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«The Carrie Diaries» season 2: premiere date

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Will «The Carrie Diaries» renewed for season 2? What is known about premiere (release date)?

TV-channel: The CW
Pilot episode: January 14, 2013
Creator: Candace Bushnell

Episode 1: 1,61 million U.S. viewers

Episode 10: 0,99 million U.S. viewers

What will happen with «The Carrie Diaries» TV show? Experts’ forecasts aren’t reassuring at all, since the show couldn’t gain a foothold in The CW Best Shows Rating. Gradually losing its auditory, «The Carrie Diaries» could be closed after Season 1. But those fans (less than 1 million within the USA) still interested in the show, believe in its renewal.

To dispel all the doubts, we need to wait for the rightsholders’ official decision, which is going to be taken soon. We will report about the result of the negotiations.

«The Carrie Diaries» season 2: premiere – [October 25, 2013]

Follow the news on our website. Should it be continued?

UPDATE 1 (09.05.13): «The Carrie Diaries» has been greenlit for a season 2. The CW ordered a 13-episode season of the series. Premiere – October 25, 2013.

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  1. Taylor

    This show must be continued to season 2. it is so great!!! please please please please continue it!!! 😀 😀

    • allison

      i definitley think that the carrie diaries should be continued 🙂 i wanna see what happens with carrie. i wanna see how she and her sister continue to live their lives without their mom as their father is now trying to have a normal relationship with someone new. and as for sebastian? i am really hoping thata she will forgive him and her best friend and hopefully they will be friends again.


  2. Kimia

    i think it’s the only show that speaks for teenages from a teenage voice and it’s good 🙂

  3. Kate

    It should! I LOVE IT! I can sooo relate to Maggie and it really has a lot of meaning to it. I actually prefer it to SATC and I’m an ADOULT 😉

  4. Ann

    I love the show and I am an adult can’t wait for season two I really hope there is one it would be very disappointing if there wasn’t I love shows like this.

  5. Ann

    Please make another season.:-)

  6. Ariana

    This is the best show ever. i am obsessed and i think i will cry if there isnt another season. Also the first season left you hanging so i wanna know what happens.

  7. Sitcom-big-Fan

    I haven’t been impressed with this show…

  8. hoho

    If this show ends I’m just going to die =( And I’m looking forward to see the season 2

  9. nika

    The Carrie Diaries represents an important branding move for The CW! Please don’t cancel after season 1!

  10. Care

    This show HAS to be renewed!!!! I’m so obsessed I’m gonna check myself into a mental hospital if The Carrie Diaries gets cancelled.

  11. Carilla

    Please continue the show! It is amazing. It is my absolute favorite show! There must be a season two!!!!! I am obsessed with the Carrie Diaries!! Carrie is so sweet, beautiful, fashionable and inspiring. I will go crazy if the show ends now. I will cry if there isn’t a second season! Pleeeeeeeassssssseeeeeeeeee don’t do this, we love the show!! I must know what happens with Walt, Carrie and Sebastian!

  12. Sam gonzalez


  13. Sarah

    This tv series is my favorite thing I’ve ever watched , it’s like the best show for teenagers and I relate to it a lot. I hope they’re are many more seasons to come…

  14. rita not your biz

    if ther is no season 2 of the carrie diaries i will die!

  15. kaylnn

    This is The best most shooking Teen Drama show eves #kidshaw

  16. Maggie

    Loved this show…. So sad to see it go!! Thought was a great show with a great story line… Would be nice if the cr*ppy shows would get the ax and not this one.

  17. Justrubia

    I began watching out of sheer curiosity, me being a fan of ” Sex & the City” and cannot deny that i was hooked. The actress “annaSophia is beautiful and her personality is so endearing. I think that the lack of prospective rating and response that was anticipated is solely based on poor publicity/advertisement. I myself was unaware of this series. I stumbled upon it in netflix. And I’m hooked! Love the concept and the characters . Great diversity between Carrie, her sister and father. Ive enjoyed the struggles these 5 friend are overcoming and how they manage to do it. I only wished they hadn’t made Sabastian, at the end, look so bad. How does he initially deny the advances of the school tramp- Donna yet allows himself to fall in a one night with Carries BF … Right after he declares his love? Smh and lets not forget about Walt whom is struggling with his sexuality and coming out of the closet…Smh. Second round is a must!!

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