Nov 19

Pushing Daisies season 3 ?

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pushing daisies season 3 release

When will Pushing Daisies season 3 come out? We are still waiting for the release date on ABC or Starz. Will there be the new episodes or movie?

The fans of the series Pushing Daisies still believe that it will return to the 3rd season. The release date is expected by viewers from the USA, Canada, Great Britain and other countries of the world; after all, it remains popular despite of the closure of the project in 2009.

It’s sad that such a show was beforehand canceled. It won a large number of awards and received positive reviews from critics, but the representatives of the ABC channel decided to cancel the shooting process.

Creator Bryan Fuller promised to viewers that they would watch the third season of Pushing Daisies in the comics or a feature movie, and he also had an idea to create a mini-series Pushing Daisies together with Starz. Unfortunately, this has not happened yet and we have not watched the renewal.

As for the full-length movie, then it will take about $15 million to create it, and it is unlikely to be able to find such financing for Pushing Daisies. Are you still waiting for the 3rd season of Pushing Daisies?

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