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Z Nation season 2: start date

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Z Nation show has been renewed for a season 2. When does the new episodes start on Syfy? The premiere date is scheduled for 2015!

TV-channel: Syfy
Pilot episode: September 12, 2014
Creators: Karl Schaefer, Craig Engler
Genre: post-apocalyptic horror drama

Season 1 Episode 1: 1.58 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 8: 1.10 million U.S. viewers

The television series «Z Nation» produced by Karl Schaefer and Craig Engler will be broadcast on SyFy also in 2015. The renewal of the show for season 2 is confirmed officially, but the exact number of episodes, which are to be financed, is still a secret.

The producers of the television series don’t hide they count on the TV-project success also in the next year, as the second season isn’t going to become the last one.

The start date of the new episodes on SyFy is scheduled for September 11, 2015, that’s why keep calm and wait for the premiere!

UPDATE 1 (Nov.6, 2015): The series was renewed for a third season.

UPDATE 2 (Nov.29, 2016): Syfy renewed the series for a 13-episode fourth season.

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  1. Rush

    wow! genuinely surprised. I think, people watch Z Nation for the comedy ))) .
    <3 The Walking Dead

    • Naeome.

      the walking dead is losing its zest. They are going a bit too deep. Walking dead was my favorite but it story line is fading. They better shake it up cause or Z Nation is going to take the top spot.

      • bob meo

        Walking dead is to long story Z nation is better

      • Carole Nagyl

        The Z nation is a poor imitation of The Walking Dead. I’ve watched
        it, but just can’t get enthused about it.

        • DEAD LOVER


      • Carole Nagyl

        Naeome – The Z Nation has no zest to lose. I have watched it, but there is no
        way it can compare to the walkiing dead. Z Nation is ok, but it does not have
        the suspense or drama that makes you sit on the edge of your seat.

        • Sid

          Znation, its great because its pretty much what a zombie series/movie should be. Nothing but zombie killing, and comedic value. I used to like the walking dead, but its pace has slowed and I feel they catered too much to the drama side and less on the action side. But to each is own.

          • Damon Foster

            I agree with Sid. Also, Z NATION focuses more on the science of “zombification” (if such a topic exists), and explores the topic from many new angles. Interesting concepts that cinema has neglected. But THE WALKING DEAD is too focused on human characters– you can see THAT in a regular soap-opera or action-drama.

          • tom

            Agreed. The first couple seasons of TWD were great, but then the pace slowed. The story emphasis shifted to standard drama and relationships…..oh and there happens to be some zombies. The season in the prison was the worst, took me such a long time to plough through that. Basically the balance has been lost, it’s slewed too much towards relationships in the group, it needs to get back to more action, more zombies, less group dynamics. Z-nation, didn’t really get into it until about ep 4, but I enjoyed the series. It’s not just a WD copy, it’s got it’s own take and it’s own dynamic and offers something different to WD. It’s also more unpredictable, you just don’t know who’s gonna die. Garnett getting killed off was a BIG surprise, to put it on a par, it would have been like Rick getting killed off in season one of TWD. It was a shame they killed him off tbh, one of the best couple of characters. WD doesn’t throw curve balls like that, maybe some relatively minor fringe player dies, but all the big hitters have made it through. Z-nation saw 2 key characters killed and one abandon the group in just the first season. That keeps the tension up, keeps people guessing….but it’s also risky, because if you can’t introduce new characters that people like as much as their predecessors then the show will fail. Like George R R Martin… the end of his last book he’d killed all but 1 character I liked, now I feel no reason to keep reading…..even if a minor miracle happens and he actually finishes the story. Given the rate he’s going he must consider a sentence to be a full day’s work 😉

        • Romero fan

          Z Nation is a completely different animal than the Walking Dead!!! I watch and enjoy both for there own twist on the genre.
          The Walking dead series is following the comics to an extent, and those were around 10 years ago. Still character driven, where Z Nation is a little lighter, fun, and more swift with the storyline, and yet you still care about the actors.

          The fact that they still have some electricity, internet, and open bars, makes it a much better apocalypse to survive in too!!!
          Just enjoy it for what it is. (The electric fence and the brooms were totally classic!!!)

          Just sayin’

      • FannyDaZombieGirl

        Yeah… Thats not gonna happen. Z Nation is good but NOT Walking Dead GOOD

      • Dana

        I completely agree with you.

    • bob meo

      the z nation last episode pist me of we have to wait so long

  2. Diana L.

    How does it compare to The Walking Dead?

    • Mike

      Z Nation is a lot better than Walking with the Dead. Much more action. Cast members get killed.

      • Mimi

        last time i checked a lot more cast members died in the walking dead then in this especial main ones so i don’t know what your smoking. but it does much faster then walking dead

      • Naeome.

        I agree! I am a die hard walking dead fan, but I must admit that Z nation is better!

      • Carole Nagyl

        Compared to The Walking Dead, Z nation is a poor copy. Somewhat dull and I just
        can’t get enthused about any of the characters. I am surprised that it is even
        on for a second season. I don’t think it will make a third season.

        • breed

          z nation zombies are a lot faster, something like 28 days later.. but walking dead is hands dwn the top zombie show..(SwallowBack)

    • Carole Nagyl

      It can’t compare with the walking dead. It’s just a lousy imitation.

      • vicky

        I love them both for there own differences.obvioisly we dont want them the same.

      • Training

        It is not the walking dead, geez. It is entertaining!
        You just repeat what you say. a lousy imitation of a critic I say..

    • Oberon Krypt

      It doesn’t compare at all.
      Z Nation is fun, funny, and moves quickly. The story is thin, but not in a bad way. Theres little mystery and drama. The cliffhangers aren’t epic but there are lots of them. The group doesn’t split much, so the story is always moving forward; not backtracking to show what this person did while that happened, etc.
      Its a low budget SyFy Original series. Thats usually a bad thing. Not here.
      They really nailed. I just watched it all on Netflix with, my girl.
      I thought we’d watch a few and stop. She didn’t even want to bother watching one, because there is no way it could top The Walking Dead.
      But they don’t try to. Its it’s own show and it’s a good one.

      • New Orleans Richard

        Oberon Krypt, you are 100% right there. and i do enjoy both. but every one has forgotten who started it all. “Night of the Living Dead” back in 68 which set the stage and it’s remake in the 80’s which also got ban for a bit..

      • wordygirl

        I thought the Z Nation cliffhanger for Season One was outstanding! There the survivors were just watching death flying toward them. How WILL they come back from that??

    • Tim Hoehner

      Z Nation has comedic over tones unlike Walking Dead.

  3. Spok

    Excellent news!

  4. Gerri

    Why do we have to wait so long for a new season, that season finale was explosive

    • El nando

      I see what you did there! lol

  5. Anthony gonzalez

    Why do we have to wait so long for the next season. S*cks we have to wait so long.

    • Carole Nagyl

      Because it’s boring and they weren’t sure if there would even be a second season.

  6. Ricky P.

    I don’t understand, with the ratings that the show had….. I would have had the actor’s back on the set and filming after 3/4 of the way through season 1….. The show was great and I’m sure it was making money and a lot of it….. Come on people get it together and lets get the show on the road…. Waiting on season 2

  7. Gorgeous randy flamethrower

    Glad they finally made a good zombie show seeing as the walking dead s*cked

  8. Jason

    Love the show its bad ass i dont dont think any of the actors need to be replaced keep it going cant wait

  9. Shirley

    I can hardly wait till Z Nation starts up again, looking forward to seeing what happens next!!!

  10. Sonya

    Gud evening, I just watch z nation on netflix it was Gud, I can’t wait til Season 2 Start, I hope they keep the same people, when it come back on

  11. Jason Holmes

    Actually is as good as walking dead if not more interesting too long for season 2

  12. Nene

    I just watched this on Netflix… I Love zombie movies/shows…I agree with the other comments this show is funny, and it is similar to TWD however it’s different enough to stand alone… Can’t wait to season 2

  13. Toni-Marie

    I like’s one of my favorite programs. Walking dead is great also.I like them equal. so different but both great!..well done..cant wait to see season 2…

  14. Melinda

    I started watching this with some skepticism being a huge fan of The Walking Dead. By Episode 2 I was absolutely hooked. As Nene said above, it is similar enough to TWD, but it still has it’s own impact and story line to make it a stand alone success!! I’ll definitely be watching for Season 2!!

  15. Larissa

    I just finished watching Z-Nation on Netflix. I have never heard of the show and figured I would check it out as I love Zombie movies. I was very impressed and hooked after watching the first episode. I love that it is a different kind of zombie show that is funny and different. I also am a huge Walking dead fan, but these two shows are different. I can’t wait to for season 2 to start. Just seems so far away…

  16. Isaac

    I love it cant wait for season 2, but its so far away wwwhhhhyyy

  17. Heather

    Just like most…never heard of Z Nation. Watched the whole season in 3 days on Netflix. Couldn’t get enough. Agreed with everyone else, why wait so long for season 2. Need to keep the viewers interested and not have such a large gap.
    Very interested too to find out what happened to Addy and Mack. Does Mack get gunned down? That is the assumption but what happened. Does Addy snap out of it and realize what is going on? Also, is the blonde pregnant? If so, what is the baby? Murphy might not be the cure and maybe it is the baby…..
    I am a big Walking Dead fan as well, and can’t wait for that to start back up.

    • Tigg

      Addie and mack seem to still be kicking, not sure where tho…they both watch the nukes fly at the end of the season.

    • jared T

      They showed mack alive, and I highly doubt the baby is a big character, im really curious on citizenZ,and if he weasles out of yet another problem

  18. Chris

    I just finished the first season and that cliff hanger I’m so glad to see it’s getting another season much more interesting then the Walking dead.

  19. zdiggler

    great show.

    zombnado with great pun.
    toxic zombies
    doped up zombies

  20. Emmalyssa

    omg I just finished waching the whole season of Z Nation on Netflix I LUV IT I luv the walking dead too but I mean does anyone know when Z Nation season 2 will be on Netflix if so please answer this comment thnx!

  21. Vincent

    Caught a couple of episodes on syfy the other day; realized its on netflix and watch the whole season in one day. First episode 1 got me hooked, episode 13 left me begging for more. Cant wait for season 2.

  22. Zee

    I cant believe I didn’t know about this show. I love the show I was hooked by the second episode it is funny and I love the dark humor. Is as good as the waking dead. Cant wait to see what happens to Murphy .

  23. vickie hamer

    waiting on season 2

  24. mia martinezds

    When does season 2 come on

  25. PAtty

    I am a huge fan of the Walking Dead … But the Walking Dead dont have S**t on Z nation ! Z nation is sooo awesome and full of action and twist and turns — will keep you at the edge of your seats! I hate we have to wait soooo long for season 2 = ( they need to bring the show back sooner !!!

  26. Paul P

    Just finished watching Z Nation. Funny, dramatic and action packed. I love the tongue in cheek humour. “Puppies and Kittens” indeed.

  27. jenn

    Can’t wait for season 2. The ending of season one was such a cliffhanger!

  28. alissa

    I love this show so much I also watch the walking dead both cool but I got to say z nation is very good but it seems like every few episode someone dies I just hope 10k don’t die or Tommy whatever his name is he’s had that sniper since day one well I can’t for season two.

  29. Den

    Just finished watching it. Excellent show. I LOVE IT!!! Can’t wait for the next season. Worth the wait I guess. Wish it would start earlier than the expected date. Need to know what happen to MURPHY. Awesome character!

  30. ciera

    I was hooked on z nation from the first episode and im so bummed how long we have to wait to see season two. in my opinion z nation is the best zombie show so far its so realistic putting kid zombies and baby zombies I’ve never seen any other zombie movie or show do that. I love this show and hope it keeps going.

  31. A foster

    Never thought I would like Z Nation but I do, it’s fun!

  32. leo zarazowski jr

    WHY do fans have to wait until SEPTEMBER,to start a new season,to me it doesn’t make sense.

  33. Amy

    I can’t believe we have to wait til September for season 2! I love the Walking Dead, but the actors and story line for Z Nation make it another great zombie show!

  34. Linda

    Love z nation ,pulls you in like the walking dead .both are great shows .keep them coming why so long for next season?

  35. J

    Znation is the best zombie show on tv. Love the walking dead, but it just isn’t as good

  36. bonnie grimm


  37. BIG HAM


  38. Zombie Killer

    This is why good shows dont last they take so long to get the season started again I remember when you had a break during the summer and then when fall came the show came back with a little break at Christmas then started in Jan again !!!

    • Karen

      Totally agree! Making viewers wait a whole year for a new season is ridiculous! People forget about the show let alone trying to remember the storyline. I hate how shows only have 10-12 episodes then don’t return until a year later! There are so many shows out there now that it takes a few weeks to watch all the new ones. Then the channel executives sometimes cancel shows by the 2nd or 3rd episode when I haven’t even had a chance to watch the pilot yet! It’s extremely frustrating! P.s. – love the show!

  39. James

    Z nation can not be compared to walking dead. Even though they both deal with zombies the plot completely different. Z Nation just like walking dead started off slow, after about 5th episode of Z Nation I almost stopped watching it but 2nd half of season made up for it. Only thing I like about Z Nation is guy who’s infected with zombie virus. To see what he’s gonna do is only reason I watch Z Nation. I do believe season 2 of Z Nation will be better.

  40. Jean

    Ok, people, don’t let us wait too long for the 2nd season. It’s the only tv series I look forward to every week.

  41. Zombied

    Z Nation was great! Good humor and great characters!
    We watched the whole season on Netflix this week. We can’t wait for season 2 to start, very disappointed that it doesn’t come again until September- wish they would speed it up!
    The creepy zombie baby was my favorite part! The cliffhanger with the nukes and maybe zombie pregnancy leaves us all dying for season 2 to begin!
    We enjoyed this much more than Walking Dead- it’s not so dramatic and it has a great mixture of comedy and suspense! Plus better characters overall!
    Hurry up SyFy and get Season 2 started!

  42. Max

    What an awesome show. Gory, scarey, funny and suspensful all in one. This is not TWD, its completely different. They simply have zombies in common. There is room in the Zombie Apocolypse for both! I can’t wait till season 2. Well done SyFy… But please don’t make us wait till September!

  43. James Carter

    Man I’ve been waiting for a good zombie show.The walking dead was more of a drama Twilight show. Not to mention of how much blood came out when ya got bitten, way to much making it look fake. But the design, the thought , and where they have to go with each show is truly amazing + plus the comedy. Keep this show going guys and can’t wait for season 2.

  44. KDogg

    I love this show and I can’t explain why!! Zombie bears ad babies holy cow!! I’m Piss off that I have to wait until Sept to see Addy again!

  45. Shaun

    Awesome show! A lot more action then TWD.


    It’s NOT the Walking Dead but it never wanted to be… different prospectives… I LOVE THEM BOTH!!! I love their differences and the cast as a whole, even if their not whole I HOPE THEY WILL BE SOON!!!! To have to wait is ulmost as unbearable as WAITING FOR IT TO REALY HAPPEN!!

  47. Melissa

    Not really into zombie movies or TWD but, my son got me hooked on Z Nation! We both can’t wait for the second season to begin !!

  48. Neil Scribner

    You have got to be kidding me!! September 2015 is the start date for the new season?? how my supposed to get my Z nation fix before then..?? walking dead doesn’t quite cut it, although I love the walking dead, Z nation as an immense amount of humor, procrastination, and imagination that the walking dead leave behind…..please do something to get it going faster than that!!!!

    • TL

      Send them vast amounts of money and they will get it done sooner!

  49. BobP

    While I can watch znation the low quality of the asylum’s work shows through, three episodes in a row with, it was all a dream endings, is too much. Guns with only three bullets, pop pop pop outta ammo go berserker. Magical bullets at the fair. Leaving the door open so the zombies can get in. Silos for reactors. Zombie super powers. Zombies on viagra, come on.

  50. Trevor

    I just watched the first season on Netflix. I absolutely LOVED it; the story is easy to get wrapped up in, and the comedy lightens the mood before the plot gets serious again! It’s great and I would choose this show over The Walking Dead any day!

  51. TL

    The 2 shows share a starting point, and that is all. Walking is about surviving the plague while Z is about how absurd it is to even want to survive. Both are great fun in their own way.

  52. Russell

    I love Z-Nation. Way more realistic than the walking dead! The walking dead producers never address the issue’s, such as what would happen to industry, such as power plants, chemicals, etc.. etc… I think the SyFy Channel could do quicker than Sept. though! Tighten up SyFy , don’t let Z-Nation get cold.

  53. Nathan

    I 4 1 prefer Z-nation to TWD as has been mentioned several times there is no 6 episode boring ass drone drone drone.. U get in they kill some zombies we have a laff then get a new episode….. For those of us that like lots of action and fast paced storylines.. Z-nation is at the top of my list as it delivers just that.. For drama and story then TWD is at the top of my list

  54. Loretta Walsh

    I watch because it is hysterical.

  55. Junothebeast

    I like both TWD is a show you attach yourself to the characters but Z nation you can’t really can’t attach yourself to any characters because you don’t know when they’re going to die next and that’s why I I enjoyed them in a different way but equally the same. Wait for the next season

  56. Merrilee

    I just found it yesterday on Netflix! I watched 10 episodes back to back! Going to finish it today! I loved it!!! I had never heard of it before! So glad season 2 starts in September!!! Please keep making them! I love TWD also. And I am one of those that don’t like it when they die! I don’t know why people like them to die! But I really liked it!

  57. thunder kat

    We are big Walking Dead fans. My husband watch so reality show on Fri nights and that is when I discovered Z-Nation! I just love it. Can’t wait till the new season I tell all my fellow dead fans to look up Z-Nation and most love it too.

  58. crystal moody

    I love walking dead but z nation has its own bang I love the show mercy line . both shows should stay

  59. Fred Dawes

    Z Nation is just great fun and hope it will not get deep into the human thing like walking dead has.

  60. The Bat

    I like The Walking dead but Z nation is interesting, I waiting to see how Murphy develops, as a hybrid he seems to be developing the power to control humans and Zombie!

  61. arlyc

    Z Nation can never compare to The Walking Dead. The fact of the matter is I love all things zombies so I’m going to watch it for season 2. But there is no comparison. TWD is way better.

  62. K.E.N.

    I’m just glad there is another TV show that focusses on zombies. I love zombie shows…period. I do think z nation needs better actors/characters and writing but the premise is there. Can’t wait for season 2.

  63. luvyu47

    Just wanted to say its to long to wait, z nation is good but walking dead beats it hands down!!

  64. essygal

    I love this series…. maybe they thought it wasn’t gonna do well and that everyone would compare it to the walk in dead which I am a fan of… there’s enough money for Murphy and Rick to eat. waiting on season
    sci fy fan…,

  65. Digna

    I have become a very big and loyal fan of Z Nation. I find that this show has a more realistic view of what would be if… I like the fact that not everyone they meet is bad, that their clan isn’t the only good group of people left. That the environment and the mood isn’t always so gloomy and bleak. And Citizen Z is the guardian angel of humanity.

  66. George

    I think “Z Nation is better than “The Walking Dead”. And, I hope ‘Abby’ will come back to the team. They need her.

  67. Janice

    Z nation has way more action than TWD. I love both shows but who doesn’t like zombie bears baby’s and other zombie animals u dont see on TWD..So walking dead u guys need to step ur game up..more action less drama..

  68. bnalz

    Z Nation is great, tWD takes itself a little to seriously , i’ll
    watch Z Nation any time. Can’t wait for it to start.

  69. Jeffrey Williams

    Walking dead season one was cheap and cheesy, it got way better once the money started flowing in, that being said I cannot wait to see Z Nation season two.

  70. mai

    after i watch the z-nation, i dont want to watch TWD anymore.
    Z Nation is freakin awesome!!!!! its the best of the best.
    the creator and director did a great job!
    i love that the main character have powers and abilities soooo bad*ss!

    this is like to the 10th power of resident evil/ world z / twd / zombieland
    i love the combination!!!
    oh! and murphy is so f*ckin hot! he kinda look like Hugh Jackman 🙂 love it!!!!
    SEASON 2 please!!!!!!!!!

  71. Reed

    Znation is a zombie show. The walking dead is a show with zombies. Znation is fast paced and every episode has an incredibly unique zombie kill. It’s like cutting out where the walking dead has all their crybaby boo hooing and crappy heart to heart moments and replacing them with action, comedy, and gore. Znation has a truck load more replay value.

  72. BT

    This show has my family waiting until the next episode as we absolutely love it! Yes Walking Dead is very good for serious zombie action but Z-Nation is by far even better than Walking Dean because of the humor put into it. Come on–A Zombie Tornado? Hahahahaha!! Blowing nose hits to a zombie in a ventilation chute? OMG! This show is the best!!! PLEASE keep this show going for a long time!

  73. Bjre

    A nation is the sh*t I watched all episodes back to back on Netflix and had never heard of it. Then went outside and started making a spear and sh*t

  74. Stacey

    I loved znation. And the walking dead. They are different in alot of ways. I am a fan of both. I am going to watch season 2

  75. z0mbie hunter

    I have watched the walking dead from the beginning… it has become a soap opera. when you can just stroll with a zombie walking beside you it is not scary or exciting anymore… NOW Z NATION on the other hand will keep you on the edge of your seat and their not afraid to kill anyone off at anytime… if you have a zombie present you better be running… ZOMBIE TORNADO no were else in the world… AWESOME… (walking dead fans will sooner or later be a part of this great zombie series) if you want a soap opera there is days of our lives on at noon everyday walking dead fans…

  76. Markell

    I really enjoy both Walking Dead and Z-Nation, albeit for different reasons. You really cannot and should not compare the two because the similarity stops at zombies.

  77. Alicia

    The walking dead n Z nation r two good shows. One is horror, drama. And the other horror, comedy. I just love zombies flics. But The walking dead is #1!!!

  78. Blue

    Z Nation is on Friday nite and the Walking Dead is on Sunday nite. Gives me something to look forward to on both nights. Z Nation was never to of been taken so seriously as The Walking Dead. However, I do agree that TWD is a lot better script wise than ZN, and I do see some simularities in story lines. Be that as it may, I am looking forward to my fix coming in Sept with ZN and then in Oct TWD.

    • Jasen

      If you think about it Z nation takes place 3 years after the apocolypse started so it is farther along in the timeline then TWD is so it’s the future of TWD

  79. Juan Fermaint

    … Wat about the Nuclear Explosion that’s gonna happen in season 2 my question is is their gonna be a season 2? Everyone should doubt that like a mile blast radius of 300 FEET AND MILES that’s to much so they f*cked up the show boo hoo
    It ain’t gonna be cumin



  81. Kate

    I like the comment on the ““zombiefication” aspect of Z. Walking D is better than it was when they spent a whole season on the Governor. They need to keep the suspense going and it would be good to see flashbacks of Michonne, Darryl. Darryl needs to meet a new character if he’s gonna have a love life. Carol and him just doesn’t fly.

  82. Napalmade

    I am a fan of most zombie movies from Fulci’s Zombie to George A. Romero Night of the Living Dead and many others. I am happy to have both shows Walking Dead and Z Nation I watch them both religiously. I don’t even like to compare them both because they are both different in so many ways. Now we have one more show to look forward to and can’t wait for Z Nation to get back in the mix. Long live the Zombie Genre!

  83. Karl

    The walking dead is dragging out and losing its appeal. I hope that it picks up better. Z Nation is great I think that citzen z is good for the show.

  84. thomas

    I like them both for different reason the walking dead is my best one, but z nation has some good points in it two. both shows are killing off good people I hate two see them do that, but that makes the show, if they kill off Darryl then I think the show will die alone with him

  85. Dana

    I love Z Nation – More focus on survival than than the Walking Dead. Both shows are excellent.

  86. Jessica

    I just got done watching the first season and I really enjoyed it!!! A little funny or cheesy in parts but a great watch.

  87. Sheryl

    Totally Z Nation. Dead =Yawn

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