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Welcome to Sweden season 3 ?

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Will there be Welcome to Sweden season 3? What about the new episodes premiere in 2016? We are waiting for the start!

Swedish sitcom Welcome to Sweden is broadcast on its motherland by TV4, and American viewers watch it on NBC. On July 5, 2015 the show debuted also in Australia on The Comedy Channel. The plot follows the accountant from the USA, who leaves his job and goes with his girlfriend to her native country of Sweden. The show is based on Greg Poehler’s own experience, who is creator, executive producer and leading actor of the given television series.

Its debut season got many positive reviews. At the end of the season the number of fans in Sweden comprised about 760 thousand people, and in the USA the given amount was 1,5 million viewers. Thanks to the huge auditory and high rating the project was renewed for the second season, which has already ended in Sweden. Unfortunately, the number of fans reduced to 25%, which disappointed the rights holders a bit.

The experts believe that the renewal of the show for Season 3 will depend on the release of the remained episodes in the USA. If the success is obvious, the premiere date of the renewal will be announced for sure. The representatives of TV4 and NBC aren’t ready to provide us with more information yet and count on the understanding of the TV viewers.

Welcome to Sweden season 3 start – [Cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

Of course, if show isn’t profitable, it couldn’t be broadcast. But we believe, that Welcome to Sweden will manage to remain on air for one more season and in 2016 we will enjoy the continuation of the story.

Why did the number of viewers reduce? Would you like to watch the new episodes or has the project already exhausted itself?

UPDATE 1 (July 28, 2015): Greg Poehler announced that NBC has cancelled Welcome to Sweden due to “cr*ptastically” low ratings.

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