2 million fans (in the USA) and in the current season, the project has remained a top 10 cable drama series. The positive reviews from critics and huge support from the fans ensured it a place in the broadcast of the channel History in 2017 and it is unlikely to be the final season of this series.

Vikings season 5 premiere date – [November 29, 2017] (UPDATE 2)

Remind that the MGM TV expertsdeal with production of the show and magnificent Michael Hirst manages the creation. The series is based on the sagas of the Vikings raids of the early medieval Scandinavia to Britain. A key character of the story is a legendary Viking leader Ragnar Lothbrok.

Well, waiting for the returning of Vikings on the screens! Follow the updates!

UPDATE 1 (Sept.14, 2016): Vikings will return for the second half of Season 4 on November 30, 2016.

UPDATE 2 (July 21, 2017): Vikings season 5 will premiere on November 29, 2017.

UPDATE 3 (September 12, 2017): Fear not, Vikings fans, History has given the green light for Season 6. Here is the release date.


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  1. Darrell

    Season 4 so far a disappointment…

    • Brandi

      What you mean? I have watched Vikings from the beginning. Best program by far I love this and watching Ragnar and his personality change is in its self addictive )

      • Lisa

        I agree Brandi~Love that show and every single character!

      • Sheila

        I started watching Vikings a month ago on Hulu and a great binge watch even my husband got addicted. There are several scenes I cryed and laughed. I can’t wait for season 5 to start

    • Jon Doe

      No, it’s history. Ragnar the Red. Finally a story behind the myth. Better than HBO’s show, but slower. That’s what the truth brings. Best thing on TV ever.

      • Sheila

        I agree best show I ever watched

  2. Warrior

    Dr*gs? I don’t like what you’re doing with Ragnar’s character – please stop!!!

    • lynn

      Then stop watching it!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. MeDe

    Great actors best show on tv. History rocks!

    • Jon Doe

      Ragnar the Red.

  4. Ste00

    Superb job by all the people working in the series! I love Vikings and the History channel!

  5. Chelsea K.

    So glad to see Jonathan Rhys Meyers will join the cast. Great actor!

  6. Essie L.

    Awesome show and glad they’re renewed for another season!

  7. Margie Armstrong

    The best series ever cant wait for Season 5.
    P.S.: JRM was fantastic as Dracula. Welcome!

    • Lura O'Neal

      Love JRM TOO! He’s mesmerizing, sooo talented! He plays a bishop with many sides. Hope he never comes to any harm in real life. My world would take a downward turn if that happened. If there is a Valhalla in real life…he would be my only pick as my husband, lover, and friend. Lura O’Neal

  8. StopMEplz

    Best series ever! Ragnar you are the best !!!

  9. Mike R. (arc)

    Love this show but I don’t if I will continue if Ragnar dies off.

  10. Abubakarsadiq

    Best series! but if Ragnar dies then its end of the series.

  11. Bill

    Have enjoyed this from the start.cant wait til season 5.glad Ragnar still alive.

  12. Hoody

    Its History after all, told as best they can with the usual Hollywood flair, but still the best show going, besides the other 2 I like , WD, and GOT.

    Will Ragnar die, surely, he’s based on a human, mortal as we all are, the series can go up to a point, where it will either run its course on his life, or runs into the time line of humanity, all things end at some point to continue on a different path.

    Can this be stretched out past Ragnar, yes, but than it would evolve a much different view, and follow several descends through follow up history, but it won’t be the same, I suppose it could turn into some sort of game of thrones show from that point on, but with more reality.

    What ever History does to follow The Vikings, they and the actors have done one hell of a job with this show.

    • Jon Doe

      History never runs out. I remember reading about Ragnar the Red, but never understood one tenth of what’s being shown. I’m waiting for his death so we can move on to another hero. This show should only end when Vikings were eliminated from history. Ragnar created some of the eeriest distant travel. Vikings would concur Asia and the mid east and still visit Newfoundland. They would have developed the new world, but they trade and concur, not develop from scratch. This show, after all, is called Vikings, not Ragnar.
      They also helped create Russia and built the city of bones (ST Petersburg). That alone would be an interesting story.

      • Miss Max

        I was born on The Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland and Labrador, next door to the Viking site at L’anse aux Meadows and it is just astounding. Seeing first hand the buildings and artifacts just makes everything so real to me, I can just imagine Ragnar sailing ashore and claiming the land. Can’t wait for next season.

  13. Bren

    Holy cr*p, my brother got me addicted to this show and I watched all 4 seasons in 2 weeks. Now I have to wait until next year for Season 5, bummer!

  14. T Baker

    Can’t wait for the next season! Awesome show, one of the Best out there!

  15. sesho

    I enjoy every minute of Vikings its the only show you can sit and watch hours on end…cant wait till season 5 bring it on and make it quick please.

  16. Mark Flemming

    Ragnar must remember why he’s alive

  17. Karen

    Have they already done the second part of season four ? I started watching it when it came out on the history channel but I got behind so I was able to get caught up on it and watched season two and three and part of four to get caught up . But I didn’t know the second part of season four was out ?? If it is would someone let me know please . Thanks

  18. Sandi

    Love this show. Bummed that I have to wait until 2017 for season 5.

  19. Missy

    I hope the series continues with the history of Rollo so that viewers will know why the seer told him, “if you could see the future, you would dance in the sand on the shore”. His descendants were famous historical figures.

  20. Pamela

    Vikings is the best show on History. Can’t wait for Season 5 (February 2017 is that the start date?)

    • Frieda

      Ditto. Who will be the next King…….. And what of Rollo and Magnus……

    • zenaida

      I like Rollo and he became the duke of Normandy in History, he really does exist!

  21. Kat

    Ivor the Boneless really does figure as one of the great historical Viking leaders so, I’m gonna go for Ivor. His son? Edward becomes the first King of England – do I have that right?

  22. Tracy

    The first king of the first United Kingdom was Albert (watch The Last Kingdom). I also don’t want Ragnar to leave but his character has evolved to the point where I find it hard to see him as the strong Viking raider/earl that he was. Yeah Rollo was a great leader in history. I believe he ruled as a Duke in Normandy. Even so he’s a traitor to his family, his beliefs and his people. Not interested in really following his story. But Bjorn is a different story!

    • lori

      It was Alfred, not Albert. Alfred is in Seasons 4 and 5. The Last Kingdom tells a lot more about Alfred the Great, who fought the Vikings.

  23. S.M.

    Love Vikings & Love Love Ragnar. Not ready for Ragnars story to end. That said, it is will be Lagertha, Bjorne, Rollover stories that propels us forward into history.

  24. Hoody

    just watched episode 15 of the Vikings, and ol Rag is gone, just as history had it, in a snake pit. Will see if they continue this show as a “history” lesson and evolution of England and France.

    Coming to grips with the realization of human mortality is an awaking in itself. I hope this never changes, yet I have a feeling that given enough time, science and technology, at some point the body may still rot but the memory may well be retained in some form. But not to worry, as this illusion called life will be wiped when the sun goes into a red dwarf and swallows everything. Yes it will be many many eons, but human or human thought better be on some light speed beam to another part of the universe, yet even that in time will fade as dark matter over runs it all, than who knows, maybe this “experiment” will be closed for good.

    • lori

      I wouldn’t want to live longer than 100. Your basically just hanging on by then. And perhaps there is something better waiting for us – Heaven, Valhalla, or somewhere else.

  25. brownknight

    Wish Ragnar’s still alive and I love to see him fight beside his 5 sons at season 5. That’s one hell fight to opponents….love this movie!!

  26. dana

    Vikings was the best tv show in years, and years. I really miss Ragnar..i am upset that they killed him ( and in an almost pathetic way). But I still really like the show and don’t want it to end.

    • The Vicar of Wakefield

      I have a feeling he will be showing up in Ivars dreams guiding him… or Bjorns …. or Lagerthas.
      Maybe even Rollo will dream about him.
      Dying in a viper pit was unsettling but it was written to draw the maximum ire from those that would carry the torch into the next season and beyond. Season 5 will be a no mercy on the English like theme which should make for some very exciting episodes!

  27. AnnMarie

    Best thing on TV .. cant wait for season 5 … hope there is a season 6, 7, and >>>> more . The storyline is true history.

    • Markone

      That is not true history. It is a great movie ……

  28. Eric

    I don’t like what they did too Ragnar. He should have died king. He was pathetic since season 4. The show might actually get better with him gone. With the exception of Ivar, the sons of Ragnar have little personality though. Without Ragnar and Athelstan the show is much less dynamic. I’m curious to see how his sons grow in his absence

  29. Mari

    Not interested in following the story of Rollo. To me he will always be a traitor to his family and his people. Problem is, I really miss Ragnar. Can’t wait to see what Ivar does next. Best show on TV.

  30. Susan

    According to history, Siguard married King Aello’s daughter. King Ecbert did not commit suicide. He is buried at Westminster along with Alfred the Great.

  31. Louis Fudale

    I can not stop watching

  32. betsy

    when is season 5? its almost the middle of 2017

  33. Ayaz

    The best character is Ragnar and he will not appear in season 5, there is nothing to watch without Ragnar lathbrok .

  34. victor

    Wow Ragnar,pls don’t die out of the character i enjoy watching you with that signs you do make with your face.

  35. Tillybug

    when is vikings coming back?

  36. Steve carter

    Most of us old brits have Viking blood excellent series and character portrayal however fashionable leather a bit out of cast ,still the best historical series to date Skol

  37. Tereasa Simmons

    Watching this is amazing for me. I am a descend of Ragnar. It is his son’s Bjorn that is of my blood. What is strange is how they took the mother and made two characters out of her. Where in real life there was only one. She was actually from Russia, sent to marry Ragnar. A royal princess. But I guess they have to make it more interesting. Just make me a little sad, that it was my blood line that shacked Paris..Thank you for bringing my family to life..

  38. Lou E

    Never Have I become so addicted to a show like this, cinematography and action as well as a great story line. How can anyone not watch this. I am forever a VIKING !!

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