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«The Carrie Diaries» season 3?

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Will «The Carrie Diaries» renewed for a season 3 or on the verge of getting canceled by The CW? We waiting for premiere date and new episodes!

TV-channel: The CW
Pilot episode: January 14, 2013
Developed by: Amy B. Harris

Season 1 Episode 1: 1.61 million U.S. viewers
Season 2 Episode 1: 0.78 million U.S. viewers

The creators of «The Carrie Diaries» TV series were talking about the possible ending of the story.

The last 13 episodes of Season 2 was broadcast in January, 2014 but the show ratings were not as high as in the beginning.

«The Carrie Diaries» season 3 premiere – [cancelled] (officially)

After the official announcement we will update the given article to inform you about the final decision on Season 3. Follow the announcements!

UPDATE 1 (May 8, 2014): The CW cancels The Carrie Diaries.

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  1. Mika

    please renewed my favorite show! dont stop after season 2! i love carrie

    • Emily



      okay 1st it was starcrossed and now the carrie diaries but they can get the 100 series back the only thing I like was starcrossed carrie diaries and vampire diaries-and that is the finale season I am really starting not to like the CW now I am so tired heck MTV doesn’t do us like that they let us know if there’s a season like finding carter season 2 2015 and teen wolf season 5 2015 ABCFAMILY does not do this or ABC NETWORK I can’t do this anymore after the vampire diaries series come to an end I will not be watching any thing but the FLASH and they might take that away from when it gets good so

      CW you are not doing good for yourself at all…

  2. LuckyDay

    u have fans! please make season 3!

    • Erika Martinez

      I know right

  3. Hilton P.

    good show, 0.78 million U.S. viewers + 100 million in the world!

  4. Nikol

    Hoping for season 3. Or a complete series dvd.

  5. Paris G.

    I agree with Nikol!!!!!!!! (I want season 3 and beyond plus all season on dvd.)

    I loooooooove the Carrie Diaries! THE best show ever!! AnnaSophia best actresss ever to play ‘Carrie’.

    Love, ALL YOUR FANS!!!!!!

  6. Stacy H

    Please renew for Season 3… I absolutely love this show.. It is fun…. not to much drama.. and a very relaxing show. I prefer it over those stupid reality shows.. Please renew it and show how she meets all the other people in her life!

  7. Amy

    RENEW IT FOR SEASON 3 You cant end it now it was just getting sooo interesting!!! RENEW IT PLEASE IT WAS JUST GETTING INTERESTING !!!

    • Maria

      I know I want to know if carrie and Bradshaw get back

  8. nickila

    DONT STOP NOW!!! There are plenty of people who don’t live in the US but they watch it online! If you count the number of people that watch it online you would be amazed!

  9. Shelby h

    Have season three there is so much that you guys can do for it, I would hate to see it go. I love this show and I love sex and the city so please don’t stop !!!!!!!!!

  10. Cassandra

    We love the Carrie Diaries! Please renew!

  11. emilie

    This is such an amazing show! I’m gonna be crushed if there’s no season 3, it can’t just stop where season 2 ended! I honestly love this show sooo muchhh, this show and pretty little liars are my two all time favorites! please keep em coming!

  12. Lacey

    Please don’t take away the show!!!!’ We love it!

  13. Emily

    I NEED CARRIE DIARIES IN MY LIFE. I desperately need this show!!!!

  14. Sandra

    I’m a lady of mature years and I love this programme, I watch it on-line and I’ve asked the UK channel that screened Sex and the City to get this as I believe it will be a big hit over here, and it can’t finish until Carrie meets Charlotte and Miranda and starts work because that’s more or less where Sex and City starts.

    You don’t have to be a teen to love this come on we were all teenagers once Keep it. Please

    • Mary Jane Chapman

      I am pleasantly mature too and loved this show! There’s so much garbage on TV lately that this show was so refreshing to watch. The cast was perfect! Sure hope they bring it back!

  15. Linda

    I watch it online waiting anxiously for season 3 hoping to see it until sex n the city started that would be a favilous ending

  16. me

    LOTS of people watch the show on netflix and online after it has been shown on the cw; those numbers are not at all representative of the viewership!

  17. Katelin

    Plz make season 3 I love this show plz lots of people love this show plzz

  18. Quanika

    Please Be A Season 3 I Love Carrie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. audrey

    I love everything about Carrie and the show ❤️❤️❤
    please make a season 3, i hate it when good shows end :(

  20. Christine

    Finally something great on TV Carrie diaries should continue forever. That’s stupid if they take it off when there’s other shows that s*ck and still go on. They just cancelled ravenswood also always the really good shows get cancelled. Sad to know we are not counted for

  21. hailey

    OMG defs have to renew what u waiting 4 it’s awesome just love it love it. Need to some more of the kyddshaw pllllllllllllSssssssssss

  22. inez

    i am really hoping The Carrie Diaries will continue…..it is so refreshing and fun to watch. It is one of the only shows that is fun without mean and nasty charactors and killing and danger. It sends out messages the right way. This show is one of three tv shows I wouldnt miss weekly and I really miss it now. I am in my 70s and many of my friends feel the same way. I swear it makes me feel younger. I like the story the clothes the actors the storyline, its really good. Please keep it going.

  23. Tamiah


  24. Ev01

    Please renew the Carrie Diaries 3 it is one of the very few good drama’s on TV the is fantastic, I am not a fan of the reality shows excluding Survivor, Amazing Race & Big Brother.

  25. Stella

    Don’t cancel!! At least make it a netflix series!

  26. Jennifer

    Are you kidding me!!!! This was a great show. I was waiting for season 3. Please don’t cancel this show. Some people were just finding out about it…. I love this show!!!!!

  27. Mckenzie

    Please renew for season 3 you have alot of fans !

  28. Lily


  29. megatron

    CW u s*ck if u can’t figure it out by now. People love this show and so do I. I check every day to see if there is a season three but never is there, and all this ruckus just because u don’t want to make season three, u people are lazzzzzzzzzyyyyy people. U PEOPLE ARE THE WORST TO PUT US THROUGH HELL.

  30. jrose

    Please do not cancel this show! it is a great idea for a show and theres so many people who watch it! CW would be foolish to cancel such an awesome show!

  31. Mandi

    Do you really want to make .78 million fans angry? Because that’s what’s going to happen if you cancel our favorite show! Please bring the carrie diaries back!!!

  32. Sanbeier

    Please don’t cancel!!!!!
    I spend all the two days to watch this show because I’m fascinated in this!!!
    I want to watch more

  33. Ellie

    Please make season 3, I’m from the uk and I watch it online!!

  34. Bekaboo400

    My life will be ruined if they cancel this show!

  35. me34

    please keep it! it is my favorite show!

  36. lex

    Why would they cancel this show?! I love it and I got my friends to watch it and we love it! Carrie Bradshaw give good advice that we are all afraid to say. Its something that we all want to hear,when we go through similar things as she does.why would they cancel this show but let some dumb cartoon like that show Clarence on cartoon network or those dumb movies with no point? This show has a good purpose and we all want to see what else is going to happen in the Carrie diaries!

  37. Alyssa

    I believe the reason the carrie diaries didn’t get as many views was due to the fact the first season was on netflix and the second was not.. it was becoming a hit to a lot of people but now finding it online on random websites made it difficult. This show could have made it big if only it was advertised better. But shoutout out to the producers of this show, simply genius, hilarious, and everything just a good show needs. I will miss this series more than words!

  38. Tina

    Please renew the Carrie diaries!! There had to be a 3rd season,
    Carrie & Sebastian have to get back together some how some way.
    And stay together!! Come on CW, rethink this one.

  39. Karly

    NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Please bring it back!!! It’s my favorite show!!! Pleaaaasssseeeeee. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  40. cameron

    Love this show! Don’t cancel!!

  41. Izzy

    PLZZZZZZZZ don’t cancel i love the carrie diaries i promise if you guys please oh please get to season 3 to ask more of my family and friends to watch it , its worth it please i love the show please PLZZZZZZZZzzzzz I’m not going to give up not at all please and there is a a lot of people in the world and just please and right now I’m watching the last episode please

  42. Sadeyes672

    Please don’t cancel I love this show series.

  43. KBail

    Please! Let the show continue! I’m loving the plot and I’d hate to see Carrie go right in the middle of an important time in her life . Leaving off and not finishing season 3 would leave this giant cliff hanger for all of us to figure out , we want to know more! Carrie’s life is so juicy and a big portion of her life would be left off! Especially since Sebastian just went to Cali! I wanna know more!?!? WHOS WITH ME?!

    • Kennedy

      OMG yes exactly!!

  44. Mary Jane Chapman

    Please don’t cancel this show! I was looking forward to the new season. The cast is perfect! I hate that all the good shows get cancelled before they have a chance. Please come out with Season 3!!!!!

  45. Aina

    I just finished watching this show and its a really amazing show ! and its sad to know that your favorite show got cancelled.We all are really bumped about it.We really want season 3 ! We need it ! We want to know what happens to Sebastian and Carrie and Maggie and all of Carrie’s friends, we also want to know whats gonna happen to Sebastian and Carrie’s relationship since it was not that clear whether they broke up or they’re just leaving and they’re having the long distance relationship again ? so please please please make season 3 happen cause we all are really looking forward for another season !

  46. Sara

    Please let the show continue!! I’m in love with it and it teaches us about life and the decisions we take!!! So please please continue it!!!!!!!!

    • Lauren

      I agree with u so much!

  47. Lauren

    They can’t stop now season 2 ended with Sebastian leaving and Maggie engaged to Peter. How are we suppose to know what happens now. They need to continue and Austin butler annasophia robb need to get back and make more episodes. I know there is a lot of fans and they are going to make a lot of us mad if they don’t continue with more seasons. I hope that they will continue and make more episodes. They just can’t end it now it just got really interesting and everything. We need to know how every thing turns out. Wether Maggie goes through and gets married. If Carrie and Sebastian are over or if they are long distance or what. Wether mouse and west get back together or if that was a one time thing. What happens to Larissa and Harlen. What goes on with Walt and Bennett. This so has taught me so much about life and I mean who wouldn’t love it Austin butler is superhot and gorgeous. Who mows what happens with Samantha and Eliot while she is living with Carrie. I need me and now please. I know for a fact that a lot of people like me agree with this and want to see more of the Carrie diaries. I want to see if sebastian and Carrie get back together wether he vistes or what not. Please send more episodes if not I will cry my eyes out for months to years! I love this show they must not stop now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

    • carries bigest fan

      Sebastian is tots hot I agree

  48. alex

    omg i cant believe this. you cant leave it like that i need to know what happens now.. love this series !

  49. Jennifer

    Your going to stop now! Give it a chance. It’s only the second season.

  50. Yvonne

    Please don’t cancel!! It’s a great show… You will be loosing so many viewers c’mon cw

  51. caitlin

    please make a season 3!!!!!!!! the carrie diaries is my favorite show EVER! its the perfect show for me and I don’t want it to be over just yet….. please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. shari

    this show was refreshing from all the realities show can not believe you canceled this show cw what is with you ending and canceling good show stop the vampire show I want something other the fantasy

  53. thecla

    I love this show! Plz continue!

  54. c e


  55. claire

    Don’t cancel the show I love it and think it’s getting better.I am in 30′s and think it is fab love the fashion carrie is great!

  56. Carlee

    Please make a season 3 I love this tv show and I don’t like a lot of things it this is the best thing that have ever happen to me I really love thi tv show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Lori

    how can you cancel one of the best shows on tv. BRING IT BACK

  58. Sue

    I love this show it can’t be cancelled!!!!

  59. Stacie Bowling

    please have a season 3 of Carrie Diaries for my daughter and I to enjoy together. We so enjoy watching your show.. We love Carrie Diaries it is a great way to bond with my daughter and she enjoys it so much.. Please bring us a season 3..

  60. DamnShame

    This is the next era of the gossip girl and you want to cancel it….WTF is wrong with you people. 90201, Gossip Girl, Carrie Diaries are awesome and now we have nothing. When you have no ratings period and everyone stops watching the CW maybe then you will rethink what the people want, not CW!

  61. Amanda

    Please air the show again!!!!!!! I love this show so much and it would be awful if there wasn’t a third season!!

  62. Brianna

    Brought me almost to tears!!!

    Just finished the Carrie Diaries S1 on Netflix and absolutely fell in love! Then noticed they updated Carrie Diaries. Watched S2 and went overboard! I love the Carrie Diaries and it saddens me to see that there will not be a S3. You guys need to bring the Carrie Diaries back! The fashion, the just right about of drama, the romance, the friendship, and life lessons. Young teens or young adults can learn somethings from Carrie Diaries. Better than what these reality tv shows that are on air now. So Please Please Please bring Carrie Diaries back!

  63. Crysral h

    I started to watch carries diaries on netflix and i loved it so i started searching on when it will go back on air but seem to find out it might be canceled and I disagree. You should continue with the series.

  64. leanna

    Please Renew for season3 I got so mad at Carrie for not going after Sebastian in season 1 and now in season 2 they’re finally together, I got so passionate about a tv show! Its really one of the best shows I’ve seen, its like now other and Austin butler Is totally delish !

  65. Jalissa

    please show season 3!! ):

  66. amberlynn

    There needs to be a season three I just finished the series on Netflix and it was so good! We need to know what happens next in their lives!

  67. Wendy

    PLEASE CONTINUE! We need to know what happens to Carrie! Was that type writer a foreshadow for her and Weaver getting back together? Does she stay with the “hair God” Sebastian? There are so many unanswered questions to just leave us views at a cliffhanger.
    I wouldn’t want my summer and most weekends to have been for nothing! Does her sister stay with Scott? Does Walt and Bennett work out? How does Carrie get by without have gone to college? Does she go to College? PLEASE D NOT CANCEL WITHOUT THIS SHOW I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO WATCH

  68. Madison

    Please make a season three! I love the show and I want to see if Carrie and Sebastian me up again!!

  69. Chantel canada

    Is there going to be A season three? I love Carrie diaries

  70. Brittiany

    Let me just say that I will be truely heartbroken if the carrie diaries doesnt get renewed. Its one of my favorite shows, not just on the cw but on tv as well. Its just so upsetting when a network lets its fans get into a show and then leaves them hanging with an abrupt cancelation, a cliff hanger, i will forever be wondering what happened to carrie after her decision to stay in nyc and not
    Go to calli.
    -a very disapointed fan

  71. Titania


  72. Ro

    Please make a season 3 I look at things different I have learned alot so please keep it going you have fans

  73. Jessica

    Please please please make a season 3,4,and however many more!! Spend the whole weekend watching this series 1&2 seasons!! I’m a mom if 4 an never knew about this show!! I blam the network for not promoting this show! Way too go netflix

  74. Yoshea

    OMG!! I Love “The Carries Diary” Love Love it. I watched mine on Netflix. I will watch it on CW if that will help the rating. Please!!! I think about the show all day long and can’t wait to watch. I am so addicted to it. Please make season 3 and continue on. It was never promoted. I never knew it came on TV. This show is that good! People just don’t know about it. I am 45 years old and love it.

  75. Phanie

    Plz don’t stip this show I loved it.

  76. Summer

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CARRIE DIARIES!!! Please please please bring the show back, it is fun, amusing, and the perfect show for a teenage girl to love and watch!!!! I want to find out if her and Sebastian will get back together, how Dorrit goes through high school without her sister, how carrie manages working until she can get into NYU and if she even gets in… Sooo many questions. Please bring the show back…!!

  77. mia

    Please make a season 3.I lovplease. Carrie Diaries”.make more season you have
    Fan.we want to know things .please. <3♡♡♡♡♡<3♡♡♡♡♡<3♡♡♡♡♡<3

  78. ma

    would like to know how she meets Miranda and Charlotte !!!
    would be sad if no new season!

  79. Jamie

    Please make a 3rd season!!!

  80. Estefany

    I love this show I feel several girls can relate to Carrie and her friends like me. Please don’t stop renew season 3 I love this storie I didn’t know existed until I was browsing Netflix.

  81. Kennedy Ely

    Please don’t stop at season 2 that will make me so mad. omg I love Carrie soooo much. It is my life. Austin Butler is life, and AnnaSophia Robb is soooooooooo pretty. The Carrie Diaries is literally everything to me!! CW s*cks butt. They cancel all good shows. If they cancel The Carrie Diaries I am gonna be p.i.s.s.e.d.

  82. Andrea

    just started watching. Yes late BUT LOVE CARRIE. PLEASE DONT STOP NEED MORE!!!!!

  83. Sarah

    This really needs to be renewed! I crave more!! Please look at all the people who want it!!!!

  84. Lucie

    This show is amazing please renew


    This show is LITERALLLY the best show on tv… Plus on CW! If u cancel this show I’ll stop watching your channel anyways. So don’t you want your channel to be popular. Please I beg of you! We need a third season of the Carrie diaries! I can relate so much to Her life with my mom gone and me not knowing what to do in my future… Please this is a life changing show

  86. I Love The Carrie Diaries!!!!!!!

    Please bring The Carrie Diaries back! It Really is the best show on tv!!!! My friends and I watch it on netflix and we need The Carrie Diaries!!!! I love the cast, AnnaSophia Robb is amazing!!!So please make at least 2 or 3 more seasons! This is a life changing show and many people can relate and feel like they’re part of the show. So please bring The Carrie Diaries back! It would mean so much to everyone!!!!!

  87. Sonia from Hawaii

    Please bring back Carrie Diaries I love this show it’s music and style brings back so much memories. They actors and storyline is fresh and real. I need to know how they all meet and end up.

  88. Eira

    I`m from Norway, and i love this show! you need to make more. asap.

  89. Star warren

    I love the Carrie diaries !

  90. Courtney

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, don’t stop The Carrie Diaries. I love that show so much. It helped me so much with dating, and I felt like i was able to relate to the character “Carrie,” in some ways.

  91. Macy

    I loved them soooo much!!

  92. Vanessa

    I love .. love The Carrie Diaries! I was very sad to know that I will never find out what happens next. Please bring it back! I was watching it on Netflix. It’s all about catching up on all your TV Shows on Netflix now. BRING IT BACK! Please!

    • Diana

      If you have a lot if comments I also want season 3 .. Bring Carrie back …

  93. bree

    Please keep this show going. I really loved it and I am dying to know what happens to my favorite characters on TV. The Carrie Diaries is way too good of a show to be stopped. Season 3 is a MUST!

  94. peterpan

    Please make season 3! I absolutely love this show!

  95. Samantha jones

    Please renew the Carrie Diaries. I love this show. I am very picky about what I watch and I love this show. (I could do with out all of the sex) but please, please renew this show. Thank you.

    • carries bigest fan

      p.s. it based off of sex and the city look it up

  96. Jessie


  97. Tash

    You should continue the series, it was a good show. Should bring it back!

  98. Erika Martinez

    do a season 3 for all your fans for us for you we all love ❤ the carrie diaries we love ❤ it so much

  99. Person

    Why would they even think about canceling the show? The Carrie Diaries is by far the best show I’ve ever watched and now its gone…

  100. sky bleu

    Why did you cancel the show!!!!
    This is the BEST show ive ever seen!!
    Please please please bring it back i love Carrie Bradshaw!

  101. carries bigest fan

    please at least 1 more it made me so happy ii just loved it how Carrie and Sabastin are perfect together but now your killing me I cried I sobbed my eyes out it was my life I almost cried as much as when my cheer coach commited soiside it made me lafgh it made me sad it made me happy it made me sqaul after I found out you now its been canceled I watch the series on replay will you at least con conciter making another soeson me and my friend were talking about today if it got canceled we would curl up in a ball on my bed and die

  102. kristi anne

    renew the damn shooooowww !!!!! just need to advertise it moree .. i didnt even know about this show until netflix ! nd its a good freaggin show !

  103. Angie

    Please make season 3.
    Dont end it already. This show changed how i see my life. I love this show a lot! It was the one thing i ran to see ASAP. Please dont do this to us. This show is the best. I would so love to know more about what happens next with carrie and her friends. I hope you do make season 3.

  104. Linda

    I liked the show alot and want at least season 3 to finish off the story. If not enough viewers then season 3 on NetFlix or a dvd.

  105. Lorrie

    I started watching Carrie dairies with my grandaughter. We are both hooked on this show. Please do a season 3. Thank you

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