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The Last Ship season 5 premiere date

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the last ship season 5 premiere date

Are you waiting for The Last Ship season 5 premiere in 2018? TNT renewed the series for a 10-episode fifth season. What about the premiere date?

The rights holders of the action-drama television series The Last Ship are very pleased with the rating that it shows. A large number of fans and the support of the critics in 2016 made it possible to quickly renew the series for a fourth season, but a month later representatives of the channel TNT have made an even bigger surprise.

The fact that on September 8th it was made an official decision to renew the series for a fifth season with the premiere in the summer 2018.

TNT original programming EVP Sarah Aubrey in an interview said that the project was really worthy of a place on TNT, so the right holders took such a rapid decision.

The Last Ship season 5 premiere date – September 9, 2018 (UPDATE 3)

The shooting of new episodes will start after the airing of the fourth season of the series, and contracts with actors have been already renewed.

UPDATE 1 (May 16, 2018): The Last Ship is officially ending with its upcoming fifth season. Season 5 does not currently have a premiere date.

UPDATE 2: The Last Ship season 5 will premiere on August 19, 2018.

UPDATE 3: The release date for season 5 – September 9, 2018.

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  1. Larry

    It’s summer, so when is the release for season 5?

    • James

      It says, (will be updated). The first 3 seasons started in June but season 4 began in August so just have to wait.

    • T-Bone22

      It will be Summer in June.

    • Rylos


  2. Brenda Bishop

    I read that the show was cancelled so it will not be a 5th season. Is that correct? I always look forward to the show come summer time.

    But I am reading your May 1st update that states season 5 will be the last. Is this correct and when can the viewers get an exact date for season 5?

  3. j.m.h

    Since when is 10 episodes considered a season? What a rip-off.

  4. Dan Gibson

    ” Tank d’Lawd ” … we FINALLY got a Season 5 start date. It will be great to get back to the Nathan James and the Crew … I have been going thru withdrawals following the final episode of The Americans, after a terrific 6-year run. It is great to get this good news !

  5. Rae

    why does a good show like The Last Ship have to come to an end and the Simpson’s go on forever

  6. Bonnie

    The start date for season 5was supposed to be Aug. 19, but didn’t happen. Any updates?

  7. A

    Come on I Love this show The Last Ship is so good. Don’t let it end with Season 5.

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